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Dragon Priest Mask Quest Markers
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HCHS63rdWilson 7月24日上午6:06 
Can you mark the wooden mask a quest item before the quest is done? Because once the wooden mask is put on and then thrown out of the inventory, it will be lost, which makes it impossible to complete the quest. And yeah I made that mistake once, before you ask.
More importantly, thank you for making this mod.
RustyCookieMC 7月16日下午2:11 
this and stones of barenziah q m arent working for me :(
☢ Fon-Baron ☢ 7月8日下午4:40 
мод для слабых, в моровинде вопще небыло маркеров ! и что вы думаете ? эта игра стала 1 из самых лутшых из серии TES
ANW wolfpack 6月28日下午6:19 
@frankp14: There is no fixed place to start the quest: if you kill a dragon priest (e.g. when at the end of the college of winterhold quest) the quest will start automatically.
Keep Calm & Game On 6月28日下午1:20 
This Mod conflicts with fixes from Unofficial skyrim Patch: If I place a mask at Bromjunaar and take it again, it is gone.
The conflicting script is in the savegame, so you have to start a new game to have full Bromjunaar functionality again.
SteezyBreezy 6月27日下午7:28 
Damn, I sold the krosis mask :/
frankp14 6月22日下午2:08 
where do i go to start the quest?
Mac_Attack 6月15日下午8:33 
this one and the one for the barenziah stones save so much frustration THANK YOU
What Would Spock Do 6月8日上午7:21 
When I first subscribed to this nothing weird happened. I'd not started this quest yet but I got it for when I would later on. Third time I opened Skyrim and smack dab in the middle of a dungeon (where I was when I last saved) the text popped up saying that I'd started this priest quest. Perhaps I will resubscribe to this when I'm actually supposed to start this quest, but for now I think I'll avoid because I don't want any glitches in my game.
Nimriel 5月25日下午11:31 
I was wondering if these quest markers can point me towards the dragonborn dlc priest masks?
dp.Liиея 5月25日下午2:43 
Cirno⑨ 5月24日下午6:39 
this helped but i think it glitched for me. its not showing me otar"s location and i haven"t killed him or found that ruin yet
gabrieltrix 5月23日上午10:53 
Thanks, it helped, i killed a dragon priest with a fus ro da, ad he gone to the neverland
Super-Mauno 5月21日上午6:58 
Thanks, took less than 8hrs to get all masks
An Acceptable Amount Of Euphoria 5月17日下午5:06 
i just killed a named dragon priests and i still don't have the quest markers
Enderninja16 5月16日下午4:15 
my god (takes off sunglasses) this mod is pure perfection i have been looking for an hour for a mod like this
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 5月2日下午3:12 
Read the description? It adds quest markers to the named dragon priests.
Cyanide☣Laced☢Cyanide-TPF- 5月2日上午9:56 
Can you explain what this mod does in a nutshell please?
JellyMan 4月9日上午11:20 
I alawys have trouble killing dragon priests i used to but now that i have the dragon destroyer mod i kill them with dragon destroyer mace with one swing -_-
roydmarr 4月8日下午5:17 
Quest starts the moment I start a new game, every time, Also had instances where 3 markers did not show up...
vhettthevile 3月30日上午10:01 
The mod led me to all but three masks. the only marker it shows not is in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing at the quest point.
GigaPlex 3月18日下午4:09 
yeah i killed one and then my game crashed
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 3月18日下午2:22 
That's a glitch :(, it should work if at least one of the named dragon priests is killed.
IndigoKitsune 3月18日上午8:50 
How do you start this quest? I have already goten one of the dragon maskes and so far nothing has happended.
GigaPlex 2月27日下午6:55 
The makers dont seem to show up for my i've started the quest too
DKGreyWolf 2月24日上午4:44 
If you loose a mask type this into the console:coc qasmoke (it gets you to the developers room.
The Donnybot 2月19日上午1:40 
Awesome mod, I've been trying to fin the Dragon Preist masks without the help from the internet, but I eventually gave up haha. Huge help, I would definetly recommned this to anyone. Keep up the good mate.
ExplosiveFirehawk 2月9日下午1:24 
I got all of the Masks on my PS3 profile, and this mod is a godsend for those who have on other playthroughs... I'd still say that those who haven't found them all yet try before download. Still, nice job!
Remi444 2月5日上午8:41 
(I'm french my english is bad) I will try it , but you will make more mods like that ? They look nice.
Labradabble 2月4日上午1:53 
Bug report, I doesn't display Rahgot or Hevnoraak for me.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 2月2日下午7:59 
Matiz753 2月2日下午7:34 
Need DLC?
budo120 1月29日上午7:31 
oh still a great mod
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 1月29日上午1:53 
@budo120: no
budo120 1月24日上午3:55 
does this show the locations of the dragon born dlc masks?
Pakerman(RUS) 1月23日上午4:28 
AndyK131 1月21日上午4:30 
Aha was expecting a door or something :P worked fine thx :D
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 1月21日上午1:51 
Bromjuunaar is the place where you find the wooden mask, you have to put it on while there.
AndyK131 1月20日上午11:04 
Great mod :D but i dont get any Q marks to Bromjuunaar. The wood mask is on and all the masks is in the inventory. searched all of labyrinthian cant find it.
½ 生命 1月15日上午8:26 
Thank you for this Mod.
gary.hendrix80 1月11日上午1:42 
I was new to the game, I missed The first mask. I go to this quest it says I have all mask but I don't
djmaxinoski 1月9日下午7:05 
ilysm bless your soul
flamingrubys 1月9日下午2:04 
god bless u
edd le loup 1月9日上午10:07 
greeeeaaat mod
austincombs2012 1月8日下午12:12 
thanks this makes it so easy
pasha 1月7日上午1:50 
pretty cool will make it easy er:)
M. Bero [PL] 2014年12月31日上午8:36 
Very helpful mod
Mota Pitota 2014年12月9日下午1:10 
Turn On A Dime, your mods are great! :D speaking of which, I think i have a few of them!
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 2014年12月7日下午1:46 
You don't really need a mod for that. This mod is for people who don't want to have to search all of skyrim for them :)
Beard_VS_Games 2014年12月7日上午11:05 
Is there a way to make it so that it wont point to the priest? Cause for me that takes the fun out of exploring to find them. I feel like it should be once you found them you get a notification to turn all your masks to or what ever you have to do to Bromjunaar Sanctuary for your prize.