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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
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minispencer4206 20 Ιουλ στις 3:48πμ 
Why are red gaurds physically stronger than nords and orcs this doesn't make any sense to me, since red gaurds are speedy warriors not tanks. I haven't gotten the mod so i don't really understand, but that's what it say in the pictures up top.
TheOnlyMadMonkey 11 Ιουλ στις 5:16πμ 
iAMtheLEGEND 11 Ιουλ στις 1:44πμ 
this mod worked perfectly until i got to walk around and start my adventure as a dragonborn. after i got out of helgen and then reached riverwood, everyone instantly started attacking me as soon as i walked past the entrance. i reloaded my game 5 times and it kept happening. i got fed up with it so i restarted and created another character, but after i got out of helgen and i got to riverwood with the new character the same thing happened. do you know how to solve this? did i discover a new bug? please please please get back to me as soon as possible, preferibly by private message. thanks so much! :)
iiNebula 3 Ιουλ στις 5:34μμ 
This doesn't work,
sniggyfigbat 28 Ιουν στις 10:20πμ 
Excellent mod, but I believe that the 'Preserver' Enchanting skill is bugged; it doesn't work for me.
Rilley Skyler 25 Ιουν στις 4:15μμ 
Mod didn't didn't change anything or work for me after downloading and begning a new game.
yourdarkestangel 23 Ιουν στις 11:14πμ 
I've just downloaded this to my game but it didn't work. It kept the same old character choices at the beginning and wouldn't let me choose a class, etc. Do you know why this might be?
outkast1728 17 Ιουν στις 10:13μμ 
how do i add this to my game, I just bought the Legendary edition and wanna add this to my game file...
Victoryguard 8 Ιουν στις 5:31μμ 
My problem was when creating a new character I didn't even get to customize the look of the bloke before CCO wanted to know class details this forced me to quickly close down the class selection before crashing the initial set up - after naming the character the book worked fine but, I did notice being far more crash prone and with a strict limit of 87 mods that is fairly rare.
SuperHashtag 6 Ιουν στις 2:52πμ 
Mod doesn't work for me, wont pull up for new charactor, and the book to force the charactor creation doesn't work
jayhawker 5 Ιουν στις 12:26μμ 
Now this might just be me not reading all the text there is to read, but... Is the mod supposed to se every skill that your selected class doesn't get a bonus in to -4? Litteraly making it impossible to level up in (As an example) Smithing if I choose to play as a Assassin?

That seems like the case. Nice immersion and all, but really bothersome that I know I should be able to, but can't even temper a simple Iron dagger! :P
Krajacek 30 Μαϊ στις 8:48μμ 
duh on me nevemind, I think some of the snapshots in the mod explanation make it obvious to me I should just start a fresh game. Replay Value ! PARTY !!!!!
Krajacek 30 Μαϊ στις 8:46μμ 
I am new to this exciting looking mod set, but, how do you access the character creation menu? I assume a fresh new game needs to be started? thanks in advance =) 3 thumbs up!
Starfury 30 Μαϊ στις 10:07πμ 
The Lady birth sign is OP as fuck i thought i put myself in god mode by accident
Simon Belmont 28 Απρ στις 9:51πμ 
whats that mod that changes the form of the letters in your game ?
BlitzStriker 20 Απρ στις 1:49μμ 
so, this mod is essentialy makes skyrim more like morrowwind and thus characters are now ment as one thing and one thing only...pass...
Blackrain 9 Απρ στις 7:36μμ 
Classes are irrelevant in Skyrim, kinda makes this mod pointless. You skill up in whatever manner you want, thats the freedom Eldar Scrolls now has which is more like the old Ultima series, placing class spefications makes it more like D&D which i think is a ridiculious system where you need skills to wear armor and can only perform a certian set of skills, usually because its party based and they want to divide skills sets over a group.
lolь 23 Μαρ στις 4:22μμ 
В кратце для Русских.
Почти полностью изменяется создание персонажа и начальная фигня типо если ты Орк то у тебя больше здоровья, так же даётся выбор созвездия в начале игры как в Обливион, но вы можете это отложить на потом, так же вы можете создать собственное созвездие, тоже как в Обливион.
В конце говорится чтобы удалить мод надо чото скачать ссылка есть, и то что этот мод совместим почти со всеми другими(даже если те изменяют рассы и т.п.)
Coolstorybro 21 Μαρ στις 6:31πμ 
Very col. Makes it more like D&D
The Poptart TARDIS 15 Μαρ στις 5:40μμ 
It broke my game
Vukasin Dordevic 14 Μαρ στις 10:27πμ 
I installed Character Creation Overhaul by the nexus page but my Character Creation Overhaul is in German language. Help please. I installed the English version and my Skyrim is in English too but this mod is in German.
-=TheEnderbro=- 12 Μαρ στις 5:21μμ 
Is this compatible with Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim?

Probably not, but this in my opinion actually looks a lot better, even if people prefer Ordinator over this.
Mr Death Alot 4 Μαρ στις 4:56μμ 
is this mod good
Endercreeper122 4 Μαρ στις 3:37μμ 
@The Sexy Gorilla |-| yes it's compatible with the alternate start mod (i've used it a million times before lol)
Luna Lovegood 29 Φεβ στις 3:25πμ 
is this compatible with alternate start? If i start a new game with the "Alterante start live another life" mod will the class creator still appear?
Ocean Man 25 Φεβ στις 3:01μμ 
Can you not change the image of one character using console commands. Ik how but can you or not?
im.rasmussen 25 Φεβ στις 9:20πμ 
Is this mod compatible with SKYUI?
sweaty unicorn 21 Φεβ στις 8:37πμ 
how do I change my "look" in mid game or can you not do that with this mod?
CrazyCatz4ever 10 Φεβ στις 4:47πμ 
Is this compatible with the Bard (added class)?
Echo 9 Φεβ στις 7:19μμ 
To anyone that has successfully used this mod: I am typing in the command to get the item but it says that what I'm typing is "not a valid object". Can anyone help me? (Plz respond asap by pm or reply to comment)
Linear-Fire 8 Φεβ στις 3:27πμ 
Thanks! I figured it out!
Syclonix  [Δημιουργός] 8 Φεβ στις 2:03πμ 
@LINEARFEAR: You can spawn the book by typing into console "player.additem XX00C5AC 1" where "XX" is the two digit load order code for Character Creation Overhaul. You can find this code right next to the "Character Creation Overhaul.esp" file in your load order. For example, if CCO is the 5th mod in your load order the load order code would be "05" so you would type in "player.additem 0500CA5C 1". Hope that helps.
Linear-Fire 6 Φεβ στις 5:45μμ 
To Author: I love this mod so so much.. please pelase tell me how to get "A New Beginning" in my inventory? I can't find it, and have searched for a solution, and anytime I see someone ask about this, I can't find an answer. It is not in my inventory at all.
Fusion68 6 Φεβ στις 8:17πμ 
Sorry, I meant to ask how do I use this for an existing character. Thank you.
Fusion68 6 Φεβ στις 8:17πμ 
What command do I use in the typing prompt to access this mod please?
KryptoNightmare™ 27 Ιαν στις 11:19πμ 
Edit last comment : You have Random Alternate Start, scracth the Skyrim unbound. I'll whip these two together and give em a shot. Thanks for the mod.
KryptoNightmare™ 27 Ιαν στις 11:18πμ 
Just wondering if this is compatible with "Skyrim Unbound" ? Look's like a decent mod. Back for my like 8th playthrough, i'm being careful with which mods I install now though, due to crashes etc.
ElijahTheAwesome™ 23 Ιαν στις 11:13πμ 
how do i use this... when i made a new character nothing hapened, just the same old character creating screen
Melancholy Chill 21 Ιαν στις 4:21μμ 
omg thank you! this is amazing to see :-)
Chief Keef 17 Ιαν στις 10:25πμ 
thank god i was so mad that skyrim watered down all the RPG elements
ExplosiveFirehawk 18 Δεκ 2015 στις 2:46μμ 
So, I'm unsure regarding whether or not I am the only one who has this issue, but...

Favored skills for my class don't gain experience faster. They rocket to Level 95 upon exiting character creation, causing me to level up at a morbidly fast rate. I still have this issue, even after un/re installing the mod, and un/re installing the game itself.

If any help is available, such would be appreciated.
Naceal 13 Δεκ 2015 στις 3:14πμ 
I seem to have the same problem as roqueofspades. I subscribed to these two mods. Tried to launch Skyrim, it didn't work. Crashed in main menu. Unsubscribed. Still crashed. Shame, looks like a great mod :/
roqueofspades 3 Δεκ 2015 στις 2:06μμ 
so I unsubscribed to this mod. caused my game to crash. resubscribed and subscribed to uninstaller. game crashed. unsubscribed to both. kept goddamn crashing. now I literally cannot play the game. it's telling me I need to have the original installed to use the uninstaller, whether or not I have either of them actually installed. please help me.
faithignited 24 Νοε 2015 στις 5:40μμ 
just a warning, this may not be compatible with certain mods? mainly multiple followers lite and atf. i can only get more than one dog to follow me {not sure about humans} when i don't choose a class in the beginning.
cheche7273 23 Νοε 2015 στις 6:08πμ 
carry weight keps adding up and i cant uninstall by anymeans
Syclonix  [Δημιουργός] 30 Οκτ 2015 στις 12:29πμ 
If the mod is not working for you please try these steps before posting a comment:

1. Go to Skyrim Launcher -> Data Files and check to see if Character Creation Overhaul.esp was downloaded. If not, wait for Steam to sync your subscribed mods.

2. Go to Skyrim Launcher -> Data Files. Make sure Character Creation Overhaul.esp is enabled (e.g. has a checkbox next to it)

3. Load a game and *wait 10 seconds* for the mod to activate. If you are starting a new game, wait 10 seconds after the character creation for the CCO menu to pop up.
Mr. Red Panda 29 Οκτ 2015 στις 6:53μμ 
Not working, never let me choose.. help please?
Syclonix  [Δημιουργός] 24 Οκτ 2015 στις 12:33μμ 
@StardustLuna: Hmm, can you please delete and resub the mod. Perhaps the file is corrupt? You can also try verifying the integrity of your game cache. Go to Steam Library, right click Skyrim -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache. If that still doesn't work try moving CCO to the bottom of your load order to see if it is a mod conflict.

@Chameleon: Clicking "Change Race" within CCO has been known to cause a bug, please do not use it (sorry about that). If you have, you'll need to revert to an earlier save before you pressed it.
StardustLuna 24 Οκτ 2015 στις 8:53πμ 
I've installed this mod and my game crashes immediately after the Bethesda logo on startup. I have no other race mods installed. I have no hair or other body model mods installed.
Chameleon 15 Σεπ 2015 στις 7:41μμ 
ok so i love the mod however i have been experiencing a problem where i started off as an argonian but i switched to a nord both while having this mod however when i come in and out of werewolf for some reason it swiches my race back to argonian and give me an argonian body with a nord head and its really weird pls help.