Left Hand Rings
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Burgunder1 21 mar à 10h46 
fratatton 20 mar à 16h53 
Never uderstood why it was impossible to wear a ring on each hand in Skyrim... and to think that it was possible both in Morrowind and Oblivion! It must have something to do with the White Gold Concordate...

It is also akward to have a specific ring for the right hand and another that you can wear only on the left, but it's better than nothing.
Ronan620 10 mar à 1h54 
What happens if I uninstall this after making the Ring of Hircine a left handed ring?
Mypowerbob 25 fév à 1h28 
When you get married you get a marriage ring "Bond of matromy" or something like that...
I've noticed that in a smithing place where you make swords and armors and stuff you can make this ring left handed, but then back to right handed without wasting any material, this coulb be used to craft them back and forth from left to right and thus increasing the smithing level all the way up to 100, without using any material.
This needs to be fixed
AbadopolGrimspree 13 fév à 19h49 
This should of already been on the original game"Thanx."
Nemek 31 jan à 6h13 
Really good Modification
pasha 7 jan à 1h40 
d4k0z 4 jan à 17h02 
I think that it would be nice if you could just equip a regular ring onto your left hand like a sword by simply right-clicking it
Jack Beauzilla 30 déc 2014 à 7h10 
RedRose14441 28 déc 2014 à 19h07 
now its more like Oblivin (idk how to spell it) were you coulf ware 2 rings
dataDyne 27 déc 2014 à 18h07 
This is one of those mods that needs to have been in the game standard
mouscovic 21 déc 2014 à 15h52 
Awesome mod buddy :). Having said that, i like to say to all the people who are asking "why not make this and that". Please don't. Just be happy someone making mods, or do it your self
CaveDiver 19 déc 2014 à 15h25 
Need I say GOOD JOB??? Awesome work. My first thought was I have 10 fingers and can only wear "1" ring... Thanks.
mfss003 13 déc 2014 à 9h22 
great job on this mod, and im glad you made the mod in the most non-glitchy way possible.
myst 15 nov 2014 à 13h58 
This is fantastic. I am so happy you made a mod to let me wear the Bond of Matrimony on my left hand, and it works like a charm. Thumbs up and favorited. Thanks so much for making this.
Majin Vegeta 5 nov 2014 à 12h17 
why no ring of namira? yes one of my charicters is a cannibal but she is also a vampire took harkon up on his offer.
Noko91 18 oct 2014 à 16h13 
Damn left hand rings.. they should have rings for every finger. 10 times 30/40% extra destruction would be awsome
Kontayes 6 oct 2014 à 0h15 
Think i Found a bug.

if you have the ring of matramony and go to smithing, and go to jewelry you can smith it to be a left hand ring, gives you exp and all it needs to make it is the ring, it then gives you the option to make it a normal ring for right hand which too also give exp and all that needs is the left hand ring version so you can craft back and forth to get unlimited smithing exp and get to lvl 100
Cuban_Coffee 5 oct 2014 à 8h54 
It always pissed me off that you could only have one ring at a time.
Illuminazi 4 oct 2014 à 19h25 
Console commands?
wolf14vargen14 2 oct 2014 à 13h21 
why no dragonborn version?
godsglorygirl 29 sept 2014 à 21h00 
Does this work with the mod that adds different jewelry types, like daedric rings?
Sh3rl0k 19 sept 2014 à 6h33 
molson 17 sept 2014 à 17h37 
I know people that have 3 rings per finger and Yes I do agree thay are freaks
duggelz  [créateur] 12 sept 2014 à 5h10 
@Angry Porto: From the description text:

You get experience for switching rings at the forge. This is hard to
fix, so just try to ignore it. Pretend you crafted one more iron
dagger while grinding Smithing.
Яндекс.Браузер 31 août 2014 à 11h58 
Крутой мод, можно теперь как в Oblivion надевать два кольца
saunders.bryan 31 août 2014 à 9h06 
any problems with this mod? I had a left hand ring mod and it crashed my game.If this mod doesn't have any issues I'll subscribe to it. peace
Bojangles4th #Peace 30 août 2014 à 21h51 
Much yes.
Dation 22 août 2014 à 0h13 
Its amazing!!
RobbyUs1111 19 août 2014 à 6h19 
Essential mod ! Thx!
Merfe 8 août 2014 à 13h54 
well u do have a left hand dont u?
Grubbs008 7 août 2014 à 14h04 
How about you just don't create the ring of hircine over and over Porto? Mabey try that lol.
Angry Porto 3 août 2014 à 9h36 
Great mod. Only complaint is that you can cheese your blacksmithing skill up to 100 by crafting Ring of Hircine back and forth between left and right, and of course, with Legendary skills now, you can just reset blacksmithing and do it all over again, essentially allowing you to level as high as you want once you get the Ring of Hircine. If possible, maybe make it so that crafting the Ring of Hircine left or right doesn't award blacksmithing EXP? Just a thought. Otherwise great little mod. *thumbs up*
jcgalloway9 3 août 2014 à 1h34 
Yeah, this is the one thing I could not figure out why you couldn't have gotten it in game... I mean, why not armbands on both arms as well and maybe two necklaces with the second being smaller and less powerful or something like that?
Niggafish1248 2 août 2014 à 10h32 
awesome mod
derpyderp 2 août 2014 à 6h07 
wow u out done your self here.... GREAT JOB
gertrudeschmidt 2 août 2014 à 0h27 
Why waste a hand? Wear 2 rings! What can I say? I love the bling. Thanks for a great mod!
Niggafish1248 31 juil 2014 à 12h15 
really neat!!!!!!! i love this
Ribbet666 30 juil 2014 à 10h18 
Great Mod! A much needed item in skyrim. Pretty stupid bethesda didnt incorporate this from the begining! Only wish it wasnt a pain to make them appear in 1st person view lol Keep up the good work sir!
Antara77 30 juil 2014 à 8h20 
This is an awesome and well needed mod! I started playing Elder Scrolls since Morrowind, and even back then they left-handed rings. Why on earth Bethesda felt it necessary to do away with them in Skyrim is beyond me! I'm the type that will enchant my character's armor for the best protection (who wouldn't) but found it hard to decide which spells to include and which to try and do without. This mod couples with the extra enchant perk has made it so much easier to kit my character properly. Bethesda should be PAYING you for fixing one of their major oversights, Thank You!!!
ToolPackinMama 28 juil 2014 à 18h23 
Excellent mod. Thank you so much.
Occidental Douchecharge 28 juil 2014 à 9h29 
What a simple but yet much needed mod. Great job letting us find them; as it feels legitimate, and thanks for sharing your work.
Magic Balloon 20 juil 2014 à 22h21 
Now i can be married AND recharge magicka quickly? 10/10 best mod.
GR 14 juil 2014 à 20h47 
I never knew why the hell Bethesda took out the option to wear a ring on both hands. Seemed kind of inconvenient, if you ask me.
Skallagrim Verardalr 10 juil 2014 à 23h23 
Whilst 10 rings would be OP, it would still be realistic. Guess this is the closest i'll get...
thecatspeaker 10 juil 2014 à 19h21 
Awesome little mod - one of those "why wasn't this in the game to begin with?" things that I can't imagine not using now that I've discovered it.
alexanderos123 3 juil 2014 à 8h22 
i discovered a bug with this mod. if you go to the forge with the bond of matriomy (ring) you can change it from left to right without cost and increase the smithing skill aswell.
WolfShep 30 juin 2014 à 20h22 
dont know why they didnt do this before, thanks!
franklesby 30 juin 2014 à 14h54 
could you make or enchance this mod to make it so you can wear 8 total rings please, on all fingers except the thumbs?

i would really appreciate it, and i think it would be a major inprovement
Zitch 28 juin 2014 à 10h38 
Fine !