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1,251 commentaires
limon[TR]™ 13 avr à 4h10 
LoveSproLL 23 jan à 11h10 
Чокопаев 8 jan à 17h35 
dronekllr 8 jan à 7h17 
uuuugghh, Does every game have to have an ALL SEEING EYE ???
Usain BOT 1 jan à 19h36 
CreeperUniverse 13 nov 2016 à 5h15 
This looks amazing xDDDDD
☽O☾ Kat 9 nov 2016 à 0h45 
MarceNukem 2 oct 2016 à 7h20 
La verdad un juego mas que interesante!!
Somewhat sexy 1 oct 2016 à 18h21 
Hi, I'm not here to boost but promote your released game to over 500,000 real people [no bots are used]. My service is very cheap and I hope you will take me up on my offer.

Please contact me on steam

Regards ATOMIX
Plankton Beef Cake 21 sept 2016 à 9h19 
its like a creepy version of that old game "spore"
胖次姥姥 25 juil 2016 à 6h34 
This game is really really funny
csgodep.com 22 juil 2016 à 8h47 
xuinia kazkokia eikite naxui vaikai vilius is fat vsio dozvidanija :)
Kyle`G 6 juin 2016 à 14h35 
BRONSON 28 mar 2016 à 15h25 

Bubble 26 fév 2016 à 18h34 
IT'S A MIRACLE 14 fév 2016 à 9h42 
Very cool game
Deep Yurple 9 fév 2016 à 3h09 
Axel Bismarck 31 jan 2016 à 5h27 
Mozzarella 12 déc 2015 à 21h37 
Красный чай 3 déc 2015 à 23h48 
good game
Risentrap 29 nov 2015 à 5h25 
KZAP 29 nov 2015 à 4h44 
wow sooooooo action packed
Spaceman ツ 27 nov 2015 à 18h42 
NOtheSLADE 4 oct 2015 à 7h00 
good game
Left:handed~ 4 oct 2015 à 5h17 
good game
NYmPH (()) 16 sept 2015 à 4h26 
good game
Loron 8 sept 2015 à 3h52 
good game
A E S T H E T I C A T 7 août 2015 à 20h43 
I heard of this game from Sjin of the Yogscast, and now I might buy it.
Clint Eastwood 2 août 2015 à 17h53 
looks good man
Daddy Charles 17 juil 2015 à 19h58 
we can all agree the creator dropped acid when he made this.
阴阳鱼 13 juil 2015 à 1h46 
Looks good
Jock&Jess 23 juin 2015 à 4h23 
acreezymyneezy 19 juin 2015 à 2h03 
10/10 rest in peporoni
Mercy 3 juin 2015 à 10h24 
İlluminati is game not the dowlond
ExA_Nymeria 30 mai 2015 à 8h27 
Archer 26 mai 2015 à 14h04 
Looks awesome!
Major79CZ 28 avr 2015 à 9h08 
What ??
marijampolinis 18 avr 2015 à 14h08 
Looks good
Loki 23 mar 2015 à 20h48 
Love the overall engenering of the game. It makes my mind hurt though
Mr.TheRø #Architects 12 mar 2015 à 2h21 
Vannki 21 fév 2015 à 6h45 
ty.biswal 12 fév 2015 à 22h08 
Looks very intersting and tingles my creative neurons.
some amazon video shite 28 jan 2015 à 10h38 
love the art style
Frostfox Blandfeathers 27 jan 2015 à 7h13 
Why do people dislike this?? its looks so awsome! :D
dissapointed dad sigh 19 déc 2014 à 10h15 
Anyway, If I would have to buy this, I will probably didn't it's just...Doesn't seems that good.
dissapointed dad sigh 19 déc 2014 à 10h13 
I don't know....I know some people putted a LOT effort to create this, but still, it could be better a lot better, seems like.....a normal product ?
Coldlander 30 nov 2014 à 15h35 
0 0 0 9 oct 2014 à 5h12 
This looks cool.
Red team approves.
Productsup! 2 oct 2014 à 16h13 
interesting stuff