Ця гра була схвалена спільнотою!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією грою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку до релізу гри у Steam.

Dino Run SE
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Padeda 24 жов о 20:45 
i remember playing this a couple of years ago
so i'll look forward to it~
SpringTraposo-BR 18 жов о 16:55 
Very good
CAHEK21RUS 30 вер о 9:16 
I love it
Dozhk 14 вер о 12:38 
Dozhk 14 вер о 12:38 
Man, how much?
Pixeljam Games  [автор] 14 вер о 9:00 
stefiesco : email us - pixeljamgames@gmail.com to get DX
Sonicgirlana 11 вер о 15:12 
i've got dino run se, i want dat Dino Run DX :D
Dozhk 4 вер о 22:29 
How much it will cost? free? :>
ωιzу 7 сер о 14:36 
Really happy this is coming to steam.
Vulpēculos CSGO777.com 3 сер о 20:35 
I remember playing this on Miniclip and now it is coming to Steam I am sooooo excited
2 dangerous4U 5 лип о 10:16 
it's unfortunate that the sequel had to be canceled
(VeMn)fluffyman151 18 чер о 17:53 
I love it
Sexless Sexiness 15 чер о 17:34 
This game brings so much nostalgia. This game is 100 times better than the unworthy trash that somehow gets greenlit. I hope you guys go on store soon!
Lorenzo.el.loro.gamer 13 чер о 8:59 
Đanq 31 тра о 11:15 
It's nice , but this is on the miniclip!
Solistice 27 тра о 15:20 
funding unsuccessful?!?!?!? if i knew this was on here i would have pledged! i loved the old dinorun and actualy just played it again a few days ago. i dint think people realise just how fun a heart pumping this game is. plus i just love dinosaurs. i hope this game can make it and i just may buy it.
lloyd094 20 тра о 15:25 
@Pixeljam Games : Thank you! You guys have done an awesome job already FYI!
Pixeljam Games  [автор] 20 тра о 10:16 
@llord094 : YES!
lloyd094 15 тра о 19:14 
When you guys release this on steam, will we be able to get free copies if we've already purchased it?
abarrotti 25 кві о 5:45 
This game is fun. 8/8 would skate on bill gate to rate on a plate m8
(LoED) Beaucephalis 21 кві о 0:38 
Omg i absolutely love this game
<3 <3 <3
SonicQuack 20 кві о 23:59 
Keeping hope alive.
FELITH 19 кві о 3:57 
Valve please add this to your Store!!
Rathian 17 кві о 19:04 
I can't wait!
- ̗̀D4NK Vortex ̖́- 25 бер о 19:15 
This is a main part of my childhood
axlebreaker 6 бер о 14:51 
i remember this game on xgen... ahhh so many school hours wasted.
Wolf Bday 7days 7 лют о 14:30 
Wolf Bday 7days 7 лют о 14:30 
It will be added to stea it said Release date mid 2015 :D
beinmynum 30 січ о 10:17 
Amon™ 29 січ о 3:20 
I Added this to my collection.
Portalcrafter 24 січ о 7:49 
do we get a steam code if we already bought the game?
Clumsyskinnymancubus 7 січ о 22:23 
I still have the Dino Run SE on my laptop. Very good game.
Mr. Jurassic 5 січ о 7:08 
I played this game sooooooooo meny year's ago!
SplinterBee 6 гру 2014 о 14:59 
on mini clip
SplinterBee 6 гру 2014 о 14:59 
i played this YEEEARS AGO!
jiggly puff tetos 5 гру 2014 о 14:43 
hope they make it
Lobomalo12 25 лис 2014 о 21:49 
i hope they retry to fund dinorun 2
Starosta 12 лис 2014 о 18:58 
GratZ fot Greenlight!
Pixeljam Games  [автор] 12 лис 2014 о 9:19 
sound: answered in the Dino Run 2 discussion :)
[TSPTAK] Soundwave507™ 11 лис 2014 о 13:16 
what do you mean by expansion / update for the steam release
[TSPTAK] Soundwave507™ 11 лис 2014 о 13:11 
Pixeljam Games  [автор] 11 лис 2014 о 6:21 
TSPTAK: we're working on an expansion / update for the steam release. It's going to take a while...
[TSPTAK] Soundwave507™ 10 лис 2014 о 17:30 
when can we get it on steam for our self?
FremboFD 6 лис 2014 о 14:17 
Ah! Okay! That's really great news!
Pixeljam Games  [автор] 6 лис 2014 о 7:45 
We did get it Greenlit! We're just (slowly) working on a massive update / expansion for it. :)
FremboFD 5 лис 2014 о 20:39 
Considering the state of some games that get past Greenlight, I honestly don't know how this hasn't yet. Please Valve. PLEASE.

I just saw their kickstarter for the sequel... Wish I didn't miss it... Sooo much potential...
Conor 29 жов 2014 о 4:51 
how do u vote??
The Fear Turkey 5 вер 2014 о 9:57 
This game honestly deserves to grow and be more successful than what it is now. I say we all fight for it's success.
GamingBroloXD 1 вер 2014 о 15:40 
dino run this game is the best i used to always play it on the free online version
Shia Labeouf 27 сер 2014 о 17:05 
I love this game! So cute [;