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Fibrillation HD
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Azræl 19 Out às 16:14 
release it, NOW!!!
firmer 15 Set às 17:36 
_l0_0l_ 24 Jul às 23:34 
love this game
LLuqueZ 22 Jun às 15:49 
RoscoRyan 19 Jun às 15:18 
GOOOSE!!! 15 Jun às 11:51 
There's no way I could play this game. I would freak out if there was a monster chasing me that knew my name...
PowerLich 3 Mai às 15:34 
Hi, people. Is there are ANY jump scares? Because I can't handle that kind of horror.
GUNdalf 28 Abr às 10:52 
I've played this on Desura and it's pretty good and creepy!
Air 18 Abr às 2:18 
Why has this game not been released ?
Moe 19 Mar às 17:30 
COJO26 24 Fev às 11:25 
Uncle_Lothar 14 Fev às 18:45 
Up to the devs to add it or not, valve is just the gatekeeper and they have the greenlight key.
TSU Potato 5 Jan às 9:40 
i voted, ut it isnt particularly scary... i suggest making his thoughts less clear, more mysterious and internal. this game hs great potential :3
ptzmelkor ( ´_ゝ`) (AFK) 14 Nov, 2014 às 11:04 
good luck
Librarain Wu 3 Nov, 2014 às 2:19 
傲剑狂刀 3 Nov, 2014 às 2:19 
Plaid 25 Out, 2014 às 7:41 
looks like he may have abandoned the project.
Oh well :/
GinKola 25 Out, 2014 às 3:31 
looks good
sX 25 Out, 2014 às 3:05 
Add This
Komandor454 24 Out, 2014 às 23:35 
valve add this awesome game ! :)
Avaritia 23 Set, 2014 às 8:09 
Valve add this awesome game!
キャプテンダック 17 Set, 2014 às 5:36 
PerSoNa+2005 4 Ago, 2014 às 0:30 
not worth playing.
PedroS52 25 Jul, 2014 às 6:56 
Nightmare House 2
pekel198 19 Jul, 2014 às 19:23 
-pg- cloverfield369 13 Jul, 2014 às 20:45 
looks quite interesting
danalyze 7 Jul, 2014 às 6:17 
Congratulations and bought it through playinjector.com's The "Summer Quest" Bundle.Best wishes!
✪FrozenFlame✪ 3 Jul, 2014 às 9:08 
Lunar Gongju 22 Jun, 2014 às 21:29 
Please add looks rad
Longurimont 21 Jun, 2014 às 14:37 
This is one of my favorite games
Major Brighton 17 Jun, 2014 às 14:12 
A nice ambient feeling for 3 mins or so, yet what more is there? Am not shore about paying for a game to get frustrated; was getting rely frustrated just by that music alone. Horror must be very hard to pull off properly, yet I sore some decent graphics and lighting here, so if they can get the timing right. Would show much shorter clips of scenes to only put that serjestive feeling over to the viewer and not show any long scenes at all... The imagination is a power in it´s self and less is more so they say.

Oh, and please remove those oil drums, is there a game that does not have them, what is it with the oildrum? When I see one in a game I just think that there this cheapo bought standard graphic object that probably was included in the 3D program. Try adding something... different?!
Gidaka 14 Jun, 2014 às 14:58 
Когда она уже выйдет в стиме? Хочу купить ее себе в коллекцию.
ballstotheface 12 Jun, 2014 às 23:25 
SNOWZONE 4 Jun, 2014 às 19:10 
░░░▌░▄▄▄▐▌▀▀▀░░ THIS IS BOB
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░ COPY AND PASTE HIM,
░░░░░░░▄▄▐▌▄▄░░░ SO, HE CAN TAKE
░░░░░░░▀███▀█░▄░░ OVER THE WORKSHOP!
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄░░ AND THAT, WILL TELL VALVE
░░░░░░▐▀░░░░░░▐▌░░ TO ADD THIS ITEM!
Sladus 3 Jun, 2014 às 14:55 
I say yes. Also, what game engine was this made with?
Bob The Titan 29 Mai, 2014 às 5:48 
"Passing through all of these obstacles, a player will face a choice that will influence the end of the whole game and Ewan’s destiny."

The comma makes the whole thing flow better grammatically. Not trying to be a jerk, just some constructive criticism.
Marko "Billy" K. 25 Mai, 2014 às 7:53 
For Poodie!
NightingaleVer3 3 Mai, 2014 às 9:01 
Please add it! And hope game will add more chapters. That will be more interesting.
TauRUS 17 Abr, 2014 às 2:56 
Когда же эта замечательная игра попадет на главную страницу стима?
floydmw 1 Abr, 2014 às 11:24 
Though I suppose there maybe could be an issue with Valve I don't know about...
floydmw 1 Abr, 2014 às 11:22 
I don't understand why this game hasn't released yet. I got it in a bundle at least a year ago but haven't played it yet since it was already in Greenlight and decided to wait so I could play it on Steam. If it's already a finished product and has been Greenlit for some time now, what's taking so long? I understand if they wanted to make some improvements, but wouldn't think it'd take well over a year (then again I'm not a game developer).
Klaymonator 29 Mar, 2014 às 22:26 
Yes! Add this to Steam!
Bawls Attack 16 Mar, 2014 às 10:42 
▐█▐██▐░▄▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌ doge wants you to vote.
lp.kynno 9 Mar, 2014 às 8:23 
Soul Walker 4 Mar, 2014 às 21:29 
Steam! pls go Ahead
Lubie kąpótery #OursToLose 3 Mar, 2014 às 6:52 
gierka ok (tak mi sie wydaje) :D
rysedragon 28 Fev, 2014 às 10:16 
cinnimontoastken already played this awile back... but i think it was the demo...
gman1035 8 Fev, 2014 às 16:18 
I see a Pewdiepie episode in the making here>
British Toad 5 Fev, 2014 às 11:23 
it look scary as crap man
Kebra des Bois [Brzrkr] 26 Jan, 2014 às 17:01 
Bought it on Desura, it never started and the dev never helped...