Left Hand Rings
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The Alien Conspiracy[ßŦ] 27 mei om 3:50nm 
This Should Have Already Been in the game.But finally someone makes it happen.
LegoGamerN64DD 24 mei om 6:06vm 
one note is that if you have duel sheath redux, and have a shield equipted, as in on your back, it will go off in your hand if you equip the left ring, now if you equip the shield, he left ring comes off, is there any way to fix this?
maneki_nekomata 21 mei om 8:59vm 
This should have been in he vanilla game. Thanks for taking care of it.
Vintoriano 19 mei om 9:25nm 
Such a great mod, never understood why this wasn't in the game either.
[PtD] 404 - Name Not Found 16 mei om 6:15vm 
Oooooh. I wasn't supposed to abuse the free Smithing exp thing? Eh who cares. I was gonna do it with daggers sooner or later anyway. This is much faster.
/(Weber)\ Floyd 15 mei om 4:45nm 
I never understood why this wasnt in game. You could equip two rings in Oblivion. Thanks for this.
Gilo Culiao 11 mei om 8:25nm 
how can i change the ring of namira to left??
duggelz  [auteur] 11 mei om 4:21nm 
@loupdaloup, @ENGINEER_ALF, @Espressor: Yes, there are limitations. See the description for more details.
miterudake 11 mei om 3:05vm 
GET It is flanked by two beautiful women。
duggelz  [auteur] 10 mei om 9:03nm 
@Tycomonkey: As it says in the description, you also need to subscribe to Left Hand Rings - Dawnguard
Tycomonkey 9 mei om 4:11nm 
It doesn't give me the option to convert my bone hawk ring?
loupdaloup 8 mei om 12:40nm 
the ring doesnt appear on my left hand in first person
ENGINEER ALF 8 mei om 9:44vm 
Can't see left hand ring equipped on left hand with fist drawn in 1st person, but in 3rd person, the ring is there, odd. The right hand ring is still there.
Espresso 28 apr om 1:22vm 
There's one odd thing with this mod. With the Ring of Hircine, you can kept crafting left-handed and right-handed over and over and spam Smithing skill points really fast. I'm not complaining, heh, it's just way too easy a way to earn levels.
Server90 23 apr om 4:14nm 
since V 1,5 my game doesnt run stable! It keeps crashing all the time
Adonexus 20 apr om 2:08nm 
i enjoy this mod, i always wondered why this was never a thing in vanilla skyrim. not being able to see the ring in first person is a downer, but its completly tolerable due to the circumstances.
overall this is a good mod, it has a few small issues that arn't really noticable after a while, just takes a litte bit of ingnoring.
Vampire Woona 15 apr om 8:20nm 
imma totally make dual fisted bone hawk knuckles with the gloves of the pugilist effect. TIME TO PUNCH STUFF!
Savick 13 apr om 8:10vm 
Thank you, I noticed another mod that I subscribed to around the same time did the same thing. I wonder if that is a new thing with the update.
duggelz  [auteur] 12 apr om 10:57nm 
@Savick: My mod doesn't need or use the .jpg for any reason. I don't know why Steam decided to put it there suddenly. I would be wary of deleting it.
Savick 12 apr om 4:35nm 
I resubscribed to this mod after the Steam update fiasco and it works just fine but I noticed that in the Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data folder there is now a .jpg file. It seems to be just the picture above. Does that need to be there or can I delete it.
fluxtorrent 12 apr om 1:43nm 
had this issue with a few, found unsubbing and subbing helped as well
alexpoopoopants 12 apr om 7:57vm 
Wouldn't you know it, it's actually staying checked now. Thanks for the concern, duggetz. And for the mod! Been using it for years.
alexpoopoopants 12 apr om 7:45vm 
@duggelz I did make sure it was done synching, then opened it up to see that it was still unchecked. This is the only mod with this issue, however I discovered soon after posting that even though the mod is unchecked, it appeared to be working. I loaded my game and had my left handed rings. Not sure what to make of it, but at least it's working.
duggelz  [auteur] 11 apr om 7:08nm 
@alexpoopoopants: Try leaving the "Data Files" window open for a few minutes, while Steam (hopefully) synchronizes itself. Do you have any other mods with this issue? I'm not able to reproduce the problem on my computer.
alexpoopoopants 11 apr om 3:28nm 
My version will not stay checked. Everytime I check the box, close the "Data Files" box, then reopen it, it remains unchecked.
duggelz  [auteur] 11 apr om 1:05nm 
Make sure you have the latest (March 20, 2015) Skyrim update, as well as the latest Steam update. Then, restart both steam and the Skyrim launcher, and look in the "Data Files" section of the Skyrim launcher for this mod.
LukeFrodo 11 apr om 10:44vm 
Your last update made the mod incapable of use. Please fix :(
Steam Error Code 9 everytime it Skyrim tries loading the mod.
catholicrockettjandro 11 apr om 9:35vm 
Dude, something's wrong with it. My loader unchecked from the data files. When I checked it back in, it made all of Skyrim lag. The lag gets really bad with bigger open spaces and also during combat.
dimitili 11 apr om 12:14vm 
i delete it from data folder and subed again and seems alright...loading
dimitili 11 apr om 12:08vm 
ur update messed my load order and the mod dont load anymore ..cant understand why though...
egschittone 9 apr om 3:56nm 
is there a way to find the item code i cant find it in the help page
Road Rage 3 apr om 6:54nm 
This is one of the best mods out there. It is simple and makes a ton of sense. Good job.
Burgunder 21 mrt om 10:46vm 
fratatton 20 mrt om 4:53nm 
Never uderstood why it was impossible to wear a ring on each hand in Skyrim... and to think that it was possible both in Morrowind and Oblivion! It must have something to do with the White Gold Concordate...

It is also akward to have a specific ring for the right hand and another that you can wear only on the left, but it's better than nothing.
Ronan620 10 mrt om 1:54vm 
What happens if I uninstall this after making the Ring of Hircine a left handed ring?
Mypowerbob 25 feb om 1:28vm 
When you get married you get a marriage ring "Bond of matromy" or something like that...
I've noticed that in a smithing place where you make swords and armors and stuff you can make this ring left handed, but then back to right handed without wasting any material, this coulb be used to craft them back and forth from left to right and thus increasing the smithing level all the way up to 100, without using any material.
This needs to be fixed
AbadopolGrimspree 13 feb om 7:49nm 
This should of already been on the original game"Thanx."
Nemek 31 jan om 6:13vm 
Really good Modification
pasha 7 jan om 1:40vm 
dakoZ 4 jan om 5:02nm 
I think that it would be nice if you could just equip a regular ring onto your left hand like a sword by simply right-clicking it
Jack Beauzilla 30 dec 2014 om 7:10vm 
RedRose14441 28 dec 2014 om 7:07nm 
now its more like Oblivin (idk how to spell it) were you coulf ware 2 rings
dataDyne 27 dec 2014 om 6:07nm 
This is one of those mods that needs to have been in the game standard
mouscovic 21 dec 2014 om 3:52nm 
Awesome mod buddy :). Having said that, i like to say to all the people who are asking "why not make this and that". Please don't. Just be happy someone making mods, or do it your self
CaveDiver 19 dec 2014 om 3:25nm 
Need I say GOOD JOB??? Awesome work. My first thought was I have 10 fingers and can only wear "1" ring... Thanks.
mfss003 13 dec 2014 om 9:22vm 
great job on this mod, and im glad you made the mod in the most non-glitchy way possible.
myst 15 nov 2014 om 1:58nm 
This is fantastic. I am so happy you made a mod to let me wear the Bond of Matrimony on my left hand, and it works like a charm. Thumbs up and favorited. Thanks so much for making this.
XrazgarX 5 nov 2014 om 12:17nm 
why no ring of namira? yes one of my charicters is a cannibal but she is also a vampire took harkon up on his offer.
Noko91 18 okt 2014 om 4:13nm 
Damn left hand rings.. they should have rings for every finger. 10 times 30/40% extra destruction would be awsome
Kontayes 6 okt 2014 om 12:15vm 
Think i Found a bug.

if you have the ring of matramony and go to smithing, and go to jewelry you can smith it to be a left hand ring, gives you exp and all it needs to make it is the ring, it then gives you the option to make it a normal ring for right hand which too also give exp and all that needs is the left hand ring version so you can craft back and forth to get unlimited smithing exp and get to lvl 100