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Zombie Grinder
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Maarquiinhoos 30 ago, ore 22:24 
TripCharge 29 ago, ore 13:54 
This game is awesome. Can't wait for the revamped Steam version.
Jawad116 1 ago, ore 0:43 
Can't wait.
Rexona 28 lug, ore 14:16 
I wish that more people would play this game, I played it on desura but I stopped playing because not many updates were coming to the game. Maybe being greenlit will give this game the attention it deserves.
NanRguez 15 lug, ore 5:44 
So nice :D
azure 7 lug, ore 0:34 
Congats on being greenlit. I played at desura, you have a solid & enjoyable game.
Loulou 3 lug, ore 14:01 
nice :D
Infinitus  [autore] 3 lug, ore 13:01 
@Loulou We're going to try a transfer system so hopefully yes.
Loulou 3 lug, ore 0:10 
@infinitus can we connect existing account on ZG steam version ? ?
Infinitus  [autore] 11 giu, ore 10:59 
@MiguelASO123: A few months probably. We're rewriting the game at the moment for the steam release.
MiguelASO123 10 giu, ore 19:32 
When is this being released in steam?
Infinitus  [autore] 26 mag, ore 14:33 
@rhetoricmonkey: Heh, need to fix that ...
rhetoricmonkey 26 mag, ore 14:11 
@Infinitus ↓↓↓
rhetoricmonkey 26 mag, ore 14:09 
It is a hyperlink on this page. "If you like the game consider donating towards us, we'll even give you some free stuff. For more information look here." The word here.
Infinitus  [autore] 26 mag, ore 4:50 
@rhetoricmonkey: Where did you get that link from out of curiosity? It no longer works because we used a different method now (website is opened from the game - so we can pass the users username to the site).
Tytykeys 26 mag, ore 4:04 
rhetoricmonkey 26 mag, ore 3:44 
Thanks for the reply. I don't know if I did something wrong or not, but seems broken for me. I was more or less checking it out.
Infinitus  [autore] 26 mag, ore 2:49 
@rhetoricmonkey: We're intending to just do something similar to what we are currently doing. The game is free, with the option to donate. Donation has a couple of perks such as icons next to usernames, and some other bits and pieces, but nothing such as pay-to-win etc.

We haven't really looked much into this side of things yet. Working on getting the game up to scratch for now ;)
rhetoricmonkey 26 mag, ore 2:14 
At the moment this has a 'Free To Play' tag. What will the monetization model be if that is the case?
Tytykeys 19 mag, ore 16:09 
I Have The Demo thing!!!
!!!TINUS!!! 9 mag, ore 23:27 
seems cool but prefure dying light
КАБАН 6 mag, ore 3:38 
Xfact117 5 mag, ore 17:02 
This game is awesome hope best of luck
Infinitus  [autore] 4 mag, ore 12:54 
No beta available yet.
Rabbids4eva 4 mag, ore 0:59 
Say, how about you let people join the Steam Beta to help make it better, like Fistful of Frags and HL2:CTF did?
Nub 20 apr, ore 19:33 
Erlechero 12 apr, ore 23:55 
excelent work :) i need this game
Tytykeys 7 apr, ore 5:18 
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-W3E- Dandy-Doge 6 apr, ore 18:06 
got this game on desura when it was releaced, super looking forward to getting my friends to playinate it!
Papaиatas 22 mar, ore 13:06 
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Papaиatas 22 mar, ore 13:06 
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CaveyRockz 22 mar, ore 9:36 
I was so pleased when i realised this had been greenlit :D One thing I'll say is Personnaly i hope DO chrge a small amount for it because they deserve some money with the amount of effort they have put into this game
Dr.Colonoscopy 14 mar, ore 21:39 
Played this, loved this, would want on Steam!
Infinitus  [autore] 4 mar, ore 11:40 
@Danny: Yup all steam-id's now. We're looking into having some legacy system so you can transfer your old account/save/etc to new steam ones.
Jinxe 4 mar, ore 10:52 
Danny 3 mar, ore 16:02 
@Infini @Jordizzle
It's awesome to see you're working on the Steam release!

How is this going to effect the people who already own the game through Desura?
Usernames aren't going to be required anymore, are they?
It wall all be done using the Steam user IDs and whatnot, or something?

Anyway, keep up the good work! ;-)
I look forward to playing Zombie Grinder on Steam!
Infinitus  [autore] 25 feb, ore 1:26 
We're currently doing a rewrite of the game, focused on adding some fun new features + steamworks integration.

Currently aiming for a release ~June-July time.
Frog 24 feb, ore 19:07 
Any thought on release date?
Balsamica  [autore] 16 feb, ore 3:43 
Will remain free to play, with donation packages removing nag screen as well as giving you a starter pack of weapons, so is current :)
MachineBoy 15 feb, ore 14:05 

the game will be free to play?
Jayapplez 15 feb, ore 10:31 
favorite co-op game for now, lvl 56 woooo
Agrimoon 5 feb, ore 9:06 
Masterpixel 31 gen, ore 6:45 
After playing this game for amlost a year and a half I'm so glad that it has gotten green lit :D
Keep it up!
OMAK...SHARMOOOTAHHH 22 gen, ore 5:13 
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s7121n95 22 gen, ore 0:07 
i love the style and gameplay of this game. really retro feeling which is amazing in my opinion. this is a game imma end up playing so much and never getting bored. cant wait till it is up to play
TheBritishPratt 10 gen, ore 10:23 
looks a bit too 8bit
The_Answerme 4 gen, ore 13:26 
Cant Wait For This To Come Out, Ive Played The Original Zombie Grinder Since Last Year, I Hope This Release To Steam Will Make It So There Will Be More People On The Servers. Nothing I Hated More Than Being The Only One Playing In A Game.
birka 27 dic 2013, ore 16:50 
khaled 26 dic 2013, ore 14:06