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DLC Quest
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Big DanZ(or Dave) 31. elo, 2014 22.40 
fucked up ethics
Pashok 27. kesä, 2014 6.10 
Ev 21. kesä, 2014 10.59 
RayMax 27. huhti, 2014 22.45 
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 25. huhti, 2014 6.50 
Voted Before Greenlit, Do You Get Their Copie Game
Good RPG OldSchool
Slayer Mark 7. tammi, 2014 23.39 
like this game. It's a short one to beat. But it's fun and good value.
FoKuMe 1. tammi, 2014 7.03 
love this game
Antinohit 1. tammi, 2014 3.03 
Great game!
no_one11 24. joulu, 2013 21.44 
Astalyne 1. joulu, 2013 3.20 
hey uh can anyone please buy me this game :'(
Saw207 13. loka, 2013 7.24 
Yayhoo 7. loka, 2013 2.11 
really good game
Flippy 3. syys, 2013 13.35 
Short game but really awesome!
Scisprobo 31. elo, 2013 9.01 
This game is so short but so awesome!
Klumb3r 30. elo, 2013 9.34 
Pinchy 28. elo, 2013 17.15 
Been handled funnier in the Upgrade Complete flash games.
VIVISECT_VIVIVI 20. elo, 2013 12.43 

Either I have lost my grasp of english or what you said is complete gibberish...

Anyhow it seems you are asking him to release it free....its 3 whole friggin dollars (and worth evry penny), not everything in this world should be or needs to be free.
VIVISECT_VIVIVI 20. elo, 2013 12.39 
Is well worth the small purchase price, its the first time that a game stuffed with stupid DLC made me happy instead of angree. :)
DJAffection[TR] | ☾☆ 8. heinä, 2013 14.53 
Hey your send this game please free
Issac Clarke, Slayer of noobs 17. kesä, 2013 19.25 
will there be a dlc to the dlc quest. that is the question to ask :o
Darksupersonic1603 1. kesä, 2013 14.45 
vote castle miner z it is comeing to pc
ReiShell 20. touko, 2013 8.47 
so glad this finally came out :)
thankyou ben kane :D so glad
Critty7 19. huhti, 2013 18.49 
Needs more levels on campaign.
«Avalon» 16. huhti, 2013 0.48 
TUNRAX☦ ₪TBC₪ ☦ 11. huhti, 2013 9.18 
please add support with linux pls
Dawn Man 2. huhti, 2013 16.36 
This is sad, but true LOL
Psychojau 30. maalis, 2013 21.40 
No Linux ? *cry*
Akame 30. maalis, 2013 2.32 
This better be more then the xbox

xbox version was the biggest rip off ever you didnt even get to fight the final boss come on
ieatcakeandpie 28. maalis, 2013 7.08 
So glad I voted for this!
Osiris11235 27. maalis, 2013 1.51 
This game is awesome! Very funny, but some of the jumping puzzles in the 2nd quest drag a little. 9/10
CanisBrian 26. maalis, 2013 13.44 
Steam keys available in IndieRoyal the St.Patrick's Day Bundle
Suits 24. maalis, 2013 13.20 
that post was longer than the game itself
the blu pie 23. maalis, 2013 19.37 
be warened that this game is short

iLikeSheep 21. maalis, 2013 18.17 
give it some time, yes?
Astartes 21. maalis, 2013 13.06 
Indie royal promised a steam key when greenlit, WTF is it? dev being a shitheel? GTFO!
:( 20. maalis, 2013 2.15 
Great game 10 out of 10 . Bought and played it
Niles Caulder 19. maalis, 2013 14.27 
@acnoffsinger The dev said this on his website: "Already have DLC Quest on Desura or the Mac App Store? Just grab the latest version to get the new content! Woo!"
Nardona 19. maalis, 2013 11.21 
[h] 1 dota 2 frozen key [w] this game
Inflatable Toast 18. maalis, 2013 19.50 
The Sad Moment when you notice the game has 2 full campaings, when the one relesed in 2011 has only one. The DLC Quest has built in DLC!
Niles Caulder 18. maalis, 2013 19.46 
About the Indie Royale buyers, the dev twitted: "Bought DLC Quest from @indieroyale ? You'll get a Steam key soon-ish. I need to get the keys first! Might take a few days."
The Awsome Gamer {TAG} 18. maalis, 2013 13.39 
when will a DLC come out for this game? :3
careface 18. maalis, 2013 13.34 
Congrats on the launch :)
IndieGeek 18. maalis, 2013 11.07 
What time is this game going to be available? Is it still releasing today?
Rada Rada Man 17. maalis, 2013 12.38 
This Game is so epic, I'm only wondering how much the dlc will cost (kidding). Played this before, but want to play it agian :D
SamoanGerman 17. maalis, 2013 12.31 
Electronic Arts' favorite game
NaengMyunGodzz 11. maalis, 2013 6.50 
This gonna be the best game ever ( not really )
lilianajoo 10. maalis, 2013 18.20 
I think I would buy this!
Sheogorath 9. maalis, 2013 14.29 
Matt ♠ 8. maalis, 2013 2.16 
Recommend this game to anyone. It will make you laugh no matter want. :D
Hiroshi Mishima 5. maalis, 2013 3.41 
Ah, I see you're adding some new content. I absolutely adored this on the Xbox back when it came out, and was wondering if this was just a straight port or not. I do hope that the new content isn't going to come with a hefty increase in the overall price, though.

I mean, I paid like.. what, a dollar for this on the Xbox? I'd be willing to bump it up to a few dollars but really don't wanna see this going for $10. Still, I'm gonna try to remain cautiously optimistic for a change and look forwards to the release.