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Pro Wrestling X
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Sir Henry Giantholeinthetorso 13 apr, ore 21:13 
looks cool
rob 13 apr, ore 17:35 
It'd be nicer if this project was built around crafting a Create-A-Wrestler suite. I know I don't care much about PWX's characters and I'd rather just use their grappling engine to make my own characters and storylines.
arm005 13 apr, ore 15:34 
Dave post some updated video of the game to this page. The videos in the stream are really old and you've done so much great work since then.
Ikestar aSs f!Uck3R [GER] 12 apr, ore 17:41 
looks boring
wishnowski  [autore] 12 apr, ore 10:39 
mouja666 12 apr, ore 4:05 
Cardinal Lord Holland 9 apr, ore 10:01 
voted Thanks
Hawk 9 apr, ore 9:51 
please release мы тоже хотим играть :)
SparklingTonio 9 apr, ore 6:50 
Wrestling fans need a good wrestling game on pc, please relese this game soon, we're waiting for it from years!
KingBorderShock 8 apr, ore 12:27 
There aren't any wrestling games on steam, Please release this so I can finally play one!! STEAM NEEDS MORE WRESTLING DAMMIT! >.<
zatrub 8 apr, ore 7:05 
DarkTricker 8 apr, ore 1:02 
please release XD
Espeon01 6 apr, ore 22:23 
I can't wait to play this game I love N64 wwf no mercy game omg hurry up and release it i want it so bad xD
Хис 5 apr, ore 14:51 
iGNACIA- Estoy ! 4 apr, ore 8:47 
lo quiero :D
rob 31 mar, ore 8:47 
I am hoping that this game engine will be suitable for migrating my custom CAW story lines from No Mercy. Also hope that they have rich tools to further customize characters, arenas and titles.
V1PkaLoL 30 mar, ore 8:01 
matt_block 29 mar, ore 3:22 
Congrats cant wait to play it
smackdee 28 mar, ore 16:12 
rob 28 mar, ore 6:50 
Would be interesting to see a strategy element where regional promotions battle to achieve national and global dominance.
mr bigdad 26 mar, ore 12:54 
Gratz on the greenlit! Now bring it on!
borsdy 25 mar, ore 19:56 
Please offer a 4 pack when you're ready to take orders (:
RoadWarriorAce 22 mar, ore 9:19 
I was right about the "New Contender" being a new wrestler in the game if Kickstarter pledges hit $20,000.
captblacksheep 22 mar, ore 8:35 
if the game will look different than Uprising and instead have the graphics of the new featured models you should take those old vids down. I think the new rendered models is really helping it appeal more broadly now. Anyway congrats guys! Been with you since the old survey website. Still got my white shirt with pwx in red on it.
iIchigetsu 22 mar, ore 7:36 
I want this on the wii u
Mack 10 22 mar, ore 6:45 
Cant wait to play this, the wwe games have been so dissapointing over the years. If you make every pannel on the top of the hell in a cell breakable and allow tables, ladders and other objects useable during a hell in the cell match I will buy this game on day one.
dandr0id 21 mar, ore 15:13 
Congratulations on the Greenlight! Please make this a glorious game like the 64 days
RoadWarriorAce 21 mar, ore 13:57 
They do have a scaffold ready according to Dave but I doubt they will put in a scaffold this early into the game. The Scaffold Match is something extremely really special and they might save it for a "Match Types Expansion Pack."
RoadWarriorAce 21 mar, ore 13:12 
I'll take a guess and say that hidden stretch goal (A New Contender) is a new wrestler. I could be wrong but that's what it sounds like. I hope he is a heavyweight if I am right. A wrestler that can do powerbombs and neck snapping backdrops.
samyG 21 mar, ore 4:21 
Dave, I have my fingers crossed that the kickstart reaches 14K and we get to see what the hidden strech goal is! :D
NightReaper 21 mar, ore 3:44 
Yeah you guys did it. Multi platform Pro Wrestling X on the way. Keep the dream alive, Get ready to face the Reaper of Wayward Souls
wishnowski  [autore] 21 mar, ore 3:30 
Logan9mm 21 mar, ore 2:48 
'Grats on the greenlight! Lotta people looking forward to this. "Open and moddable art assets" has me droolin'
Behemoth 20 mar, ore 22:59 
@Dave: Well w00t - all I needed to hear. Looking forward to it!
wishnowski  [autore] 20 mar, ore 20:29 
@Behemoth: All new stuff. Not a single clunky line of crappy Uprising code will darken Steam's dorrway. Only the newest, sexiest, current gen Pro Wrestling X will grace your gaming rig via Steam. Thank you!!!
Snake Plissken 20 mar, ore 19:36 
Congrats on the Greenlight guys! I can't wait to get this game!
Behemoth 20 mar, ore 14:27 
Is this the version you initially released a year or two ago? Or the new game you're currently making? The video shows the old version and I have to say, it's not really a lot of fun to play so I hope this is about the new game...
[RS]conky 20 mar, ore 12:41 
grendel_kamisori 20 mar, ore 1:32 





DeathDevilEvil 20 mar, ore 1:28 
warnecruid 19 mar, ore 23:57 
Branks 19 mar, ore 19:02 
Oh the possibilities... =)
outrider42 19 mar, ore 18:44 
Congratulations guys! I'm very happy to see this. I bet Dave and crew are just out of their minds right now with joy! I can't wait.
Lemonhead Legend 19 mar, ore 18:32 
congrats, good looks!
Genkisan 19 mar, ore 17:49 
Good work. Congrats! :D
Scotsman [Linux] 19 mar, ore 16:32 
Didn't realize this was coming out until I saw it on GamingOnLinux. Absolutely will preorder this when it has a store page - I had all the N64 games when I was younger, and I missed the game play.
RiddleBox 19 mar, ore 13:43 
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH finaly congrats !!!!!
DrakeN ☯ Ritsu リリー 19 mar, ore 13:06 
Congratulations guys! You deserve it! Much love
RoadWarriorAce 19 mar, ore 12:41 
WoW!!! Congratulations Dave & Crew! I'm so happy! Words can't begin to describe what I feel right now! I've never been this happy in my entire life!
Chaosprower 19 mar, ore 11:31