Better Embers
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Casper 3 de mai às 16:56 
very nice, does exactly as it says much better embers.
William Fogiatto 28 de abr às 21:01 
Really good mod. good job!
Tycer 26 de abr às 5:52 
zach102 25 de abr às 19:50 
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Emii 14 de abr às 23:25 
This is honestly a really great mod. I absolutely love how simple yet incredibly amazing it is at the same time. Nice work!
yrmama 31 de mar às 11:37 
My only complaint is that the forges seem too dark, but could be a combination with another mod.
yrmama 16 de mar às 9:40 
429,000 subscribers out of 470,000 visitors...jus sayin.
BlueXThunder 14 de mar às 19:50 
its a good mod man keep up the good work :)
^0[rTG] ^1Flash^3Bang 1 de mar às 6:38 
Es sind die Details, die skyrim schöner machen.
It's the details that make skyrim beautiful.
StealthG6 22 de fev às 16:34 
Simple, but awesome.
XxX_Recked_XxX 13 de fev às 18:11 
Lol its good
SMALORGEN 7 de fev às 12:57 
you should make a better fire mod
Methamphetamine 14 de jan às 4:20 
wow such coll
Caisse primaire d'assurance 9 de jan às 11:08 
well with your mod i fucked up my game so ... ( i uninstall it cause textures were mixing in Riften & when i start my game, i couldn't load the last saves so..)
chilaxin 3 de jan às 23:20 
Does this reduce performance?
BadReligionFan97 30/dez/2014 às 16:48 
@sjrg82 just hit the subscribe button. And load up the game, make sure the mod is downloaded in the data files before hitting play.
sjrg82 30/dez/2014 às 10:36 
how to i add the mod to the game?

pdiddy08005murphy 30/dez/2014 às 8:54 
Not a HUGE difference, but a very noticeable one. Very good mod!
alextex14 27/dez/2014 às 5:15 
Very nice!I've always wanted a mod like that great job!
bfluffalo 21/dez/2014 às 18:27 
This made the game feel SO much more cozy for me. Thank you!
GoonlockBrown 15/dez/2014 às 1:59 
This is awesome. Great improvement!
Gahlak 12/dez/2014 às 13:37 
This mod is quite interesting, why don't you upload it to the nexus mod comunity so it can be used with the mod manager? It's better to not mix load orders, so it would be helpful.
ObeseCamelz 9/dez/2014 às 19:28 
SladeWilson 8/dez/2014 às 19:43 
I like fire, so yeah this works. e-e
Dejwid 2/dez/2014 às 5:38 
Nice mean !
NaughtiusMaximus 26/nov/2014 às 0:04 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Fatspr1nkle 22/nov/2014 às 22:29 
you should make it so that during the day, the fires around cities go out, and then at night come back on
Kouga 19/nov/2014 às 9:22 
@Tyler I see, so embers are the hot coal textures? .-.
Big Brudi 16/nov/2014 às 5:02 
really great
Vampaerr  [autor(a)] 15/nov/2014 às 22:38 
For better fire you should look for a mod called Fire FX HD or something.. it's a great mod and improves all fire effects in the game, including spells and explosions.
Tyler 15/nov/2014 às 15:02 
it says better embers, not better fires.
Kouga 12/nov/2014 às 4:06 
I like how you improved the hot coals texture, but the fire hardly looks different.
John Galt 8/nov/2014 às 6:21 
Do I need to make a new game?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2/nov/2014 às 6:10 
Combined with Frostfall,it's the perfect combination.
Balthias 20/out/2014 às 12:15 
I like it. Its small enough of a change that I can easily recognize it and not waste an hour trying to make sure there aren't any bugs and big enough of a change that I can just chill and enjoy the sight. Rate up from me. Will invite others to do so.
joernchen 4/out/2014 às 4:02 
from now on i take a few seconds to look at the torches, standing fires or anything how uses a fire light...and i smile. a little mod with a great pleasure for me. thx for that!
Albus Scorpio 2/out/2014 às 8:50 
Sympa +1
Liam Charles Peabody III 16/set/2014 às 14:37 
pretty good, the difference isn't really that noticable, but it does help improve the basic look of the game.
swhite_363 14/set/2014 às 0:40 
great mod it looks cool
ZockerPuncher 13/set/2014 às 7:56 
gibt gleich viel mehr Atmossphäre!
Kitemay 11/set/2014 às 12:33 
belongs in graphics, not it dungeons.
ryanpstephenson 10/set/2014 às 21:44 
anyone know of any mods on Workshop that make fire in general look better??
joshwilkinson 10/set/2014 às 7:50 
its about time, ive bgeen looking for something to make the forge look better since i started playing skyrim
Ethan .S. 30/ago/2014 às 23:23 
i love it dude keep it up
MadKingdoM 25/ago/2014 às 16:06 
thx U
Destructech_01 31/jul/2014 às 1:22 
Fires look better now :)
MisterDerpFace22 27/jul/2014 às 8:02 
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