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The Beast Within - Passive Werewolf Perks
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FlipaSquid 18 de jun às 10:00 
can u use this mod with th dlc?
Seraphine 14 de fev às 8:23 
you guys should look at my discussion i have up about how bethsda ruined the whole vampire, werewolf thing.
Phantom Foxy 12 de fev às 6:00 
lm talking about that guy who made mod not you
Phantom Foxy 12 de fev às 6:00 
no it doest work you idiot your not more smarter then the sciences
From the back right ? 3 de fev às 21:55 
this mod dosnt work XD
diacamus 24 de jan às 21:41 
i wish theres a mod that doesn't remove your armor and weapon everytime you use beast form just like vampires
(IWUBIT)OkamiFlame 6/dez/2014 às 19:00 
i have the mod installed, and have the dlc, but have no idea what to do!
¤ Clever Wolf ¤ 2/dez/2014 às 17:01 
Can you use this without the dlc
Balthias 14/nov/2014 às 7:50 
So is this compatible with werewolf correction? I know what it said in the explanation but was wondering if it had been tested to avoid any complications.
Bradlestar 12/out/2014 às 10:03 
This mod seems to have overwritten the disease resistance from being a werewolf. I'm getting diseases actually way more often than I did even before being a werewolf.
General Sherman 9/out/2014 às 4:30 
cool, looks like changes in 1.3 ruined this mod.
Hannibal 22/set/2014 às 17:45 
What are the passive non beast form buffs?
IPROASSASSIN 20/set/2014 às 8:04 
kurrgaag 3/set/2014 às 12:05 
love the mod have liked it and added to favorites but i can not find the key to turn on nighteye
kurrgaag 3/set/2014 às 12:00 
what key turns on the nighteye?
elGrecoLoco  [autor(a)] 4/ago/2014 às 17:23 
They go away. The ability is technically still on you but it checks for lycanthropy, you will keep the passive abilities if you become a werewolf again.
Thraxis, Lord of Chaos 31/jul/2014 às 18:44 
This mod is great, but I had a question: do these passive abilities go away if you lose your lycanthropy? IE, I ranked up my perks as a werewolf, will I keep the passive perks if I become a vampire?
Akatosh 31/jul/2014 às 11:14 

Nice mod, i like it, thanks !

For the record, please note that your mod block the Achievement "Get 11 perks for werewolf"; maybe you should add a little note about it in your description.

It is easy to get the achievement, just quit the game before putting the last point, disable the mod, load the save and put the last perk point. I just did it.
JurgenVren 29/jul/2014 às 14:58 
I have found a mod for the transformation problem but it's impossible to find a mod with night vision so if you could split your mod into the shifting and nightvision would benefit more for ppl who want those changes for werewolves
but if you know a good mod with working nightvision for werewolf I wouldn
t mind if you told me/us
elGrecoLoco  [autor(a)] 27/jul/2014 às 13:10 
If it's crashing it's not this mod. There aren't even any scripts in it.
FireoftheDraco. Better than ever 26/jul/2014 às 19:27 
can somebody PLEASE make a mod that adds in the werewolf tree WITHOUT having to buy dawnguard? its like Gmod, having to buy a $20 dollar game to add textures to a $3 dollar game.
Dovahkiin iOZ 26/jul/2014 às 14:04 
i would get it but there is a lot of people are complaining about the mod crashing
Dovahkiin iOZ 26/jul/2014 às 14:03 
i dont want to get this mod because my game might crash, so i dont want to risk it
sromshek 25/jul/2014 às 12:35 
This mod has completly ruined my game.Even after uninstall and unsube my game won't stop crashing.This is a very buggy mod.This is going to take hours too fix!!!!
Link 4/jul/2014 às 22:49 
whenever I open the skill tree it crashes my game =/ thanks?
Phoenix Harbinger 23/jun/2014 às 18:05 
i just thought id ad my picture to the comments. cos it goes here.
sooo........i did :p
|Time Lord of Galifrey| 9/mai/2014 às 1:22 
it looks awesome!
|Time Lord of Galifrey| 9/mai/2014 às 1:22 
i saw venturian use this mod
Turd Ferguson 7/mai/2014 às 15:19 
Supercatface 26/abr/2014 às 8:20 
Hey,werewolves don't have anything to do with dawnguard. Dawnguard adds vampires.
Supercatface 3/abr/2014 às 4:54 
It just crashes every time I try to join. Shame. I would've really enjoyed this mod
Supercatface 3/abr/2014 às 4:51 
I already have ancient knowledge. Do I have to get it again?
Tacotroll 26/mar/2014 às 10:30 
Tacotroll 26/mar/2014 às 10:30 
what does this mod even do does it change howling and roaring?
Therealputin69 16/mar/2014 às 5:41 
i got the smae question as angus: does it require dawnguard?
Sonocorneo 15/mar/2014 às 13:47 
Is there a way to Revert back to Human Form?
AngusRufus 15/fev/2014 às 12:59 
does it require Dawnguard???
elGrecoLoco  [autor(a)] 13/fev/2014 às 16:12 
It should be compatible, keep in mind you need to craft and use the tome for this mod's abilities to apply to you.
Gorillabot3000 12/fev/2014 às 19:38 
I know it said that it wasn't compatible with all other werewolf mods, but is it compatible with the ones that allow use of both Vampire Lord and werewolf abilities, such as this one?
Zeimaster 2/fev/2014 às 0:56 
Oh hold on, i mistook two mods.. I am very sorry
wont happen agian i must have clicked on the wrong one..
elGrecoLoco  [autor(a)] 1/fev/2014 às 18:25 
There is no disarm perk, this mod only adds the passive stat boosts listed in the description.
elGrecoLoco  [autor(a)] 23/jan/2014 às 15:46 
If you already previously have werewolf perks, this mod is still compatible; you will already have the extra humanform abilities as long as you have learned Ancient Knowledge: The Beast Within from the craftable tome.
Ewarrior17 23/jan/2014 às 12:57 
@elgrecoloco Do you know if its possible to add your perks through the command console using player.addperk? Im asking because i already had all the perks for the werewolf before i tried this mod and it prevents me from gaining further perks to spend on what you added. btw cool mod and thanks!
Commander Wosh-Lazer Kapow 1/jan/2014 às 11:47 
Okay, I'll check them. Thanks!
elGrecoLoco  [autor(a)] 1/jan/2014 às 10:25 
This mod doesn't touch Totem of Terror at all so it may be another mod.
Commander Wosh-Lazer Kapow 1/jan/2014 às 7:57 
When I pick the Totem of Terror perk, Howl of Terror stops working. No one gets feared. Anyone else experiencing this?
Antichri5 12/nov/2013 às 21:25 
So no more NIght Eye while in human form? Damn. Any other mods out there add it?
Grubbs008 8/nov/2013 às 14:26 
You could just add it through the console Mick. But if you don't want to, the easiest place to get it from is aretino residence in windhelm, take the carriage and boom your their, plus u can start the dark brotherhood quest. Or you can go to Orphan Rock, there should be one there.

Player.additem 000B18CD #.

P.s. The console tends to cause people to crash or lag, the only way to fix it, after using it, is to save the game, load that game, delete that save, then save it agian, and reload that save, exit and go back into the game. When i do this, i never have problems.
MR. AWESOME 26/out/2013 às 14:19 
does this need any dlc
Bruticus 21/out/2013 às 6:35 
can't i get it in a shop or loot it from certain dead bodies?