The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Rise of the Elves Redux
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Gentlemen 9 set 2014, ore 23:04 
the video is on youtube! check out my channel: link
Vicciino  [autore] 7 set 2014, ore 7:44 
@SonofAres go right ahead, I lost the files to all my mods a while back though
Gentlemen 6 set 2014, ore 21:45 
Would it be ok if i made a YouTube video featuring your mod on my channel?
I will give a shoutout to the author.
Macch_Toric*98 30 ago 2014, ore 20:14 
@DovaDwarf they are look it up on the skyrim wiki and its elves, and dwemer
DovaDwarf 28 ago 2014, ore 9:24 
DovaDwarf 28 ago 2014, ore 9:23 
Alucardeo 19 ago 2014, ore 0:12 
maormer and falmer would be better than sand elves, as they already exist in lore.
bacon_oxy 28 lug 2014, ore 20:36 
is this all lore friendly?
letray6 6 gen 2014, ore 13:39 
please add snow elves, you have it on the old one but not this one, why?
Darth Sithis 21 dic 2013, ore 19:03 
chimmer still exist but were cursed into the dark elves
and what are sand elves?
legofreak96 22 set 2013, ore 13:50 
I am also having a similar dilemma with [KZ6] London Girl. I do not have the original version of this mod running. This mod looks good and I do wish to play it. If there are any solutions that the author or subsribers have, I am always ready to accept help. Thank you.
ThirtyTwoMewtwos 14 set 2013, ore 22:32 
can someone please add settlements for lost races? Dwemer culture reborn? Snow elves rising up once again? ancient long lost races coming from the dark receses of skyrim for a comeback? can we not have this? if anybody knows of a mod that does this i would love a link.
Yurei亡霊 30 giu 2013, ore 7:45 
i also cant give them a beard
Yurei亡霊 30 giu 2013, ore 7:43 
i cant change the hair
{81st}Durza 30 ott 2012, ore 21:36 
Add Snow Elves! Preferably from Dawnguard, I think it was "snowelfrace?"
TheAveon12 28 ott 2012, ore 8:36 
please add snow elves
Psyroflux 26 ott 2012, ore 19:07 
put the tropic mer on there the have a lite blue skin tone and eyes and on lore they are talented in elemental magic

gruntman 438 21 ott 2012, ore 6:08 
Yah, I'm having the same problem as London Girl and I don't have an old rise of the elves mod running, and it crashes when I get to the main menu.
Celtic Warrior 2 ott 2012, ore 14:35 
For the Dwemer, I believe you mean; 'Also known as "Dwarves" as they were discovered by giants,...'
Bob Ross 2 set 2012, ore 16:03 
Lorewise, this makes no sense. Especially the Chimer.
[KZ6] Devil 30 ago 2012, ore 14:59 
fluffy™ 30 ago 2012, ore 14:56 
@ [KZ6] London Girl do you have the old rise of the elves mod running?
Vicciino  [autore] 30 ago 2012, ore 14:39 
Does it crash when you start or when you select one of the races?
[KZ6] Devil 30 ago 2012, ore 13:49 
my game crashs every time i select this mod ?
Vicciino  [autore] 30 ago 2012, ore 12:51 
Thanks for the positive feedback
fluffy™ 29 ago 2012, ore 19:53 
Cool, i subed and and added your last mod to my collection, biodiversity outbreak, and i love ur new mod and so i added it. thanx