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Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion
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452 comentários
[RO]Danutzuu 21 de Mar às 7:26 
very interestig game
RDC-018 16 de Jan às 16:27 
any updates ?
Jureast 19 Mar, 2016 às 9:39 
f2p ?
BOT Eric 29 Nov, 2015 às 11:28 
Berengue 24 Out, 2014 às 18:02 
Parece ser bom...
bthierry 26 Mai, 2014 às 13:53 
fun game
sjow 9 Mai, 2014 às 3:10 
Nice! Storefront is up: http://store.steampowered.com/app/268520/
Available: May 15
sjow 23 Abr, 2014 às 5:00 
Finally some news [reverbinc.com] (release Spring 2014), too bad they seem to have forgotten about their Greenlight page :(
Demillow 21 Abr, 2014 às 16:58 
this like a fun game to play
Bastion 16 Mar, 2014 às 18:00 
I have this for the 360 and its sooooo much fun, the graphics are a little sluggish because of the limits of xbox tech so i would really really really love this to come to pc :P
JeBBe 12 Fev, 2014 às 1:31 
When s the PC release happening????
TheCodeWarrior 8 Fev, 2014 às 12:39 
LINUX port Please.
gualbert.chateaubrian  [autor] 20 Jan, 2014 às 10:42 
We are working very hard to make a very great steam version ;)
sjow 7 Jan, 2014 às 7:13 
I was really looking forward to this game, but after being greenlit it got really quiet here.
The releasedate of 'Fall 2013' has passed and it seems the devs don't care anymore. No updates here or on Facebook.
Too bad...
antochez 29 Nov, 2013 às 13:50 
He podido jugar a él en la Play Station y...¡es graaaandeeee!
Divertido, muy jugable, flautulento. Me encanta poder jugar subido a caballo de otro orco.
Muy divertido para jugar tres o cuatro a la vez.
Lo quiero en PC ya!!!
snapfit 9 Nov, 2013 às 10:56 
sergioreynel 9 Nov, 2013 às 8:59 
Hi if your looking for a site to download all pc related things go here: www.pcgameiso.com/ if you create an account if you could please put my username inside the referrer box: my user name is sergioreynel
Itz_NeroX 1 Nov, 2013 às 3:03 
sjow 29 Out, 2013 às 13:51 
Congratulations with being Greenlit.
[R4F] HAKKI 28 Out, 2013 às 17:28 
hahahahahaha so much funny
Bonzaibier 28 Out, 2013 às 13:12 
doyouliftdude 24 Out, 2013 às 17:03 
Need new pants from laughing too hard
@London Slacker 24 Out, 2013 às 2:26 
best the game
Gabriel 17 Out, 2013 às 23:27 
Gerry 17 Out, 2013 às 15:46 
Very funny game ! :-)
Irene the Henherd 13 Out, 2013 às 19:43 
Pleasantly reminded of Boogerman, for some strange reason... XD
I'm willing to give it a chance for the mere reason that it made me laugh heartily.
lgd6644 12 Out, 2013 às 8:31 
looks like a lot of fun
BATTLE DROID 8 Out, 2013 às 14:54 
Looks very rocking !!!!!!!!!
Cant wait for it :D
Вятский квасок 5 Out, 2013 às 10:47 
Razheem 5 Out, 2013 às 9:16 
Un jeu comme à la maison !
reetzy 3 Out, 2013 às 23:55 
Need it now!!! When s the PC release happening?
Izraphel 3 Out, 2013 às 12:54 
love at first sight **
sjow 3 Out, 2013 às 7:48 
@BigMtnSkier(REVERB) Thanks for updating
Another question: What if Greenlight is taking longer then expected? Will you be releasing through Desura, GOG, Humble Store, DRM-free?
adebayor27 2 Out, 2013 às 2:34 
Хочу попробовать побиться за Орков
Sergent-chef Nightwalk 30 Set, 2013 às 11:55 
I saw this game on a french video game web site and decided to support it

cant wait
Izraphel 30 Set, 2013 às 10:16 
Very Very Funny :D
MadSvold 27 Set, 2013 às 8:53 
cool game!
BigMtnSkier  [autor] 25 Set, 2013 às 12:58 
@sjow we've updated the release information to Fall 2013!
sjow 23 Set, 2013 às 6:32 
Really looking forward to this game, but the summer of 2013 is now officially over. What's the new ETA? Autumn 2013? Winter 2013?
BlequeQuinaite 21 Set, 2013 às 6:26 
We can't wait either! Thanks for all the support guys!
Obi-WAN 19 Set, 2013 às 22:12 
Круто! Заинтересовал co-op!
Fear 18 Set, 2013 às 11:35 
Fun cooperative ror me and my friends)
bolshenetankist 18 Set, 2013 às 2:14 
cool game!
NuncaM@is 17 Set, 2013 às 12:09 
Buenas horas de risas jugando a Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion
BigMtnSkier  [autor] 17 Set, 2013 às 10:07 
We can't wait either! Thanks for all the support guys!
Bonzaibier 12 Set, 2013 às 9:54 
can´t wait for the release
The Punisher 10 Set, 2013 às 1:27 
local co op! action RPG! here i come!
Zier 8 Set, 2013 às 20:48 
Really cool, +1 point for this game.
Att: Jromure@gmail.com
Daisinea 5 Set, 2013 às 8:35 
Reliant Robin 30 Ago, 2013 às 15:06 
Always love a bit of unusual co-op. Excited to get it sometime in the future!