Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
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[KL-SH] Kill Shot Toad 7月15日 15時47分 
@Syclonix thanks
Syclonix  [作成者] 7月14日 19時23分 
@Towd: It sounds like you ran into the double menu bug. Please load a save prior to the bug and try it again. Also, please do not use CCO's "Change Race" button, it is known to bug out.

@fansns: Type 'help "a new beginning"' into console, note the item ID of the book and use the player.additem console command to add it back into your game.
[KL-SH] Kill Shot Toad 7月14日 17時04分 
[KL-SH] Kill Shot Toad 7月14日 17時04分 
Alright first of all i loe this mod a lot! Second my speech conjuration and destruction are 295? Someone Help Pls.
nat55ata 7月13日 15時42分 
This is why i loved oblivion, and after all this time, someone brought the system back. it was nice being good at everything, but then again, mastering one skill is better then being about adempt at all of them xD
fansns 7月9日 14時26分 
Somehow i lost the A new Beginning book and i dont know how to get it back.
Nightwing 7月5日 13時33分 
hey can anyone help? when i load up my game its says "error must have the origanal character creation over haul installed please make sure its downloaded via steam workshop or skyrim nexus" or something like that and i have the main pack installed please help
dwhile 7月4日 20時31分 
Having an issue where upon opening any game it tells me the optional ad ons require the CCO to function. I already have the CCO. I have unsubscribed to everyrhing and resubscribed. little confused.
georgechristidis67 7月3日 14時46分 
:^o Zith :^o 7月1日 19時42分 
Let people live how they want to live no need to force them or convince them into something people will find out what they want to do on their own.
a duck named bill 6月28日 22時13分 
Majeeka..... lol.
arandomninja3 6月28日 12時54分 
Whoa, went deep there Jayden Smith
Zender Railen 6月28日 6時34分 
heh a sensible response there syclon =p

All could be correct simply because it is beyond human comprehension, the very existance of the question "what is beyond the edge of space" shows that there are things that humanity cannot comprehend, So for all bieng true, no matter how many contradictions it would cause.

Could very easily be possible and just simply outside of human comprehension.

As for the definition of harm, it isnt a philosophical word, humans gave the word definition, and its used in this case to define the misfortune of another in a harsh life changing way.

Crucifying another's religion, crucifying homosexuality, and many more topics for example.

Do those who worship a single god within these religions truly support these act's of pain? does their god truly support it? its alot more simple than a quote from the bible. Religion or not, we honestly should be friends to our fellow man. and grow as a unity of benevolance. but, thats just getting into ideals now =p
⁸⁶Sprig The Radon Rogue 6月28日 6時25分 
Awesome mod, But just wanted to say that It glitched out my smithing! unless i choose smithing as a trait it wont allow me to improve any items at all :( hope you address this cause it is an awesome mod!
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月28日 4時15分 
Part 1~
@Zender Railen, @D4NK KU$H:

Thank you for taking the time to write and discuss. There are a lot of (valid) questions in your responses; I will start by addressing the overall topic first and I'd be happy to talk about the other points later.

First, let me say that I don't presume to be able to convince you that God is real--Only God can do that. And yes, it requires faith but 1) Faith is not necessarily "belief without evidence", 2) God has not left us without evidence (Romans 1:18-20) and 3) Even faith is given to us by God so that no one can boast in themselves (Ephesians 2:8) (the verse references are just so you know I'm not making stuff up randomly).

Let me address Zender's last question first:

--"we all share multiple believes, but in the end, ALL could be true, or ALL could be wrong, you just don't know, so why let it control us? ...if you want to have faith as your guide through life, fair enough, but why cause others harm?"
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月28日 4時11分 
Part 2~
@Zender Railen, @D4NK KU$H:

Yes, all could be wrong, but all cannot be true by nature of God's claims of exclusivity: "I am the LORD, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God" (Isaiah 45:5). If God is true, logically all other gods must be false. If God is true, then our lives are under His control. We can choose to obey or disobey, but ultimately all people will give an account for their lives (Matthew 25:31-46).

--"Why cause others harm?"

How do we define "harm"? If a child misbehaves and his father disciplines him is that harm? If your dad tells you to take vitamins but you hate vitamins is that harm? If I tell you "God loves you but if you keep denying him you'll die forever separated from him in hell," is that harm?

Why do I post about the bible only to have people scorn me and curse God? Is it to feel self-righteous? Is it to work my way into heaven? Or is it to plead with you because God doesn't wish anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9)?
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月28日 4時07分 
Part 3~
@Zender Railen, @D4NK KU$H:

--"I need proof of something before i believe it. While I do not claim do know if there is a god, I will not follow a path by faith, as faith is belief without evidence, and that is against all reason."

Now examine the belief that we came into being from nothing; that non-matter produced matter, that matter formed self-conscious human life, and that ALL of this happened without causation. Neither of us were present to see the universe form, what caused it, to see non-matter turn into matter, non-living into living, or non-sentient to sentient. You literally have to be an quantum physicist to understand the theories being postulated and if you're not, you'll have to rely on the word of said quantum physicists.

Experiments can be carried out and models made, but by nature they will always be theories because in order for them to be scientifically proven they must be repeatable, which the creation of the universe cannot be.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月28日 4時07分 
Part 4~
@Zender Railen, @D4NK KU$H:

Moreover time has proven again and again that newer theories replace older ones; the model of the universe today is not the same as the one we had 10, 25, 50 years ago. Yet God's word never changes, His claims never alter.

Is it fair then to say that you--as well as I--both place trust in something we have not seen? Doesn't it require faith to trust in something we haven't seen, cannot repeat, and might change in the future? Yes, believing God requires faith, but so does believing He doesn't exist.

--"If god really loved me, he would save me the fear of the nothing after death, he would save me from the uncertainty of what lies ahead, and reveal himself."

The good news is that He does and He has. God constantly revealed Himself in Old Testament times by sending prophets (people rejected them and killed them) and ultimately sent his own Son, Jesus Christ, who is Himself God (Philipians 2:5-8), to bring that same message:
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月28日 4時07分 
Part 5~
@Zender Railen, @D4NK KU$H:

Jesus says "Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life" (John 5:24). The reason why the Gospel is called the "Good News" is for this very answer to your question: God states clearly and many times throughout the bible that we no longer fear death if we trust that Jesus Christ died in our place to satisfy God's justice against our sins. There's only two options after we die: Eternal joyful union with our God in heaven or eternal separation and judgement in hell.

I'll leave you with one last quote: "He [Jesus] came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. He came to his own people, and even they rejected him. But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God." (John 1:10-12)

My sincere plea is that you would be reconciled to God. Thank you for listening.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月27日 23時57分 
@D4NK KU$H: Yes, you can download the mod without having run the game before and it won't cause any issue.

I'll be happy to respond to your other post and Zender Railen's in a bit.
Zender Railen 6月26日 8時48分 
Final part~

When you have faith in your religious believes, remmember, we all share multiple believes, but in the end, ALL could be true, or ALL could be wrong, you just dont know, so why let it control us? or why let it inflict so much harm on others, if you want to have faith as your guide through life, fair enough, but why cause others harm?

there is alot of philosophical crap i can spout, if you read, i thank you =p
Zender Railen 6月26日 8時48分 
Part 4~

Think about the very edge of space, how impossible of a concept it is for human comprehension, scientifically speaking it is beyond our understanding, and by the time we are advanced enough to understand it as a race, the depths of space will have expanded so deeply that we will need even more advances, and will still not be capable.

Bottom line, the human race is naive as far as omnipotency goes, but knowing such a complex impossible to comprehend ...THING exists, shows me, and should show alot more people that we have ALOT to learn. the idea that a super powered living entity created the universe we know, isnt far fetched at all.

We could be a freaking sneeze partical for all we know, claiming to know, absolutly, is flawed.

Zender Railen 6月26日 8時47分 
Part 3~

They have disrupted soldiers funerals to further their cause.

I am sorry, but religious or not, this does not excuse the likes of the crusades, or these people. It does not excuse any physical OR psycological harm inflicted on another human bieng. Homosexuality included, people might not view it as natural but i ask you, why does it exist if it is not natural? if it exists within humanity. that is by definition, NATURE.

Religion has helped alot of people. but it has also harmed many people. and in my book the two cancel each other out. I get along with religious folk who understand religion to this extent.

And i ask you the following, If god is omnipotent and all knowing, then shouldnt he be Intelectual enough to accept the plea of dank kush and myself?

Zender Railen 6月26日 8時47分 
part 2~

So to respect religion as a culture seems much more feasible, than to use it as an absolute ruling of a persons life. Even worse when a person is ruling over another life, Think about the westbarough baptist church (give them a bit of a google, i most likely mispelled =p)

They are a radical but physically harmless group who have been known to "protest" outside of educational institutions, speaking about how these people will burn for their sins, without getting into too much detail about the signs they weild. I will simply use an example of what they have done.

Zender Railen 6月26日 8時47分 
Before i begin, this is a warning that to anyone religious reading this, may find my words disheartening, but please understand that i am in no way discounting the possibility of any faith bieng true.

Dank Kush is a prime example of why i think the way i do, religion is a culture, and should be respected for those who find the faith and way of life by the guides within these churches or equivilent. However, as we have seen throughout history, and as we have seen with dank kush here. Religion is the cause of a lot more grief than arguably any other subject in humanities history.

The crusades, the death of paganism and greek mythology as an actual religon. to my understanding at least.

D4NK KU$H 6月26日 3時30分 

I need proof of something before i believe it. While I do not claim do know if there is a god, I will not follow a path by faith, as faith is belief without evidence, and that is against all reason. If god really loved me, he would save me the fear of the nothing after death, he would save me from the uncertainty of what lies ahead, and reveal himself.

Christianity traumatised me as a child with Apergers, as I am ver sensitive to logcal flaws. If you have a way in which you can convince me, without a doubt, that god exists, I would be forever in your debt, but you can forgive me for dispising your church, and your god, for what it has done to me, and to many children to this day.
D4NK KU$H 6月26日 3時22分 
If I download this mod before ever opeing the game on the computer before, will it prevent the game from opening properly? I'm technologically retarded, so i don't know what I'm doing.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月26日 3時11分 

I'm glad you asked, the verse at the bottom is as much a dedication of my work as it is a message for anyone who who will read it. The message is that the God who created you, who you've rejected and made your enemy, loves you nonetheless and doesn't want you to continue rejecting Him but to believe He is who He says He is.

If we take God at His word we have eternal life because Jesus paid the price for all the sins we've committed against God. If we continue in unbelief the only person left to pay for our sins is ourselves. The price is the judgement of God, eternal death and separation from God.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月26日 3時10分 

My plea is that you consider this message seriously for a moment. Don't dismiss it straight away but weigh what I am saying. If the God who made the universe inspired the writing of His words would you not read it? Consider the extent of your knowledge; are you so wise you know what happens after death? What man can confidently say he does? Yet if God has told you exactly what will happen, will you not at least consider it?
D4NK KU$H 6月26日 1時29分 
So whats with the bullshit at the very bottom of the description. I understand that both the bible and elder scrolls are both very interesting fictional stories, but I can't see any other relation.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月24日 16時04分 
@Jamez: They are independent of the DLC so you can play with or without them, it doesn't matter.
Jamez 6月24日 13時54分 
@Syclonix: Thank you for the answer. Do the Character Creation Overhaul mods also affect the Skyrim DLC's?
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月24日 10時14分 
@Jamez: No you can use it on an existing save and CCO will recalculate your stats based on your level and which new class/skills you choose.
Jamez 6月24日 8時53分 does it work, do I have to make a new character or?
drxgonzalez 6月23日 14時41分 
This mod looks awesome. I've always wanted a mod like this
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月23日 1時13分 
@SharkieBait: Try moving CCO to the bottom of your load order and load a clean save - should fix the problem.

@henry.rieniets: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what would cause that problem - try disabling CCO, loading a save from before you used CCO, save your game, reload CCO.
SharkieBait 6月22日 18時13分 
So, I have all 3 of your mods and the only other mod that /might/ effect yours is 'Yeti's standing Stones' but until the last 3 characters I made, it never did.
Now, when I make a new character and choose to actually play it to it's racials (i.e Dark Elf - I choose des, alt, lighta, sneak, illu and alch) it sets me out, starting, at lvl 80 for alchemy, 73 for sneak and over 100 for all the others. And it does this for all the other races, only if I choose to pick the racials for my bonuses.
Also, it sets some other skills into the negatives, usually at -15 or lower, making lockpicking impossible to use without mods to help me cheat at it.
Do i need to uninstall and wipe? or no?
henry.rieniets 6月22日 7時38分 
It's still not working correctly, and when I say that I want to do it later with "A New Beginning", it makes me do it anyway
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月22日 1時13分 
@henry.rieniets: It's a rare bug that occurs with some users. Try moving CCO to the bottom of your load order and load a clean save - should fix the problem.
FrickendaChicken 6月21日 18時13分 
Although I have not tried it out myself, this mod seems like the kinda thing that should have been in the Vanilla, being able to create a fully customized character with different stats early on and making things harder to learn if they do not coesxist with your natural talents? Makes you think about your next level up, good job man!
henry.rieniets 6月21日 16時45分 
In the beginning while choosing my birthsign, skills, etc., I click and nothing happens for a couple of times, then all the sudden what I clicked on appears. After experimenting with this a couple times, I've discovered that it is delaying and sending me to what clicked on 9 or 10 clicks earlier. This is really frustrating because it's not letting me advance either.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月20日 12時34分 
Thank you :)
.fisk 6月20日 11時54分 
Thanks for your answer!

Great mod btw! :)
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月20日 11時10分 
go into console, type 'help "a new beginning"', lookup the item ID and add it using the player.additem ITEMID command
.fisk 6月20日 2時57分 
My Char didn't get the "A new beginning" book. Is there a way to find the book or add it via console comand?
Helljumper ADB 6月16日 14時33分 
ok thanks, ill keep this in mind.
Syclonix  [作成者] 6月16日 14時15分 
@Helljumper ADB: I'm not sure how many modders accept requests, but your best bet is to try posting your request on Bethsoft's official modding forums for Skyrim mods:
Carmor 6月15日 16時50分 
oh okay, thanks, im still a noob when it comes to that stuff
Helljumper ADB 6月15日 6時00分 
and that would accept requests?
Helljumper ADB 6月15日 6時00分 
i found geomancy on nexus, but its not the idea of my mod. do you know anyone who (still) does mod?