Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
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Syclonix  [autore] 26 feb, ore 0:39 
Thanks guys :D appreciate your support!
Rain Moorlord 25 feb, ore 19:40 
Tys for the help got it back np. Love your mods btw i have them all installed.
L.. 24 feb, ore 19:48 
oh well thanks for the help love your mod
Syclonix  [autore] 24 feb, ore 19:47 
It's called SuperENB but I don't believe you can find it anymore :/
L.. 24 feb, ore 19:23 
awsome enb/character model pls tell me what it is also amazing mod
Syclonix  [autore] 24 feb, ore 14:17 
@Rain Moorlord: The ID will differ depending on the load order of the mod so the way you find it is type in "help 'A New Beginning'" into the console and it should give you the ID you can use to summon the book.
Rain Moorlord 22 feb, ore 16:54 
Anyone know the id for the book this mod gives you? I put it someplace for safe keeping but now of course i cant find it anywhere and for some reason the "showracemenu" crashes my game now. = (
Ciara Hawke 20 feb, ore 10:33 
Thank you. I was confused not to find this in vanilla skyrim.
✦Albino✦ 19 feb, ore 17:47 
My game freezes whenever i try to load an existing game. I tried using the uninstaller but it wont work.
DeZiiNe 12 feb, ore 19:13 
I have an issue where right as I make a new char. when I'm going to the "Block" sounds and people are standing still. I can hear torch fires and birds but I'm stuck still
Joeram 4 feb, ore 23:59 
Been playing with this for a while, really like the mod... having a problem though.

I picked The Steed as birthsign, and played about 40 levels that way, and now when I try to switch (to Atronach) using a Standing Stone in game, the stone animates but it doesn't change my character.

I tried using the "Revise" option that you get if you read A New Beginning, but it just jacks up all my skills (some of my skills that are at 100 go way down, some go way over 100, etc).

Is this a bug, or are birthsigns meant to be permanent with this mod?
(O.W.N)Kodster 26 gen, ore 6:13 
Nevermind. I just did what you told someone else to do who had my same problem (small world.) I'm going to see if it works and if it does I will retry getting your mods because these look cool and like you put work into it.
(O.W.N)Kodster 26 gen, ore 5:51 
Syclonix, I got the dynamic skills mod first without realizing that I needed this one, so I did. Even after this mod was downloaded, Skyrim still won't even load the menu screen with the music. what do I do?
Syclonix  [autore] 17 gen, ore 23:47 
Yeah you're right dudoka, I miss the old attribute systems from Oblivion and Morrowind too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mod. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
dudoka 17 gen, ore 23:25 
But your mode working well sure! I was thinking, this system never as good as Oblivion had. Guess back attributes, i dont know this game didnt build up so.
dudoka 17 gen, ore 23:21 
Sure there isnt, but a base of requiem to start with 5-15 num on skills. And you can choise 3 skill for start. and your mode changes these skills to higher and it can be problem. Sure for a old rper :) but yeah it can work only you dont start a rookie than :D hehe near 50 from a skill is advanced level :) Guess it will be a option to give a esp for lower level :) start with 15 ;)
Syclonix  [autore] 17 gen, ore 13:29 
@dudoka: Okay I understand. Yes, those numbers look correct. If you choose Destruction and Illusion as starting skills they should start at around 35-45 depending on your race.

Like I said before, my mod doesn't affect perks so if there are any issues it might be from the way Requiem applies perks to your character. That said, I remember some other people using my mod with Requiem and I don't think there was any issue.
dudoka 17 gen, ore 2:49 
okay there was a misunderstanding. So destruction starting num is 40. and illusion is 35 i think.
dudoka 17 gen, ore 2:48 
dudoka 17 gen, ore 2:48 
Hm How many should be the starting count i am testing perkus maximus now and i instaled so. Usually i use requiem. So dont need any character creator but it is nice one.
Syclonix  [autore] 16 gen, ore 11:28 
@dudoka: This mod doesn't touch perks, do you have a perk mod installed like SPERG?
dudoka 16 gen, ore 9:06 
A queston i create a character dark elf forexample mage and suitable attrotach for example. I have 40 from destruction but there isnt perk still i dont think well this is problem?
Syclonix  [autore] 15 gen, ore 11:38 
@solnyak: When you click the class it will give you a description and show you which attributes and skills each class specializes in. Check out the screenshots above.
Khato914 15 gen, ore 1:02 
scout?monk?witch hunter?what does it mean?do i need to choose one by name or what?
Syclonix  [autore] 11 gen, ore 22:18 
Same here :) Thanks Bugslayer, have a great rest of your day.
Bugslayer 11 gen, ore 17:15 
Cool, thanks! Great work on this btw, got me back into the game, was really bored with playing the same intro again and again.

Nice to meet another Christian on steam!
Syclonix  [autore] 11 gen, ore 16:38 
@Bugslayer: Yes, they are two completely different mods. Please see the descriptions of each. RAS is for random locations when starting a new game, but it also includes semi-random starting gear. CCO is for building your character with customized class, skills, attributes, etc.
Bugslayer 11 gen, ore 11:37 
Is there anything this has that your Random Alternate Start mod doesn't have? I saw the note on the RAS that says "best used alongside the CCO". Thanks for any elucidation.
kincaderichards02 10 gen, ore 16:39 
ill try man
Syclonix  [autore] 10 gen, ore 16:37 
@kincaderichards02: Hi, please make sure the mod has been downloaded by steam workshop and shows up in your Skyrim Data Files. Make sure to drag it to the bottom of your load order. Launch the game and wait 10 seconds for the menu to pop up.

@George Forman: No SKSE or anything else required.

@Torcwrench: You too, have a good weekend man.
kincaderichards02 10 gen, ore 16:15 
when do i get to choose my stuff?
kincaderichards02 10 gen, ore 16:14 
its not working for me
George Forman 10 gen, ore 13:52 
do you need ske or anything else?
Torcwrench 10 gen, ore 5:29 
Thank you for your responses. Kindest regards.
Syclonix  [autore] 8 gen, ore 17:50 
@Asmosis: I don't disagree there is a starting disadvantage to some race/gender combinations and I do agree that this was not intended. For example if all the skills in Morrowind were present in Skyrim, the starting attributes of my mod would be more balanced.

That said, I also don't believe in symmetrical balance; It was never my intention for this mod. In terms of my gameplay philosophy I believe games should offer choices and those choices should not all be summarily equal; I believe choices should have consequences and missed opportunities.

I'm sorry you don't like the way I've calculated the attribute stats, but it is not something that I regreted then or now.
Syclonix  [autore] 8 gen, ore 17:43 
@Torcwrench: You're very welcome. And yes, 1 Corinthians 13 is a great chapter on love. It reminds me that God doesn't delight in self-righteousness, but in love for Him and love for other people:

"'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Mat 22:37-40).

I commend you for obeying the law of love, but just as all the good deeds in the world are empty without a heart of love behind them, all the love in the world is pointless without God. With sincerety of heart and out of love for you, please do not reject or ignore the one who gave you life, the one who created all the wonders around you, and the one who continues to love you and wants to be reconcilled to you even when you reject Him outright.
Syclonix  [autore] 8 gen, ore 17:43 
@Torcwrench: [cont.] Being agnostic is a rejection of who God says He is through His word, the Bible, just as much as being aethiestic is. I pray you'll seek Him and find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). God bless Torcwrench.
Syclonix  [autore] 8 gen, ore 17:29 
@Sir Shmoopy: Thank you for your words. May I ask what caused you to turn away from your faith? There was a time not too long ago when I ran away from God, I turned my back on him, I indulged in every sin I wanted, and it left me in a very dark place. I knew all the things I was doing were wrong and that made me want to put God further and further out of my mind. But God is faithful even when we are faithless (2 Tim 2:13) and He brought me up out of the pit of despair and addiction I was in and showed me once more how loved I am as a son of God. In Jesus we have the forgiveness of our sins and the transformation that comes through knowing and following Him. God bless Shmoopy, I'll be praying for you.
Asmosis 8 gen, ore 15:39 
I'm with h-z on this. While i understand its optional, just about every female character is clearly worse than their male counterparts. If your going to take something away, you *need* to add something to balance it.

If your going to give females less health "because men are stronger" then you should be giving them more magika "because women are smarter".
Torcwrench 6 gen, ore 5:46 
Thank you for the mod - it works well and is great fun.
(By the way, I am a heathen agnostic - but consider 1 Corinthians 13 relevant.) Kindest regards.
Sir Shmoopy 4 gen, ore 18:33 
I was just wondering. I'm glad you're proud of your beliefs and want to make others happy too. I use to be a Christian myself.
Syclonix  [autore] 4 gen, ore 13:50 
@Sir Shmoopy: The bible verse is a dedication to God that He would receive glory in everything I do whether it's serving others or making mods. The verse also reflects my own life in that God showed his love and mercy to me through His Son, Jesus Christ; even though I was in rebellion against God and against His commandments He died in place of me for my sins so that I could live with Him forever in heaven.

I realize not many believe this message and many consider it foolishness, but I can't help proclaim what God has done in my life. I wish you a blessed day and hope you'll consider the message.
Sir Shmoopy 4 gen, ore 5:30 
Why is there a bible verse at the bottom of the description?
Syclonix  [autore] 3 gen, ore 22:31 
h-z, that's unfortunately bc Skyrim doesn't have as many attributes as Morrowind so some of the attributes that balanced some races/genders are missing. I stuck as closely to Morrowind attributes as possible which means I didn't rebalance any of the stats even though it puts some races/genders at a disadvantage.

That said, if you don't like having some races/genders at a disadvantage just use the main CCO mod without the diverse races and genders module. Cheers!
h-z 3 gen, ore 1:18 
Hello, I like your mod but I don't get it.
Why some race/gender choices are clearly worse than others? For example Male Argonian is clearly worse than Female Argonian because Male just have less Magicka than Female and nothing to compensate, while in Morrowind/Oblivion Female Argonian has more Intelligence and Willpower but less Agility and Speed than Male, so you probably should've compensated this with less Stamina for Female Argonian characters in Skyrim?
Same with most other Race/Gender combos, seems not to be properly balanced compared to Morrowind/Oblivion.
Hide 1 gen, ore 17:53 
i was all like hmm more Customization options thats cool but when i saw you brought back up some of the stuff from previous games i died of happiness this is my will.
Hide 1 gen, ore 17:48 
Syclonix  [autore] 26 dic 2014, ore 22:37 
It wasn't accusatory, I'm just sorry I could never figure out the cause of that bug :/
Divecko [AJSA] 26 dic 2014, ore 19:28 
oh, sorry for sounding acuusatory, i thought it was meant to be like that
Syclonix  [autore] 26 dic 2014, ore 15:08 
@Divecko [AJSA]: Sorry about that, sounds like you ran into the double menu bug. You'll need to reload a save prior to using CCO. Make sure you *do not* click the change race button in CCO and you should avoid the bug.