This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Secrets of Grindea
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vadafan Apr 17 @ 10:19am 
эта игра реально крута жду недождусь когда она выйдет люблю такие игры
Mowgli. Apr 16 @ 3:58pm 
Have to buy it from their site: But you get a steam key and a DRM free edition, depending on what you want.
Ossisaverni Apr 16 @ 10:28am 
Will be in steam or i have to buy it from your site?
kentgrammel Apr 16 @ 9:08am 
but cans seeme to find humble bundle steam key....keep sceratcing
Zup Apr 16 @ 7:49am 
you said that before 20 hours^^
killer1h Apr 15 @ 11:04am 
It's coming out in about 12-18 hours so YAY
Troy Apr 15 @ 5:03am 
Tomorrow. *o*
Necrophilliac Apr 10 @ 10:21pm 
still waiting, it looks great and sure it'll be worth the wait. make it rain fun
Octave Apr 8 @ 10:59pm 
Can't wait to play this game.
romekbj Apr 6 @ 2:15pm 
i agree with Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles Apr 5 @ 6:34pm 
I dont care how long it takes .... its going to be awesome and i can wait ! I dont know if i can take another D3'esque launch failure of a game i am really wanting. Make it awesome !!!!
Pwnisher Apr 4 @ 8:42am 
go go go!!!!!
Большой Д Apr 1 @ 11:21am 
Valve add this please
djw801 Apr 1 @ 4:46am 
Voice Acting! WOOHOO!!! Bring it ON!
pbxellos Mar 24 @ 10:42am 
i just read the delv blog as well and they are working on a stable steam release so, so close yet so far it seams. i so want to play this game!!!!!
kentgrammel Mar 22 @ 2:19am 
money thrown
jhenox Mar 21 @ 8:29am 
se ve genial
smatos718 Mar 19 @ 6:08pm 
looks great
Regs Mar 15 @ 12:08pm 
go to their website and click on dev-blog, they release updates every week and just announcede they're integrating Steam overlay so it's closer than you think
Russell Crowe Mar 13 @ 10:14am 
This game was put up on the Greenlit for Steam almost near the beginning of when this Greenlit program first STARTED on Steam. It is one of the earliest and last few games put on the Greenlit that still have not released...its never coming out. I've given up hope
Flankenstein Mar 11 @ 1:42pm 
Nappa Mar 10 @ 6:06pm 
Been following this for a while. Do want.
Solsur Mar 10 @ 6:55am 
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIFF BETA ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
OkcRanger Mar 9 @ 4:36pm 
This game is so awesome. Been playing the CB on Desura and I would whole heartedly recommend this to anyone. It's probably the most perfectly crafted game of its type.
Liquid Mar 8 @ 1:00pm 
well lord no download link on this side, that game is not ready to play
Lord-Abyss Mar 6 @ 1:34pm 
Just go to their website and stop these pointless comment about how long it is to be release.
Shaboobila Mar 5 @ 11:05am 
love these throw back rpgs with the cleaned up swagger. looks fun.
Liquid Mar 2 @ 10:37am 
1000 Years later and??? nothing... common dude.. Cubeworld is better..
edumaxine Mar 1 @ 11:03am 
Fresh air from an old school genre I can't wait to play with some friends!! Great Work, I really like to suport indie developers with good ideas ^^.
romekbj Feb 27 @ 2:59pm 
i agree with Philip Jacques
Philip Jacques Feb 26 @ 5:26pm 
No words to describe this; absolutely stunning!!
If there's any beta of the game, i want in!
Pwnisher Feb 25 @ 2:50pm 
grrrrr BETA KEY grrrrrrr!!!!
Nesuke (DE) Feb 25 @ 9:10am 
Beta test?
romekbj Feb 24 @ 3:44pm 
me to
Maxi Feb 22 @ 8:32am 
Can't wait for the release, it seems so awesome this game. <3
Hiro/Tommy Feb 21 @ 9:07pm 
Secret of Mana ripoff or inspired
Trading Toki Tori 2+ Feb 21 @ 12:26am 
looks great, I cant wait till its done. =D
Bradley Feb 19 @ 3:31pm 
guys is this game randomly generated please tell me
steffen.k1 Feb 19 @ 5:35am 
can i test it too please
Necrius Feb 16 @ 9:54pm 
Don't go EA, finish the game first, sell it later.
romekbj Feb 9 @ 8:10am 
can i test it too please
battyjoshua Feb 9 @ 5:39am 
Please can I test the Beta
Grubbnuts Feb 9 @ 5:22am 
check their website, you can sign up for the beta ( which is random entry only atm).
romekbj Feb 8 @ 4:37pm 
have they relessied a playble version yet
romekbj Feb 8 @ 4:21pm 
thank you
juanito311 Feb 8 @ 3:44pm 
To Be Announced TBA
romekbj Feb 8 @ 2:40pm 
I mean what does TBA mean?
romekbj Feb 8 @ 2:37pm 
What does ETA mean?
romekbj Feb 8 @ 2:33pm 
is seems really fun
romekbj Feb 8 @ 2:32pm 
please relese this game