Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
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Syclonix  [autor] 7 Kwi - 1:40 
@AD49613: Looks like you've run into the double-menu bug. I'm sorry this happened to you. The Safety Load mod might fix your problem:
AD49613 6 Kwi - 18:01 
I had a problem with this mod where multiple sessions of character creation would be opened silmultaneously. Sometimes this would lead to an infinite loop of character creation and I would have to choose the same option again and again and again until all sessions were completed.
Syclonix  [autor] 5 Kwi - 10:50 
@GeekLore: It might be that you need to launch the Skyrim Launcher and wait for Steam to sync the mods you subscribed to.
Syclonix  [autor] 5 Kwi - 10:49 
@[TLDN] Ultradoom333: Yes, I made both mods so they are compatible with each other.

@Cardboard-Werewolf: Hmm.. sounds like you've run into the double-menu bug. I'm sorry this happened to you. The Safety Load mod might fix your problem:
taylor.blinco 5 Kwi - 9:27 
Exactly what I've been looking for. Great Job!
[TLDN] Ultradoom333 27 Mar - 22:49 
Does this work with Random Alternate Start?
GeekLore 22 Mar - 12:44 
Does anyone have an answer to why, when I am subscribed to this and the optional modules, that none of them will download?

Cardboard-Werewolf 13 Mar - 22:20 
I have tried uninstalling (after selecting 'destroy' on the book, of course) the mod and reinstalling, to no avail. The menu pops up a ridiculous amount of times and leaves any new charcter I try to create way over powered.
This mod is really great when it works, I'm really dissapointed that it's glitching up for me :_:
Cardboard-Werewolf 13 Mar - 16:59 
I'm having a glitch that when I try to make a new character, the menu pops up even if I select that I don't want to select a birthsign etc., and then the menu pops up a million times and ends up making the new character way overpowered. At first I though it was just wasn't registering my clicks so I would select things seven plus times, but it turns out that I was selecting things for each menu that had popped up (ex. I would select a birthsign, only for the next menu to pop up and I would select the birthsign again, if the sign did something like 'add 25 health', by the end my new character would have 400 health or something).
For now, I'm uninstalling. I am using an alternate start mod because the intro sequence for my game is bugged out and would render any new game unplayable. (Horses rolling around or pretending that they're arrows so getting to Helgen is impossible, I don't even know anymore)
bambithedestroyer 10 Mar - 18:48 
I'm fairly certain this mod made my save games try to restart as if I had just made them which made them glitchy and it erased all of my equipment and if it was a custom race their heads would be missing and everything.
kajoverturf 9 Mar - 8:25 
I might try this
harry 8 Mar - 6:27 
awsome vid
Slowm132 2 Mar - 17:25 
I love this mod! To be quite honest I'm to young to have the patience to hard role-play, but this mod forces me to creat soild charater back stories. Right now playing has a Dunmer witch-hunter, and well,... their is one slight problem. He may have 40 destruction from the get-go, which is ok cause I got a million+ mods that aim toawards making gameplay harder. I sugest you run this mod along side other mods such as alterative start and immersive patrols. Fun thing about alternative start along side this mod is that there is a save right before the game roles a starting point. Meaning you can go to that save until you get a perfect match for your charater. If your worried about balancing don't be cuz they're some trade offs with modules.
The Ghandi Effect 27 Lut - 14:32 
bug i don't know if i have anything that messes with the mod with skills expect mo perkz which is off but when i read new begining i get 3- 200 tests and i get to much overpowered skills and almost all the standing stones all together so i can have the same standing stone 200 times and the same upper and lower skills so i can end up having 10000000 block and -1000000 speech
SkyrimJunkie 17 Lut - 7:54 
Suddenly I'm having this odd error where I load a previous save and it does the following: stalls incredibly as if unable to progress, tries to reload character creation (essentially ~showracemenu), and then once the character creation is almost loaded, it freezes. All the while, the mod is creating about 10-20 new saves - not autosaves, though it says it's doing this, but actual new save files. It's so odd. I do have many mods installed, but currently none that affect character creation/build, no alternate start mods.... Mostly visual mods.

I have a really good computer and gfx card, so it's something in the scripting, I'm thinking. Really at a loss. I updated all my mods yesterday.
TheoDore The WIZARD 15 Lut - 15:40 
There was a mod like this on the nexus that let you change the height and color of skin to stuff like hot pink I was just wondering if this mod did that aswell?
Aiden Khaal 14 Lut - 18:13 
I like the way Skyrim currently is in many of the regards that this mod changes, while it does look nice, is a good idea, and I'm sure appreciated by many, I personally enjoy that i can start as any race and not have to suffer racial bonues/negatives that conflict with my playstyle. The ability to excel at anything as any race is what encourages me to actually use other races, while still getting a different experience from things like dialouge, even the idle comments of city residents that are biased against my chosen race.
sina_jax 12 Lut - 10:51 
Hey there. Tried it and had a major issue with being unable to smith. Noticed another person had this problem on the N. Forums and was just ignored. Anyway, it's very annoying, so I'm removing it.
Charlemagne 6 Lut - 15:55 
I'm very interested in this mod (including the other modules but as this is the main I post here), I loved Morrowind classes (Oblivion a little less), however I would like some comment as how it affects the player initially. Some races and genders reduce stats too much (60 health!) and many skills start at 5 is this balanced somehow perhaps with the class? Exactly how do favorite attribute and specialization affect stats (I haven't found the specific numbers anywhere). A player with 60 health would have to spend about 10 levels just reinforcing health to a survivable level I would say, or be unable to face even a skeever. Also, are NPC's affected or do they keep their vanilla class system?
Mr Pleasant 6 Lut - 1:02 
Jethian 30 Sty - 14:05 
Compatability issue, that is
Jethian 30 Sty - 14:04 
I would love to get this, but I can see it having a compatability with Skyrim Unbound.
[GFX] Jon Snow 30 Sty - 11:03 
Do you know if this is compatible with the Skyrim Unbound Mod? If so then im definetly consdiering installing this.
Frost 28 Sty - 17:22 
Syclonix  [autor] 28 Sty - 17:20 
@Frost: It will be added to your inventory after you choose your class.
Frost 28 Sty - 13:07 
sorry for the gap..
Frost 28 Sty - 13:07 
where do you find a new begining

Syclonix  [autor] 27 Sty - 12:47 
No DLC required.
Zhalohok 27 Sty - 8:40 
Do you need any DLC to use this?
Syclonix  [autor] 22 Sty - 21:36 
@dscotthicks: Yes, it does. If you like alternate starts, try my Random Alternate Start mod here on Steam Workshop.
dscotthicks 22 Sty - 20:11 
does it work with alternate start?
Syclonix  [autor] 21 Sty - 19:37 
@Tahon: Try the v1.4.0 beta at Skyrim Nexus, it adds a Major/Minor skill system ala Morrowind that lowers the overall skill point distribution:
Tahon 21 Sty - 13:17 
Kinda unbalanced a little. Such a big buff for the start of the game. +20 for your most needed specializations +5% to their grow etc etc
Syclonix  [autor] 17 Sty - 15:26 
@ofloor: Glad to hear!
ofloor 17 Sty - 13:26 
i got it to work thx for the help
Syclonix  [autor] 17 Sty - 12:51 
It's called Main Font Replacement mod. You can get it here:
Rody11 17 Sty - 10:00 
how did you get the different font
Syclonix  [autor] 15 Sty - 23:28 
@ofloor: It's no bother. A couple things: Please make sure to check that Steam Workshop properly downloaded the mod. You can do this by clicking "Data Files" in the Skyrim Launcher and making sure that you see the "Character Creation Overhaul.esp" with a checkmark next to it.

Secondly, make sure you wait at least 20 seconds after character creation. You should receive a message asking you if you would like to pick a class at this time, select yes.

Thirdly, you can check your inventory for a book called "A New Begininng". If the menu doesn't pop up automatically, equip the book.
ofloor 15 Sty - 18:06 
do i have to do somthing other than subscribe?
ps sorry to be a bother
ofloor 15 Sty - 18:05 
the window still doesnt pop up after character creation
Syclonix  [autor] 15 Sty - 14:21 
@Bloody Belle's: Hi, I'd be happy to answer your questions. No, CCO does not take any memory and has 0 performance impact. This is because it only runs once when you first install it and it doesn't run again unless you want to alter/edit your character.

And no, you don't have to do anything to get the menu to pop up. Just load an existing character and the menu will appear after, at most, 20 seconds. If you're starting a new game, finish the regular character creation process then wait 20 seconds. That's it.

Hope you enjoy it!
Bloody Belle's 15 Sty - 5:21 
Also, does this "title screen" just pop up on it's own the moment I start thte game (give or take 20 seconds lol), or do I need to do something in order for it to pop up like create a new character or..?

I truly don't mean to bother you, my friend. It's just that I've been know to download stuff that I wasn't sure of what they would do and either nothing would happen or my whole game would crash (sometimes not even start at all), even if the comments were all giving praise to the mod(s) as if it was the best thing ever, lol (although I will admit, this one does sound pretty awesome even for someone who's never played any other Elder Scrolls games). I hope to hear from you :)
Bloody Belle's 15 Sty - 5:14 
I'm getting tired of the regular skyrim, even though I have Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfire installed. There was always something about it, from looks to sound, that bothered me for some reason, so I've been downloading many other compatiple mods to help change the gameplay a little, like audio enhancements, overall sound improvements, dialogue overhauls, battle improvements, slightly better textures, (still looking for a good mod on Steam to add more NPC townspeople to the game)...

I know this should be compatiple for me and my game, and by far one of the best changes that could be added to character creation, but will it be too much..? I know that there's a limit to the game's membory hard drive and the last thing I want is a glitchy or slow FPS or constant game crashes...
Syclonix  [autor] 13 Sty - 2:17 
@Goyo and @ofloor: If starting a new game it's supposed to pop up after normal character creation (give it about 20 seconds afterward), if using on an existing save wait about 20 seconds for the menu to pop up. If no menu pops up check that Steam Workshop has had time to properly sync the mod into your load order. It may be that you subscribed to the mod, but Steam has not downloaded it yet. There's no reason the windows shouldn't pop up after 20 seconds or so.
Goyo 12 Sty - 20:21 
It doesnt work for me too... No window pop's up anytime.
ofloor 12 Sty - 12:48 
when is it supposed to work
when i made a character it didnt give me a choice of the birthsign or class
Syclonix  [autor] 11 Sty - 15:05 
Thanks Master of Puppets and Themann_4! It's been my pleasure to bring this mod to you guys :)
Master of Puppets 10 Sty - 5:05 
Amazing mod!! Skyrim is just an entirely new experience now, and the skill progression add on makes SO much sense. Thank you for all your hard work and many hours on this mod!
carcinoGeneticist 10 Sty - 3:53 
Great mod dude bring back the old games
zakbrecher 9 Sty - 10:15 
it fine got it to work but thx for great mod