Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

The Intruder
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母猪配种站站长 преди 5 часа 
hey man,can you give this demo to me ,please l really want to play this game
Ze Major 8 февруари в 9:16 сутринта 
I miss this game....it looked good....and I still have a little hope that it will see the light of day.
VaSya0.9x 29 януари в 7:54 сутринта 
LILMAN 28 януари в 3:55 следобед 
(O.O) why did u leave us R.I.P . that one interesting game
Dalek:. 25 януари в 12:36 следобед 
I was really excited about this. Shame this game never saw the light of day :(
zinto 24 януари в 9:32 сутринта 
I was on a few review sites, I saw this game and didn't think much of it. It was when I kept seeing it I finnally decided to check it out. I LOVED IT! I liked the beast, the remembering stuff, the day and night cycle, the planning, EVERYTHING! Well that was back in 2012 or so. I remembered the game but couldn't remember ther title for years after hearing about it. It's 2015 and I've found it. I've finally found it! But seeing that the descriptio still says this guy hopes it's released in 2013 doesn't make me very happy, but that won't stop me from cheering it on. I hope it's ot soon and i hope I'll be able to play it. Peace out bros and say hi to that hwite duck for me.
quack quack
-=TPA=- Mikgau 14 януари в 12:59 следобед 
i was there in 2012, saw this, i was super excited about this game!
2015 - ''Looks at description''

- Royzo : We are headed towards a 2013 release

- Me : son of a..

shittiest dev ever
10/10 would wait 3 years again
Bilbo Baggins 11 януари в 11:17 сутринта 
the game is dead so yea :c
Mezalim Zifiri 8 ноември 2014 в 10:54 следобед 
slenderman is a jinn
Mohammed, Prince of Conspiracy 8 ноември 2014 в 5:56 следобед 
>comes online every now and then
>can't be fucked to tell us anything for a year

best dev 2014
NordicAryan 3 ноември 2014 в 1:37 сутринта 
Hightower 28 октомври 2014 в 3:02 следобед 
Dead game is dead
dash 6 октомври 2014 в 3:55 сутринта 
iRedzilla 28 септември 2014 в 2:00 сутринта 
I hope they're still working on this game, I love the concept of it and it definitely has potential!
Fritz Schmit 27 септември 2014 в 5:44 следобед 
The Scout Among Us 20 септември 2014 в 6:19 следобед 
This game looks cool but...
The Rock 21 август 2014 в 8:16 сутринта 
On Russian, no? Sanctions in Steam? Where is on the Russian Language!?
GamingMario1233 18 август 2014 в 10:26 следобед 
thats a cool game there and was that slender man
<>< <--Minnow 18 август 2014 в 7:56 следобед 
|FB|[green]Zombie[yellow]Bear 16 август 2014 в 12:01 сутринта 
oh i thought by one part of the trailer it was the very orgonised thief with better graphics but no its a bit cooler... i think ?_?
Freddy Fazbear 15 август 2014 в 5:22 следобед 
Looks good, too bad its abandoned
ZheroO 12 август 2014 в 6:45 сутринта 
Wheres the game ?
_Catastrophe 9 август 2014 в 12:29 следобед 
Thought the concept was pretty neat. Wish it could've been finished.
Supreme Command 5 август 2014 в 1:09 следобед 
What a pitty it is abandoned
wgavirgo 3 август 2014 в 3:16 сутринта 
make this game coop and ill buy it
Hightower 27 юли 2014 в 3:21 следобед 
dead game bane
TheRussianHunter 26 юли 2014 в 11:28 следобед 
........perhaps we should ask nicely? please continue making this game?
TheRussianHunter 26 юли 2014 в 11:27 следобед 
TheRussianHunter 26 юли 2014 в 11:26 следобед 
TheRussianHunter 26 юли 2014 в 11:23 следобед 
Standin.Sir Walrus 20 юли 2014 в 12:30 следобед 
This game has been abandoned. I have personally tried to contact the developer, but to no avail. Just report it and ask Valve to remove it.
FTRX_Pill 7 юли 2014 в 8:01 следобед 
█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀
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▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
۞SugØi_Desu_Ka۞ 5 юли 2014 в 2:58 сутринта 
Welll it Looks nice.But then again,it might not be as good as it seems
Yesyoungsir 3 юли 2014 в 2:29 сутринта 
Is this game abandoned? The description still says it's looking at a 2013 release.
Talk3008n1-09 2 юли 2014 в 11:02 следобед 
I had so much hope for this game. I have been checking for updates for a WHILE and nothing had been posted or anything. I declare this game DEAD.
Cdc1893 1 юли 2014 в 2:38 следобед 
Agreed Mohammed. He hasnt told us anything this is some bullshet.
"SCION OF DARKNESS" 29 юни 2014 в 1:25 сутринта 
' I Knew You Were Trouble 28 юни 2014 в 1:06 следобед 
nice :)
Mohammed, Prince of Conspiracy 28 юни 2014 в 8:27 сутринта 
Unacceptable. Completely unsatisfactory communication from the developer. This should be removed from greenlight.
Down Syndrome 27 юни 2014 в 9:56 следобед 
This game would be great!
ĐΛЛ 22 юни 2014 в 8:04 следобед 
PhoenixFiring 22 юни 2014 в 12:37 следобед 
What happened to this game?
thespawn666 20 юни 2014 в 4:54 следобед 
i want it
icelite 14 юни 2014 в 7:14 следобед 
I really hope Mister Royzo pulls through and releases this game because it looks so fun!!!
The Love Pump 5 юни 2014 в 6:19 следобед 
I still have faith this will be released and fulfill all my dreams.
gamma 3 юни 2014 в 10:16 следобед 
people seriously greenlight something like this? still not tired from shitty slender "games"?
The Guy 26 май 2014 в 5:31 следобед 
"Planned for a 2013 release date"
> tfw it's almost halfway through 2014
Vibranium 13 май 2014 в 1:02 сутринта 
Valve really should remove this page, as the developer has not even bothered to even say "It is on hold" or "I am busy with a full-time internship". So disappointing, I think I'm going to try to ask the team to take it down since this is just a waste of space.
VityViktor 10 май 2014 в 7:12 сутринта 
Please, the "slenderman" was a placeholder model. Anyways, this project seems dead, unfortunately.