Grass and Grass
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ryn2664 25 set, ore 5:44 
I have a super-fast Desktop PC, i can run this mod with ultra high graphics and no lag occurs.
Legionary92 2 mar 2013, ore 21:58 
You know I love the look, but the grass is destroying me framerate wise. Ah well. Maybe I'll try out Lush Flora or whatever it's called.
Gunner 17 feb 2013, ore 15:19 
Good to see the author supporting his mod. Great work as well, adds far more fullness to some of the other highly rated 'lush' mods. Keep up the good work.
Deewad 26 nov 2012, ore 12:29 
Alright, Thanks for the help
manny_gt  [autore] 26 nov 2012, ore 12:29 
Well :) add it yourself!
Start with iMinGrassSize=100 and so decrease the value until you lost fps :)
Deewad 26 nov 2012, ore 12:21 
I dont have that line under grass just 2

manny_gt  [autore] 26 nov 2012, ore 12:09 
Hello. Open your skyrim.ini (not skyrimprefs.ini) and find under [grass] the parameter "iMinGrassSize". Increase that parameter to decrease density. Regards
Deewad 26 nov 2012, ore 11:46 
Yeah wouldnt mind one turned back, im laggin in dense grass with a AMD Raedon HD 7770, 12 gig ram hyper threaded quadcore, Im runnin everything on ultra, Would like to keep it that way, It would be great for a new mod with lower density
manny_gt  [autore] 23 nov 2012, ore 10:46 
Thanks :)
[LoR] Sergeant Schultz 23 nov 2012, ore 6:50 
Manny, I love your ambience mods (this, Lanterns of Skyrim, etc). Keep up the nice work.
Jaggers 22 nov 2012, ore 20:00 
Its awesome, but i have the same problem as exsillium. My roads and mountains are now covered in mini rocks.
tpeaver 10 nov 2012, ore 7:55 
I have to agree with Ryke, could you turn this back some? I had a hard time finding the workbenches for my Hearthfire house in the Pale.
Valdrec 19 ott 2012, ore 1:16 
Dear god, this is a monster.
Vincent 18 ott 2012, ore 9:12 
Killjoy 6 ott 2012, ore 14:48 
your mod also increased the density of the small rocks along the road, normally my comp can be set to ultra with no fps issues but with the rocks this mod generates it cripples my comp. why is it also increasing the amount of rocks?
Ryke 22 set 2012, ore 4:39 
This is sweeeeet! ....BUT, maybe you could make a 50% density version???? It hits too hard even with my SAPHIRE 6950 2GB, (MOST) people don't even have a graphics card that good.
manny_gt  [autore] 27 ago 2012, ore 4:45 
I used Drama ENB. Check it at the Nexus site.
[RCT] Kolljak [TFM] 26 ago 2012, ore 11:45 
What kinda texture mod you modders using for these realistic screenshots
manny_gt  [autore] 25 ago 2012, ore 7:12 
:) good!
GS-games 25 ago 2012, ore 4:37 
I am sorry. It wasn't your mods fault (the shiny grass). I am sorry. It was a light mod I did have installed before or something because the problem were there even when I unsubscribed your mod. Good news for you! =D
manny_gt  [autore] 23 ago 2012, ore 8:34 
It's so weird :-/
manny_gt  [autore] 22 ago 2012, ore 10:41 
Too bright? Weird! I've not replaced any textures of the grass, only the density. Are you using some mods that alters grass textures?
Hugh 20 ago 2012, ore 18:25 
When I first played Skyrim, I wondered why Oblivion's best featurewasn't in the game: GRASS.
Thank you for making Skyrim better.
myk_spends 15 ago 2012, ore 12:57 
how can you see your pray
manny_gt  [autore] 15 ago 2012, ore 9:57 
Yes you can
Calibrated 15 ago 2012, ore 9:54 
I like Lush Grass can I use that? JK. Great mod little to no performance loss on my ultra settings + 146 mods.
Havock711 15 ago 2012, ore 7:19 
Hurp dur.
manny_gt  [autore] 14 ago 2012, ore 12:10 
Yes... The link is in the description
Lester The Muh-Fucking Molester 14 ago 2012, ore 11:52 
Does this mod work with Lush Grass? :3