Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons
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aon523 25 de jan às 8:31 
Hum, okayu, after wading through earkier posts, I did find the console caommaqnd *foot shuffling*. This mod is great but it is very taste oriented, can I suggest making the console commands easierr to find? Just add it to the mod descs, go on, please. That said, back to submersive audio detail and thanks to the creators ;)
aon523 25 de jan às 8:24 
These are great mods that add so much to the feel of ther game but there are some sounds I've decided I want to turn off. Now, I remember there was a console command to make in game alterations at the start of the game, but I've lost my notes. Can anyone please tell me the command, some of the loops make me feel like I'm having mdma flashbacks.
Archduke S.J. Bigglesworth 24 de jan às 20:13 
[BB™]Shadow 23 de jan às 6:19 
Do all the Sounds mods work together fine? Or do they conflict with each other in any way? And if we want to revert back to default stuff, is it a simple uninstall?
Eden Sky 22 de jan às 18:38 
What an great mod. It adds a wonderful new flavor to the game. I've been playing, and replaying Skyrim since it came out and these mods really add to the replay value of the game giving it realistic sounds that add to the fun and excitment of exploring the vast Skyrim world.
Numberless 17 de jan às 16:13 
I love it so much!
D@V!D MON$T3R 12 de jan às 2:02 
@AbsolemRUS вs москали почти все дебилы, умные и интересные вещи до вас не доходят! татары финские! Fuking russians are sooo stupid!
Baiganx 9 de jan às 23:04 
Wonderful, but had to stop using it. Getting a horrible animation delay in mining or chopping wood. Takes 15-25 seconds for it to trigger, and when it does it zooms me back over via teleport and locks me for a minute mining. This mod sadly, does decrease performance.
WOLF AND ANGEL 8 de jan às 3:06 
i suscribe but it doesnt download
AbsolemRUS 7 de jan às 8:45 
полное говно, изменений в лучшую сторону не заметил. Возможно только пропали старые звуки весьма хорошие.
McDimm 4 de jan às 6:58 
this causes crashes as stated in Skyrim Crash Compendium:
fazliakin 2 de jan às 18:16 
so scary but awesome ! :D
Evolve 1 de jan às 4:53 
With the mod the name of the caves changes to english, my game's in spanish so it's weird to see the names in english, same happens with the other sound mods. Any solution guys?
cyndora35 30/dez/2014 às 14:16 
Creepy sounds,a crying here a howling there.... i just like it ^^ every one should use it
mociak 30/dez/2014 às 1:49 
Love it!
AnimeSama88 29/dez/2014 às 22:11 
Love this mod. Feel more immersed in Skyrim! Cheers!
I'm not boylaska 26/dez/2014 às 18:16 
Holy f.... I need my barbie dolls now!
Gravemind 25/dez/2014 às 21:22 
I heard Songbird from Bioshock Infinite in a falmer cave. I FUCKING HEARD SONGBIRD
ZoMbInOs 24/dez/2014 às 17:18 
Go into a tomb here the draugr/wraith sound ,crap yourself, and never go underground again. Definately 10/10
CriticalG 24/dez/2014 às 11:15 
nice little addition of horror to the game :)
Polen 21/dez/2014 às 5:20 
It's a little spooky, as dungeons and forts were meant to be in Skyrim, makes it more realistic too.
Alcuin 17/dez/2014 às 18:53 
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Dedo Duro 10/dez/2014 às 10:06 
I think disable the draugr voices...
Xs 27/nov/2014 às 12:38 
It's the sound of Dungeon Keeper o.O
icejohn01 26/nov/2014 às 11:46 
therealhappybunny 15/nov/2014 às 9:07 
I am new to mods and Skyrim on PC. I had to change my speaker defaults because I was crashing to the desktop. It seemed to work, then I found this mod which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE but it seems like I was crashing again. Sadly I have been told that I am a super newb and should try one mod at a time...LOL but wondering if I have a computer that I have to run low on all graphics and have no other mods that change the look of graphics. Is is possible this could have made me crash more?
TheEvilSocks 15/nov/2014 às 8:50 
ScrubLord-Mem 14/nov/2014 às 13:58 
I think it adds another layer of depth to skyrim
Ewzerior 13/nov/2014 às 16:05 
i love it!
Rozbi 13/nov/2014 às 11:16 
Hey - all the "sounds of" mods changes the language of locations name . I have the polish version and e.g. the JArls Longhouse name is now the english language - not translated - I have checked all mods - and I am 100% sure that it was your mod causing the problem - already unsubscribed because of that. I suppose that in mod you put different sounds for every single locations - and you wrote locations in english language for sure. Is it possible to avoid the translation - it can be quite annoying when you are playing your native language version but the names of location during the game are english . It shows only in game e.g. when I am trying to enter some building/ mine etc. or on minimap - on the world map it is still polish.
BTR.WhiteGold.SteelS 13/nov/2014 às 8:54 
когда я хожу по курганам,автоматически достраивается моя дача
ProfeszorKaos 7/nov/2014 às 11:38 
This actually bugged my game on a certain quest at a certain point In solstheim doing the missions to help house of redoran. At a certain point you have to enter a dungeon ( SPOILER ALERT) with molag assasins and the game kept exiting to desktop. I know this is not a system problem because i have a pretty decent custom build. So i came and disabled the subscription and tried again and BINGO, works. Turned it back on afterwards because this is a very good mod. ALSO you should bring the natural morrowind animals sounds they had in the music and put that in skyrim.
Qynns 7/nov/2014 às 9:56 
Awesome job!
Chaotic Biscuits 2/nov/2014 às 17:42 
When subscribed and started the game, the mod download is taking a long long time. Is this normal? The download is taking about 20 minutes now.
thewrener 31/out/2014 às 23:36 
sadly, the sounds of skyrim mods do decrease performance in the sense that there are delays in certain animations. for example, npcs somtimes do not get thrown back when using unrelenting force on them, there is a huge delay in the beast form transformation and the feeding animation, there are a few more that i forgot to list can you possibly make it so that it does not decrease performance i LOVE the sounds of skyrim mods but i just cant live with performance loss
Oeuf Coque 27/out/2014 às 13:59 
Scarying the sh*t out of me, I love it !
CainRose 20/out/2014 às 6:57 
Satan Anderson 15/out/2014 às 23:42 
You can rerun the configuration at any time by typing StartQuest SoSConfigTheDungeons in the console
GRUBY Z YOUCONU 14/out/2014 às 4:32 
ICE.Nerdymonkeyboy 13/out/2014 às 15:20 
Falkwreathan seal of approval!
Asalezand_Wilddragon 9/out/2014 às 22:56 
What is the code to alter it later on? When I started this mod, I didn't add the falmer and draugr noises, and like an idiot didn't write that code down anywhere. So now that I want to change it, I can't recall how to get back into the setup menu.

Anyone know?
Lammstein 5/out/2014 às 12:30 
WOWOWOWOWOWO the cave are scary enough! this tops it all !
Chris 5/out/2014 às 12:16 
X Nugen X 4/out/2014 às 17:08 
I dont know why but it wont download no matter how many times i unsub and resub. I close and open steam and still wont download plz help.
Guillermo 4/out/2014 às 16:13 
I was going to install this, but when i hear the draug voices and another things i was like: NOPE NOPE NOPE (i get scared easily)
Your Best Friend 4/out/2014 às 10:24 
Well I was gonna use this, then I realized that I'd never go into anything underground again, so... wap.
Walkman01 3/out/2014 às 18:45 
Storm_at_Sea 3/out/2014 às 11:46 
Will there be a version at some point that doesn't require patch/other files from nexus? Thanks.
Darude - Sandstorm 28/set/2014 às 6:12 
Sounds of Skyrim - Darude Sandstorm.
Squidward Fucking Fun-Ruiner. 27/set/2014 às 4:40 
I recently downloaded this with Darker Dungeons, Towns and caves, makes the game so much more lively, scary, and fun!