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No More Room in Hell
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6,328 commenti
.:i:.:КAБAЛ:.:i:. 4 nov, ore 8:33 
Не очень...на "3" потянет.
Tenuchi_Man 24 ott, ore 23:06 
CyxX 18 ott, ore 10:25 
Best game ever
NoN 30 lug, ore 6:31 
Left for dead clone.
NeuroMotion.™ 25 lug, ore 6:06 
Мяско мяско Э_Э
PGG GG WP 23 lug, ore 10:28 
trollman[HuN] 12 lug, ore 6:34 
izgalmas nem lehet abbahagyni
MorFey 11 lug, ore 13:04 
очередной зомби шутер,в целом неплохо =)
Nyan_Lam 15 giu, ore 9:49 
nice free game=A=
xxx 15 giu, ore 6:32 
крутая игра!!
Kulepotato890 7 giu, ore 18:47 
this game is really good
[staff]ZERO 7 mag, ore 23:24 
muy bueno para ser free2play
渋谷凛 30 apr, ore 10:45 
nice game
semocan 25 apr, ore 4:51 
nice game
- 17/21 - 22 apr, ore 5:13 
Tea-Man 25 feb, ore 5:40 
nice game
Bear Grillz 13 feb, ore 21:35 
Игра отличная! Хотя и есть некоторые недоработки.:)
Muy bueno! Y bastante complicado
Momin 28 gen, ore 5:43 
good game
PLAYING THE ANGEL. 22 gen, ore 0:41 
Игра супер, правда при дожде зависания адские))
Mr Foster's Half Brother 10 dic 2014, ore 10:31 
Yeah this game is really good
Wing 9 dic 2014, ore 12:11 
This is a really good game
♥★ MUÐÐł ★♥ 15 nov 2014, ore 23:28 
Nutrident 10 nov 2014, ore 17:58 
Elektra 19 ott 2014, ore 7:41 
Den høyeste spilleren1 27 set 2014, ore 17:58 
2D "Gorillaz" 22 set 2014, ore 8:16 
Mugger 20 set 2014, ore 9:37 
Great game
Big DanZ 31 ago 2014, ore 22:39 
this game is soo bad lol
glad its free
BJ스팅어(Stinger) 31 ago 2014, ore 4:18 
Please add Korean. We can't understand English.
Meche 26 ago 2014, ore 14:49 
muy bueno
D@RK D.A.S 21 ago 2014, ore 0:17 
musicaddict324 18 ago 2014, ore 21:42 
Can't understand why this game lags everytime I play with others even though I have a high end pc and good internet connection. I really want to play this game. :(
ErrolLiamP 13 ago 2014, ore 0:56 
@Conan The Librarian
Slow down there bud, thats a whole novel you wrote there 0_0
Col. Acker 8 ago 2014, ore 10:07 
Maybe you should add a few more maps as well (preferrably objective maps), like where the survivors flee to the Antarctic, and set up a base there... but some other people had the same idea, and one of them happened to be infected, and it all went to hell. So when they get there, they find all sorts of abandoned buildings, camps, and then the ravenous undead. The objective could be to call for help, or fuel up the helicopter and get out. You could also add a few more melee weapons like an ice pick, a butcher's cleaver, a tablesaw, a tree branch, a cricket bat, and stuff like that.
Tim 5 ago 2014, ore 4:04 
Col. Acker 4 ago 2014, ore 10:00 
Just a suggestion.
Col. Acker 4 ago 2014, ore 9:55 
PLEASE just add a lot more zombie models, a few more guns, and some more melee weapons like a sickle, or prehaps a kukri, or a buzz-saw, maybe a fire poker, and a woddcutting axe. And maybe you could add a mechanic where you could use your lighter to start a tiny fire on the enemy, taking little damage at a time, or being able to pour gasoline all over a cretain area and using your lighter like a makeshift molotov.
FoxWave 3 ago 2014, ore 1:53 
i like it but slow walking
KARMA 26 lug 2014, ore 10:00 
Gorgeous Freeman 20 lug 2014, ore 13:34 
This is a very good game, keep on updating it guys
Fuck Ü 15 lug 2014, ore 5:12 
Washon :3 8 lug 2014, ore 15:00 
PIKACHU 4 lug 2014, ore 2:15 
awesome game dude!
godwheat 22 giu 2014, ore 16:01 
TehNumberOne 22 giu 2014, ore 5:29 
game is noice!
STIX 21 giu 2014, ore 0:24 

Kabelol 16 giu 2014, ore 4:21 
[SLCHM]MerahPutih 10 giu 2014, ore 18:30 
ĢẫŠỲŦ 6 giu 2014, ore 6:33