Better Embers
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wisdomknowledgeandskill 1 小时以前 
gosh, I want a better machine for this game, and this computer's three years newer, maybe, than the game :/, roughly speaking.... but thanks for helping jazz things up, still trying to fix the rest of it without freezing my game constantly, you modders are the best XOXOXOXOXOX. You guys rock b/c you made my game rock, and it would be pretty old by now if it weren't for you lol... as is it is one of my top fav games. xD
wisdomknowledgeandskill 1 小时以前 
I have been using mod for a couple motnhs now, and just yesterday I was playing when I realized how much better the embers were, how much more lifelike, than they must be with the vanilla version-- I remembered that there didn't use to be any real *flames* in the fires lol. Matter of taste for what you prefer, personally I like the fire-flames dancing and the enlivened look. The original is kind of dead-looking. My FPS is kind of low cause I can't stand the vanilla low level graphics, but that's the company's fault for making a game with graphics that aren't tolerable without a high-end video card or tweaking on a four-year-down-the road laptop lol... and not b/c of this mod lol...
l DUBST3P l 7月7日下午1:10 
Does this lower performance?
MR. BAD NEWS 7月7日上午7:05 
What about FPS?
oceanvista 7月7日上午1:37 
nise :)
SweetRollBandit 7月6日下午4:07 
The embers look sweet, but when I look at somewhere with candles it spazes it out, also in some shaded areas.
Toneloc 7月1日下午5:17 
nice touch
Whitecookie 7月1日下午12:48 
Really good mod. I love it!
Oakenshield 6月28日上午8:36 
Great mod that adds life to something a lot of people probably pay little attention to. I myself really love the embers in this mod, they're MUCH better than the default. Very pretty.
[MEOW]&CATMITTINZ =^-^= 6月27日下午9:42 
Love it!
NEEDZ 2 NUT!!! 6月27日下午12:15 
Rooty Tooty Point And Shooty 6月27日上午2:11 
Someones jealous that this guy is a good graphic changer
H€ackl€arious 6月26日上午4:38 
300 thousand subscribers and all it does it change the embers? Like you hardly ever see them lol
mellett 6月25日下午9:29 
toneyisland 6月25日下午6:49 
Nice subtle difference.
Yolo Power Ranger 6月24日下午6:23 
Love the change
CheessteR 6月23日下午11:06 
dasTofu 6月21日上午2:11 
looks great
Dangojiru 6月19日下午7:35 
Strykus 6月19日下午12:10 
nice mod
Крёстный Отец 5月9日上午2:24 
так и быть!подпишусь на эту хуету)
Vault Boy |-Mob Boss-| 4月3日下午4:26 
vanilla is the original.
Jon Be Gamin 4月1日下午4:38 
how do you get the vanilla
Ghostfucker 3月18日上午9:18 
For some reason, every single time I fast travel to Windhelm, the game crashes.
barmyness 3月12日下午2:25 
yaaaaay good mod again
TurtleSnatcher 2月23日下午1:03 
it so life like
feels like it would burn touching it
Sharky 2月17日下午1:30 
Great mod, helps me become more immersed
Michael 2月11日下午10:19 
StarCaptain 2月9日下午2:19 
The best mod ever!
DutchFancy 1月28日上午2:40 
game says it cant find this mod and says its error 15? never had this problem with this mod before
Burn It To The Ground 1月19日上午9:36 
вы руские
The Little Dipster 1月17日下午4:51 
Yeah. That's my band. The Burning Embers..

Chiefox 1月9日上午10:57 
This ember mod look waaay better than vanilla ember. You shouls subscribed this mod! :)

100$ Recommend and 2 Thumb up!
Keaggan [One Man Clan] 1月5日下午9:52 
@GodOfCake lolol...they were lazy ALL over the place...I subed to 10 mods before playing and now I'm looking for more and only 1 hour into it.
Khaleesi 1月4日上午11:33 
@GodOfCake you are a total dickhead
GodOfCake 1月4日上午6:46 
This mod made me realize something, Bethesda was lazy in some areas because they knew modders would fix it.
Lord_of_the_Bacon 2013年12月27日下午8:39 
One of the best mods I've subscibed to honestly; I sub'd awhile ago and after a bit of time I can say zero performance loss, etc. that others might be nervous about.

I cannot imagine why the vanilla embers were even given the go...these are far superior.
Hræfn 2013年12月24日下午12:02 
ok thanks :]
Vampaerr  [作者] 2013年12月24日上午11:58 
no performance loss that I know of, it's mostly a texture replacer of very small file size
Hræfn 2013年12月24日上午11:48 
Does it decrease performance?
Vampaerr  [作者] 2013年12月19日上午12:22 
@Gwinda yes, alll my mods are
Gwinda 2013年12月18日下午7:21 
This is also available on
Hot Grill 2013年12月9日上午11:01 
Is this incompatible with the HD texture pack, it doesn't chnage the textures for me?
Eren Yeagar 2013年12月6日下午8:30 
Fire is the creator and will be the doombringer.Thats why they overrun water,air and earth elements.
Ransom Seraph 2013年12月6日下午1:49 
Good man. is it compatible with Skyirm HD? any special load order?
Vampaerr  [作者] 2013年12月6日下午1:48 
No performance loss that I know of...
Ransom Seraph 2013年12月6日下午1:21 
well made mod, but wondering, any performance loss? anyway, looks great.
Hogar 2013年12月5日下午1:56 
Awesome mod
AncienTzSlayeR 2013年11月25日下午12:28 
any performance loss?
RoMaStEr 2013年11月21日上午7:14 
Cool MOD , good job