Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Pro Wrestling X
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Byg Willy Regal 11 Wrz - 17:27 
Yes, this is frakking awesome!
Le Tugboat Toot...Toot! 4 Wrz - 16:54 
this game is looking sexy i'll say that
Vivec 27 Sie - 17:24 
Good luck!
Foxrude-Starstorm 25 Sie - 6:43 
MDickie is good
rob 6 Sie - 6:54 
Instead of waiting to make my custom CAW environment in PWX, I decided to turn back to No Mercy and mod that beast all over again. Really wish there was a new age development tool, but it doesn't seem like PWX was ever intended to exist.
Thank you for responding even after my, simply asshole commets before. Its nice to know what we post to the devs is being read, considered and even responded to. I didnt take in consideration about how frustrating it might be to make a product, game, anything that satifies not only you and the team but the consumers as well. regardless of comments before. I do believe this game is in the right hands. because i KNOW, if i wouldve bitched, and then apologized on a multi million dollar company who pumps out game after game's forum, the bitching and the apology might never have been read. so the fact that you read my rant and apology by itself is highly respectable and appreciated but a response is one step further and im glad you took it. When your game is made available, whether early access, demo or launch, This guy will be throwing his cash and support your way. again thank you for your time. it is much appreciated and does not go unnoticed.
wishnowski  [autor] 26 Lip - 10:24 
Hey it's all good my friend. All of you, really. No one better understands feelings of impatience, frustration, and dissatisfaction more than the crew here and I. We're stuck in that grey area between a fast moving bigger studio with tons of full time employees and quicker single person studios who don't have to wait on anyone else to do a critical task. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to reconsider the reality of our situation and recognize our passion to keep pushing forward. Your apology, while not entirely necessary or expected, is very much accepted and appreciated. Thank you for your kindness! No promises, but the type physical reaction and precision you speak of is a design goal of ours. Thanks again!
if my input means anything in the far future i would like to see lots of character development in a story mode the ability to have multiple storylines available to take place and where your beginning actions shine bright till the end of ones Wrestling career something that will keep people playing this game lots of unlockable challenges achievements trading cards get crazy with the moves keep it real but let us play with reality gravity imagination. the more enviromental stuff i can jump off of, use against my opponent the better. if you wanna succeed where most wrestling games failed in my opinion. please do take the time so when a wrestler Hurracrana's another wrestler the phyics/graphics dont look like poo, or when i jump off of a turnbuckle and if do a leg drop elbow drop frog splash my wrestler jumps off accordingly and has aimed with precision or perhaps add an accuracy sequence when hopping of the turnbuckle idk
i wanted to post and say, im sorry for hateful comments before, they were simply arrogant. im arrogant. who am i to bad mouth this game or the developers when its the game im looking forward to most.. good luck with the developing, i cant wait to see what you have in store for us wrestling game fans. Thank you for taking the time to develop a game we have all been waiting for, for years and i guess all good things come in due time. I rather wait for a fantastic product than wait half the duration for something that fell short of the passion, dream and idea behind the development of this game. please forgive my harsh complaints before. simply the want and anticipation of the game mixed with a bad day. no excuse, but an explanation.
Remember.this.name 15 Lip - 5:48 
RUI 11 Lip - 6:26 
My support for this game is done to. Why don't you release a demo for free or something like that, we have been supporting this game for so long and we got nothing .
samyG 10 Lip - 23:05 
If you've been following their facebook page and their newsletters, you'll know that they are moving along with the development in fine pace.
DLK013 9 Lip - 11:28 
Im with Ange, my support for this game is done. Ive been waiting forever for this to come out, and every year its the same thing; an animation here or a character model there. At this rate the game will be released when im 60 (Im 23 btw).
Scotsman [Linux] 9 Lip - 6:46 
Anything new to report? Like Ange I am starting to worry this will not get released.
Madobe-i7 6 Lip - 15:41 
Please make a career mode
AngeTheDude 5 Lip - 16:06 
I'm withdrawing my support for this game. I've been following this since almost the beginning and I'm convinced that it will never be released. We've been strung along for way too long and I'm done. I feel embarrassed that I even paid for the shitty Uprising demo. It felt like a stab in the back. I also feel like an idiot for voting to Greenlight this game. I feel like many more people will be scammed and let down in the end. I'd love to be proven wrong but I don't see that happening.
clowNN 29 Cze - 8:49 
when its coming out ?
Kensey (3) 29 Cze - 4:55 
killahweed 28 Cze - 13:47 
will this game include blood and injures?
choppingwood 27 Cze - 11:31 
can i get it somewhere already
Maximum067 20 Cze - 18:26 
Looks like it would be a fun game too play
_KreidL_ 18 Cze - 13:53 
Looks really good so well :)

Looking forward to play this game!
Slapx 15 Cze - 6:22 
This game looks good but im not sure whats going on with the masks,that one guy looks totaly blinded :P , and like many others before me said "MULTIPLAYER IS A MUST" :P
BuBBa@music 13 Cze - 22:10 
Fernnus 11 Cze - 12:47 
I really want to play this game! Good luck!!
DEMON 天 SHADOW 9 Cze - 14:48 
yes online multiplayer is must
ANTI-XIII 29 Maj - 13:49 
BluEsnAk3 29 Maj - 1:41 
I thought about to create a WcW vs. nWo clone with Project Spark :D
CMuT 26 Maj - 9:20 
Mr.Akeley 15 Maj - 14:03 
Pánico 14 Maj - 7:47 
buen juego para los hombres=)))
wishnowski  [autor] 9 Maj - 19:38 
Well, first we actually have to polish it up and make the most basic game mechanics solid and fun. But I agree, bringing the best of Fire Pro and the AKI games together is the holy grail :)
Sega 8 Maj - 22:04 
If this game offers the customization of Fire Pro with the gameplay of No Mercy, this will go down as one of the greatest Wrestling games ever.
lo quieroooooooooooooooooooooooo
Chef Dirtyhands 29 Kwi - 20:55 
+1 to Bubba Steve! This game looks amazing!!!
BubbA StEvE LaRiZ 29 Kwi - 18:57 
I wanna see this game happen not just because I love all the old games they reference,but because I cant wait to see what kind of Customization comes with it and the Creativity that will come flying in from the Mod Community!
[GRG-CO] Ethan 29 Kwi - 8:31 
hypsterjc 24 Kwi - 10:17 
I hate controls on the New games wrestlng. I love No Mercy controls scheme and Here comes pain contrls scheme. I would love see onn steam.
Just Make compatiable so people don't extremy upgrades (parts) the PC and or Macs.
rob 21 Kwi - 6:41 
For anyone interested, there's this G+ profile for "The Art of Pro Wrestling X" which shows some character renders and wrestling moves - https://plus.google.com/u/0/103816588156622441492/videos
KingBorderShock 20 Kwi - 17:28 
I want this game to release on steam already, also as for style wise, I'd love a wrestling game with a nice cell shaded tone to it but the game as it is, looks amazing. especially since it's going for the old school style of graphics.
rob 20 Kwi - 17:12 
I'd love for this game to allow for the user community to create moves and upload them to the Steam Workshop
SAHA 19 Kwi - 6:22 
Не думаю что wwe пойдут на такое.
Mao 18 Kwi - 4:33 
Возможно wwe 2k15 выдет на пк... Чувак может опоздать
SAHA 16 Kwi - 5:05 
Когда можно будет купить в Steam?
‎Hungry Hank the toilet 13 Kwi - 21:13 
looks cool
rob 13 Kwi - 17:35 
It'd be nicer if this project was built around crafting a Create-A-Wrestler suite. I know I don't care much about PWX's characters and I'd rather just use their grappling engine to make my own characters and storylines.
arm005 13 Kwi - 15:34 
Dave post some updated video of the game to this page. The videos in the stream are really old and you've done so much great work since then.
Ikestar aSs f!Uck3R [GER] 12 Kwi - 17:41 
looks boring
wishnowski  [autor] 12 Kwi - 10:39 
mouja666 12 Kwi - 4:05