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realaxis  [autor(a)] há 18 horas 
I appreciate your opinion, we are hugely inspired by Trine and though our environments and look feel falls into that genre, I must add stained has a unique game play. Regarding multiplayer yes there is a plan, but thinking of doing it in a different way.
DaHoboAtWalMart 13 de abr às 15:30 
Looks good, but we already have Trine 1 and 2. Any plans for multiplayer?
realaxis  [autor(a)] 13 de abr às 2:01 
Thanks All for the upvote!
GRUMPY CAT 11 de abr às 5:17 
Looks Good
vaneesa337 8 de abr às 0:07 
faire en français, S'il vous plaît
ameliem354 6 de abr às 4:27 
Nice game.
Big Blue 8 de mar às 12:30 
Hope Steam share my opinion...really nice game!
Brutal Ass Master 6 de mar às 9:06 
Looks pretty sweet, good luck guys.
Azul Raele 8 de fev às 6:28 
Nice song
LiaraRaziela 27 de jan às 13:50 
Not many 2d platformers catch my eye these days but this certainly has. Would love to play it!
STiKk 25 de jan às 8:22 
Słabe jak dla mnie. Nie przypadlo mi do gustu :)
Mion Morgan 19 de jan às 23:26 
This game reminds me of Trine and I'd like to see it in steam shop. It would be great if I could play it with my friend but seems like it will be only single playable =\
fisilfox 9 de jan às 2:20 
миленькая такая игра. Лучше и добрее чем прочие... (пользователь greelith)
T. Mimicus 8 de jan às 12:16 
Looks amazing!
Hydrogen 4 de jan às 2:31 
Me gusta , solo faltara que estaria al menos en español
XxScaryteddyxX 3 de jan às 11:11 
awesome! :)
Nagibator228 2 de jan às 4:25 
very good
Lena 25/nov/2013 às 5:56 
Неплохая задумка, атмосфера, есть будующее ^_^
Gercog Rok 23/nov/2013 às 10:55 
Интересный главный персонаж-атмосферный.)
UM@!R(S)J@@N 20/nov/2013 às 16:09 
Éole [Chromoz'Aum] 6/nov/2013 às 17:12 
Shinigami 31/out/2013 às 15:35 
cool and interesting
realaxis  [autor(a)] 25/out/2013 às 5:30 
@ricardocasama Not possible at this moment but if we get green lighted we might consider adding few more languages.
ricardocasama 17/out/2013 às 3:20 
Please, add Spanish language.
MercuryCrest 7/out/2013 às 12:50 
I'm really looking forward to this. The randomness of the encounters, the artwork, plus the Blender-based level-editor all make for a really exciting release!
Cailloumax 24/set/2013 às 9:28 
Graphism make me think to Prince of Persia Sands of Times. So very good
hezekiah-angel 3/set/2013 às 4:06 
No thanks,but keep up the good work guys.
Gilsen333 31/ago/2013 às 0:53 
Namelezz. 17/ago/2013 às 2:46 
realaxis  [autor(a)] 26/jul/2013 às 11:07 
We used Blender as level editor but our engine base was OGRE + BULLET
TapSkill 26/jul/2013 às 3:10 
Good luck getting greenlit. I really like level editors, and this game looks great. You say it was made using Blender? Did you use the BGE? Just curious.
Sannichi 24/jul/2013 às 5:01 
Graphic looks nice
Rhogiath 21/jul/2013 às 23:46 
Looks good
Ramon Carvalho 19/jul/2013 às 13:31 
Seems to be nice.
graylox 10/jul/2013 às 4:56 
Though I'm not a fan of hack and slash I voted the game up, because it looks very nice and there is a level editor. Now I have to play it to see more of the colourful enemies.
Got it via IndieRoyale and hope it'll get greenlit.
Air-Trigger 9/jul/2013 às 5:20 
Upvoted! :)
Diodra 9/jul/2013 às 4:30 
It seems very good :) I'm gonna try the demo.
SatanicWarMaster 9/jul/2013 às 1:42 
Ezio Auditore da Firenze 8/jul/2013 às 22:56 
realaxis  [autor(a)] 8/jul/2013 às 13:54 
Thanks for the upvote and please take a look at the update note if you get a moment.
standin.le4slie 8/jul/2013 às 8:00 
isclaudin! 24/jun/2013 às 16:19 
OneTrueSaxon 22/jun/2013 às 13:21 
Unsure about this one, though I do like the art style..... Will keep an eye on, and hold my vote for now.
Psychoschuetze 18/jun/2013 às 2:51 
Stained is still on "Finest Selection, Ultimate Top 100 Greenlight Collection":

Further there is an insane cool Game Development Kit out there on Kickstarter:
Hope they will add full HL / HL2 mod conversion as a stretch goal :)
realaxis  [autor(a)] 4/mai/2013 às 0:48 
stained will get its first major update this month, we are calling it stained 1.1. More detail will follow soon.

realaxis  [autor(a)] 2/mai/2013 às 6:53 
@spagett yes smash is the right word. There are innovative way to kill these monsters. One as most simply swinging your scythe. Second you can generate sound waves using tuning blade (that upgrade weapon) to smash the stained glass creatures!
Spagett 17/abr/2013 às 16:44 
"Ah, so you play as the Grim Reaper. In what new and creative ways does he kill people, because just swinging a scythe will get boring?"

"Oh no, he doesn't kill people. He just smashes stained-glass windows and the shards rearrange themselves by magic, or something. They turn into monsters and you have to re-smash them."
theoneumann 29/mar/2013 às 6:27 
Jump looks a tad floaty for my liking, but how on earth can I vote no for a game that takes pleasure in exploiting one of gaming's most satisfying moments.... smashing glass!
realaxis  [autor(a)] 17/mar/2013 às 11:25 
Yes, The main character is interacting with enemies made up of stained glass. The enemies comes in both the variety 2d as well as 3d.
[ -- silent -- ] 16/mar/2013 às 19:01 
looks nice, is the main character interacting with 2d enemies?