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Organ Trail: Director's Cut
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Komentarzy: 1,270
Kickem 16 kwietnia o 10:59 
XD i was joking
Vodkaman 11 kwietnia o 12:04 
@BmoneyBrole1 Do you like, not get the joke?
Kickem 11 kwietnia o 8:40 
its OREGON trail
atreya_cod3r( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 14 października 2016 o 1:13 
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#GHOST 27 września 2016 o 4:25 
TOXIC ☢ Storminho <DT3> 27 sierpnia 2016 o 7:10 
Kiive 30 czerwca 2016 o 22:09 
Kiive 30 czerwca 2016 o 22:09 
МЕНДЕЛЬСОН 4 lutego 2016 o 9:00 
класс что сказать
Plucksherry 28 grudnia 2015 o 5:18 
Rndysasqatch 16 grudnia 2015 o 4:41 
this looks awesome
Mutilated Lips 30 października 2015 o 11:52 
yes meni gud
PrecutBread1 1 września 2015 o 5:33 
the way it was ment to be
DragonBorn 15 sierpnia 2015 o 5:29 
cool pixel art and programming. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MC Quakez 1 sierpnia 2015 o 0:56 
that shit got greenlight? lmao
zombie 20 lutego 2015 o 0:42 
It's like a flashback..love it
FunkyBärenz 21 stycznia 2015 o 20:17 
soma_cruz_legend 2 listopada 2014 o 10:13 
That's very good game, I love Oregan Trail.
Hacked By Anana Muz! 10 września 2014 o 22:43 
Big DanZ 31 sierpnia 2014 o 22:41 
i cryed when my friend got infected
Ramiz Dayı 17 sierpnia 2014 o 12:17 
I love this gamae :)
ninklesko 27 kwietnia 2014 o 9:19 
Wow so I haven't played since the giant floppy disc days. I don't recall seeing too many zombies and I think I remember a wooden raft? Thought I could recall my childhood a little better but... I guess it seems legit.
G1ock187 26 kwietnia 2014 o 15:56 
awesome game
clemacartney 20 kwietnia 2014 o 14:58 
that a very good game. :)
*Agitated Skeleton Noises* 1 kwietnia 2014 o 21:25 
=[GcC]= Basman What...?
Arcturus Mengsk 4 marca 2014 o 22:57 
We will see this someday in multiple languages?
-Friends 3 stycznia 2014 o 23:14 
acstrife 1 stycznia 2014 o 9:28 
This game is quite entertaining.
Reserved for 3rd Strike. 30 grudnia 2013 o 12:15 
Looks awesome.
SebastionSenpai 14 grudnia 2013 o 13:22 
should be free considering the gameplay/look/quality/everything of the game
Tomasmode 8 listopada 2013 o 3:48 
may be
=[GcC]= Basman 29 września 2013 o 11:14 
I love this...but...my precious time on this planet is disappearing
Carpetothediem 26 września 2013 o 19:29 
Vampiric Rhino 15 września 2013 o 9:25 
They Should Make A ONLINE
Vampiric Rhino 15 września 2013 o 9:25 
mayal layang 30 sierpnia 2013 o 1:17 
craigums 15 sierpnia 2013 o 6:00 
Wolfblade 7 lipca 2013 o 9:04 
Wow, that is pretty hardcore! lol
F.G Kid 4 lipca 2013 o 13:31 
Bluebomber not really.....lol
ReplacedKitty 30 maja 2013 o 13:42 
"Organ Trail: Director's Cut is a quirky, darkly humorous, and off-beat love letter to retro gaming." wow just like every other fucking indie game ever
FLaSH 29 maja 2013 o 9:44 
Dauh ! Just spent my 5 euro that i won on wrong game -.-
Monkey 13 maja 2013 o 10:34 
Dang it! Had I known this game was already out I wouldn't have spent my money on skins. Bleh, have to wait till the next steam sale of this to afford it.
I was so excited for it too! Dx
The Half-Genious Hero 12 maja 2013 o 8:19 
"Get dysentery and 9 other diseases" Sold.
WarChief 20 kwietnia 2013 o 22:48 
support this game! this guy was my professor for a class and is really enthusiastic about his game and the community!
ZeBadmedic 20 kwietnia 2013 o 10:09 
I would buy it... when you can say me what is different too the free version on facebook? ;)
Richard 18 kwietnia 2013 o 10:08 
Is Shaun!!! :DDD
Magrumpa 14 kwietnia 2013 o 13:27 
this is an amazing game but somebody should try to make a multiplayer mod
The Horned Rat 9 kwietnia 2013 o 7:57 
Teamrespawns playthrough of this was beyond funny. Check it out on YT!
TALIBANSOULJAH 3 kwietnia 2013 o 8:26 
I like this Oregon Trail tribute remade into a zombie. This game is fantastic and easy for the old players. Its just that it has to do with zombies. Thats all the change it neeeedss
[ Rizno . 雨 ] 2 kwietnia 2013 o 15:12 
You mean Organ Trail, lol.