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Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition
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YajanOciathien > LVL 120 1 жов 2016 о 18:04 
Hi, I'm not here to boost but promote your released game to over 500,000 real people [no bots are used]. My service is very cheap and I hope you will take me up on my offer.

Please contact me on steam

Regards ATOMIX
亗 ZedenZ 亗 Rhum & Cocaine 6 лип 2016 о 10:31 
how buy this game ? comment on achette ce jeu ?
<OZ>.KabaL 4 лис 2015 о 9:08 
Normal game
Ram Rider Odysseus | gamekit.com 29 лип 2015 о 11:40 
You can get a free Steam key for this game from Tremor Games. Use this to sign up for free: tremorgames . com /? ref = 1044645 (delete the spaces)
Yeah! 28 чер 2015 о 11:14 
Why i don't buy game in shop ???
Zabavon 24 жов 2014 о 22:23 
Много школоты и быдла не разглядели в игре изюминку. Это как Dead Space но больше, разнообразнее. Но конечно.. всем карточки подавай.
gym 2 лют 2014 о 14:40 
Toshiro001 16 лис 2013 о 11:33 
Polish good game !!
Dosto 6 жов 2013 о 1:26 
ricardocasama@ there's a mod to change the subs to spanish, that one works fine with extended edition
(BAD)☃☞ĠuMi_86223™✿♠ 25 сер 2013 о 0:08 
Polish game
brodskiY 7 лип 2013 о 10:32 
Дай ключ)Плиз)
Pers[13Rus] 25 тра 2013 о 9:09 
кульная игра)
❤Fredzio❤ 22 тра 2013 о 7:58 
Polish game
ricardocasama 18 тра 2013 о 3:33 
Please add Spanish language
Elliesram 5 тра 2013 о 7:32 
EGC.RamJam 26 бер 2013 о 13:47 
Never mind just clicked store page, sometimes I shouldnt be allowed out of bed never mind near a PC.
EGC.RamJam 26 бер 2013 о 13:45 
Hmm can't find the download button for this one any ideas how i download this using steam?
SchuylerN10 17 бер 2013 о 10:21 
where do i download
alienware0051 12 бер 2013 о 13:48 
Add in a game of French language please!!!
Ermak 9 бер 2013 о 14:35 
Я считаю, что это даже не игра, а фильм, ибо гемплей тут ужасный!
Это не хоррор.Это просто шутан.
alekkorotkih 7 бер 2013 о 4:54 
Отличный мистический хоррор
Savage 1 бер 2013 о 21:11 
Lost interest at the mention of 'levels', not for me...
MAN*O*WAR 1 бер 2013 о 13:59 
This one appears to be much batter,would consider checking this one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sgt.Knox 26 лют 2013 о 17:23 
i have it love it plays like butter
Blabesh 23 лют 2013 о 19:23 
looks a bit like rage
valerietors 21 лют 2013 о 10:04 
nice game
YouThought 20 лют 2013 о 18:35 
Kaj 20 лют 2013 о 10:50 
The guy on the cover looks like Nicholas Cage
Fried Cunt! 19 лют 2013 о 6:12 
Looks good
majka.corp  [автор] 18 лют 2013 о 4:37 
New screenshot gallery for Afterfall Dirty Arena
RTMolov 16 лют 2013 о 11:04 
this looks pritty un-orignal am i wrong?
Hiriu 14 лют 2013 о 5:05 
this looks amazing, the graphcs looks stunning, the few weapons in the trailer I saw make it look more horror based, and last but not least : It's a deadspace remake, How can you not like it?

In my opinion this looks like a 8.5\10 game, guess the rating will mean more once I buy it huh?

Well done either or, all it needs is more language support but otherwise top notch!
» BL1NK « 13 лют 2013 о 15:20 
awesome Game (:3
Flufflez 13 лют 2013 о 7:35 
i think the visuals are amazing
#justsaiyan 9 лют 2013 о 20:57 
Pretty good, but the voice acting really needs to be looked at
Pĥøbòŋ Ņįķą 5 лют 2013 о 3:38 
полюбому потписывайтесь!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sir_Zippy 30 січ 2013 о 12:57 
Yes it realy looks like DeadSpace and Fallout had a kid.... a F* awesome kid. This is one of the best Games on Greenlight !!

Looking forward to the DLC :D
♪ Redix ♪ 27 січ 2013 о 18:05 
Can't really say much, good graphics, nice features just characters voices expressions seems weird.

──────────╔═╝║ for greenlight -..
──────────╚══╝ Deserved.
Kana 15 січ 2013 о 9:17 
artixta and padme, don't worry, once you eventually grow up you'll learn to dislike localization as much as the rest of us.

And spanish is not the second or third most spoken language if you separate brazilian portugese, portugese, and other linquistically incompatible versions of it, just like the deal with norwegian, swedish and danish languages.
bloodshot49 14 січ 2013 о 23:51 
Looks like Fallout and DeadSpace had a kid. Not too bad though, I just might have to try it.
Tuna 13 січ 2013 о 19:56 
Spanish please, this game is awesome!
FlekinsCirculares 5 січ 2013 о 7:44 
Spanish please. Come on!! It is the second most spoken language.
!3eleiÐiger 2 січ 2013 о 12:12 
Money!? Granted!
majka.corp  [автор] 2 січ 2013 о 8:41 
Yep in Feb there will be a big update with Achievements and Cloud together with free DLC Dirty Arena
!3eleiÐiger 2 січ 2013 о 7:43 
Is it planned to add some Archifments to this Game?
Tuesqa 30 гру 2012 о 12:02 
Mogg 27 гру 2012 о 7:18 
Did you guys make this game specifically for me? ;) I loved it, but I figured out the ending way at the start. Only reason is I have a certain love for movies like Shutter Island and The Uninvited. There was one glitch that was a bit odd- when you bump into the bad guy at the petrol station, after he detonates the cansiter his body remained in a stantionary animationless posture where he was standing prior, but wasn't interactible. I emptied an entire clip of automatic shells into that bastard's "ghost" XD
Thrawn 23 гру 2012 о 13:24 
For all of those crashing @ SPLASH SCREEN:
(You will need the NON-Legacy version as this is a SDK PhysX build)
FlekinsCirculares 21 гру 2012 о 1:07 
Spanish please and I buy it