Aethernautics: A Space Travel Mod
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philipgorman3 May 29 @ 10:15am 
ive gone in and got as far as the launchpad and accidently reverteb to a previous save and went back in and nothign is there no books no keys no aetherium im stuck
skylandvanek May 25 @ 7:45pm 
I tried. I failed. You win. And I Cry. Can someone help me out by telling me what to do? Thank you. Pls help a idiot in need.
Half-Life May 24 @ 11:53am 
do you need dawnguard for this to work?
XxXxXSkrubLordXxXxX May 17 @ 8:11pm 
i might get dawnguard or dragonborn dlc which one should i get?(gameplay with no mods)
bdogz1 May 16 @ 9:56am 
Where do I find where I have to go.
Scourge728 May 15 @ 5:59pm 
i see
Trainwiz  [author] May 15 @ 5:59pm 
Because it's a stupid question. This mod relies heavily on dawnguard assets, and they'd basically be begging me to cut out everything because they can't get their parents to pay 20 bucks or less.
Scourge728 May 15 @ 5:48pm 
so im confused why would you yell at people who ask you to make a non dawnguard version?
drewh117 May 13 @ 1:38pm 
I seem to have the BSA file, and a few of the items show up when searched for with the console, but that's about it..... I went to Haldir's Cairn, and went where everybody else went in their review videos, no passage to the mountains....... I walked quite litteraly from end to end on the road.... Help?
Шildядввiт48 May 4 @ 12:15pm 
What level should I be to play this?
uncommon source 7880 Apr 30 @ 5:43pm 
thank you for this mod
BurningPlatypus Apr 30 @ 8:39am 
Oh I somehow missed the part that it requires dawnguard. Sorry for being a nuisance.
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 29 @ 2:27pm 
Do you have Dawnguard?
BurningPlatypus Apr 29 @ 2:19pm 
This mod prevents my game from loading. Are there any fixes for this?
roadhouse699 Apr 25 @ 6:01pm 
thanks bro
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 25 @ 5:28pm 
roadhouse699 Apr 25 @ 5:21pm 
alright thanks for the pointers, I'm going to guess that you get the power in the weapons bay on the ship... don't tell me I want to use that thing called a brain you mentioned in the description!

One final question, if you don't mind: I am currently working on a gun mod, its not very lore friendly but it's much less OP then you'd think. But more to the point: Can I use the Harquebus models until I get someone to make assualt/battle rifles?
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 25 @ 5:10pm 
It's a power.
roadhouse699 Apr 25 @ 4:08pm 
well at least I know how to do all the quests... also how do I call orbital strikes?
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 25 @ 3:44pm 
No, you just need one aethernautics esp, you can't use both, there would be conflicts
roadhouse699 Apr 25 @ 3:05pm 
Before I go and download it, I need all three .esps at once, right? or do I have to get rid of one and lose the progress from it?
Trainwiz  [author] Apr 25 @ 2:31pm 
Just there to be there. The Nexus has a Wheels of Lull integration patch if you want it.
roadhouse699 Apr 24 @ 9:58pm 
Great work, Mr. Wiz. To be honest, I've kinda started to look up to you as a modder. Just one question though:
Are there any quests on Masser or Clockwork City or are they just there because its cool to have them there?
blakkfire1 Apr 19 @ 12:28pm 
How do you turn the nagivation online..I press e on the navigational valve or whatever it's called, and it doesn't do anything. I cant move my ship because there is no navigation. I asked this before but nobody was nice enough to answer me and help. :[
Mr. Epic Apr 18 @ 2:08pm 
i got it working

Mr. Epic Apr 14 @ 7:52pm 
Mr. Epic Apr 14 @ 7:52pm 
Trainwiz, i just thought of zomething. you know what you should do? you should make it so that "something cool" happens if you use the ship to take the space core from that other mod into space. I think the mod was called "The fall of the Space Core V1." but im not sure.
Mr. Epic Apr 13 @ 2:42pm 
could some one help me?
i got this mod and found halldirs carin. when i contenued down the path some words popped up saying "To Rthamaz Mountains". since he was mentioned in the note, I figured this was the right way. A little further on, i reached this wierd bridge (its wierd because there is no way to get onto it nor does it connect to anything. it just seems out of place.) then ~20 steps later, i encountered the "Invisible Wall" effect as well as a message saying "You can not go this way.".
since i had this problem i have combed the area (to the point where i have memorized the entire lower third of the map) and can't find anything.

it is set to load right after the DLC's so i don't know if it is glitched or if im not looking in the right place, or what. But could someone please help me figure this out?

Longrangewolf Apr 11 @ 8:33am 
is it skyRIM, or skyTREK? huh? get it? ok, it wasnt that funny
number1Slayer Apr 10 @ 7:48pm 
2000th comment, LIKE A BOSS :P
nlopezhuryn Apr 8 @ 1:03pm 
There seems to be a glitch on my game though, whenever i use the platform to get into the landing bay, it glitches out and i end up falling through it, the only way i've ever gotten to the athership is by noclipping.
Réptil Zuero Apr 6 @ 5:25pm 
DragonANGL yes after you launch the ship you have to go to an place called maintance shafts to fix the ship and when you find the valve to fix it you will ge a teleport mechanism that teleports you to the ship
DragonANGL Apr 5 @ 10:32pm 
@Reptil Zuero
Well, getting on the ship would be easy enough, apparently the Dark Brotherhood would've been shadowing the PC since Grelod's death, and the PC's kind enough to clear the way to the spaceship - I'm more wondering how they got back without landing the ship. And..there's a teleport mechanism?

When I tried loading from a previous save of that character, I also couldn't get the aetherium pieces for the engine again -_-
Réptil Zuero Apr 4 @ 10:35am 
DragonANGL, this happened with me too, but i already have the teeport mechanism so i just laughed thinking "how in Oblivion you get on my ship!?"
DragonANGL Apr 2 @ 6:07am 
Found a bug - after killing Grelod the "Kind" and saving a game (later loading a game forgetting I had got to that point), I came over to this wonderful launching bay. I started up the ship, launched into space..then took a rest in the captain's quarters. Then I got transported back to the Abandoned Shack where you get the chance to join the Dark Brotherhood - only to find out that the ship hadn't returned back to the bay, when I went back myself.

I admit 'twas stupid to forget that bad point of not continuing the Dark Brotherhood's questline but...still.
blakkfire1 Mar 24 @ 1:59pm 
I'm confused how you fix the navigation to be online.. i did help "navigation" and it said "navigational valve" but i dont know where that is..
Trainwiz  [author] Mar 23 @ 5:09pm 
Vumpalouska Mar 23 @ 3:45pm 
Don't know if there have been any changes since then, but I played the Nexus version of this mod last year and I've been thinking how totally awesome it would be if you could see Nirn dominating the sky on Masser.

Also, are those ruins on Masser the remnants of the Reman colonies?
blakkfire1 Mar 22 @ 1:46pm 
I can't wait to try this out..I watched the video and it already seems amazing. I've seen videos of some of your other mods as well. I have a lot of cool things to try out! c;
Trainwiz  [author] Mar 12 @ 3:29pm 
Didn't stop the Imperials from colonizing it during the Reman era.
Dalamite Mar 12 @ 10:19am 
Wait, isn't Masser like the body of a dead god? Wouldn't that make it extremely dangerous and completely illogical and very, very manly to go there?
piles0216 Mar 8 @ 10:11am 
D; I dont hav dawnguard Dx
RedMist6570 Mar 4 @ 9:09pm 
where is this place located?
SmileDog76 Feb 28 @ 4:11pm 
ahahahhahahahahha i dont have dawngaurd DX
nfwade2000 Feb 27 @ 6:05pm 
I can not find the cube that teleports you back to the aethership please let me know where to find it.
The_Last_Hope Feb 19 @ 9:21pm 
should i fix bridge nav array before leaving?
Niko Feb 12 @ 5:20pm 
CAN YOU M- oh wait I haz dawngaurd NEVERMIND
Blown Wolf Feb 6 @ 12:54pm 
just thought you people might like to know i passed it like 5 times seeing the name at the bottom of my screen before seeing the cave opening hahahaha i was running in circles screaming in my head "WHERE AREE YOU" hahahha found it literally across from where you all said it was
Blown Wolf Feb 6 @ 11:43am 
hahaha you should put south of Falkreth on the description
yea yea i fail to spell and of course, I aint on your level, Wish i was though great mod you rock bud tech these wanabes how to do shhhhtuff right hahahah
The Pixel Ranger Feb 3 @ 10:02am 
Nvm I just cheated through the lava and found it.