Bandolier - Dawnguard
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TheGamerOfTexas(TgT) 16 nov om 3:50nm 
The Aesir Armor is the best armor mod with so much stuff to wear
Kaelan, The Titan God of Doom 19 okt om 7:45nm 
So Simple yet so Needed. More bags to hold my loot in yay mmmm loot
Lunar-Powered Jesus 7 sep om 5:11nm 
will you be adding dragonborn bandolier too?
Cyrax  [auteur] 10 aug om 9:52vm 
@Cheshire Cat
There does not seem to be any items in Dragonborn that would be useful.
The Great Mighty Blorb 10 aug om 9:08vm 
i love this mod, both the original Vanilla version and the add-on you made for Dawnguard, but i have a single question to ask, if it hasn't been asked already down below. that question is simple, have you ever considered making something like this for the Dragonborn DLC?
cptclango 2 aug om 12:19nm 
This is really great! However, when I crafted a large black bandolier, equipped, and then I quicksaved, the game shut off 3 times. It still saved, so I didnt lose anything, and as far as I have seen it doesn't shut off anymore. I don't know if this is related to the bandolier, but just saying
Michael. Providence. 25 mei om 6:55nm 
Good God, Great Mod!
ToolPackinMama 18 mei om 8:22nm 
The notebook can be enchanted!
Sicet7 16 mei om 1:42nm 
"INeed" mod*
Sicet7 16 mei om 1:42nm 
would be nice if this worked withthe ineed mod
☆»»de_stroyed««☆ 16 mei om 11:04vm 
What armor is that???
dragonborn1222 4 mei om 11:14vm 
You should make a dragonborn version as well
kandsbowden 2 mei om 8:55nm 
Definetely one of my favorite mods
Foxy o`Pirate Cove 18 mrt om 9:46nm 
yes! best utility mod around >:D think one for dragonborn is possibleu? :o like... something that would look match like for the nordic/stahlrim armours! :D
Cyrax  [auteur] 9 mrt om 1:12nm 
Because argonians are amazing :D
[Honey_Badger] lampost99 9 mrt om 12:13nm 
why does the Argonian look so amazing
Matthewxxa 27 feb om 2:36nm 
Great mod. Definitly Recomend
IKZ |HYPR 7 feb om 6:29vm 
Thanks a ton for this one too i have your other badolier mod its insanely helpful
PaTaN 15 jan om 6:52vm 
mod very important...
Cyrax  [auteur] 20 dec 2013 om 11:26vm 
@Sun Streaker
Thank you very much! And yes, he is 100% non-modded.
Sun Streaker 20 dec 2013 om 10:15vm 
Is that Argonian non modded, because he looks stunning in that screenshot.
Aranha Maluco 1 dec 2013 om 8:57nm 
cool argonian !
DARKRAVEN 24 nov 2013 om 3:53vm 
Hey Cyrax i though about if you could make the Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
mod, work with the Dawnguard armor when i have the Dawnguard armor on with the Bandolier - Bags and Pouches, it just dosent look good, they dont connect at all......Beacurse i also posted this messege here is beacurse i didnt know if it should get posted on the normal Bandolier - Bage And Pouches site or this Bandolier - Dawnguard site=)
Doug Rattmann (B.S.R) 16 nov 2013 om 9:03vm 
ghawk75 14 nov 2013 om 6:39nm 
great add on!
Cyrax  [auteur] 2 aug 2013 om 4:45nm 
Very nice :) Thanks for letting me know.
Teagon 2 aug 2013 om 4:33nm 
And this way is named stop-watch :) Seriously, I've checked with a stop-watch.
My stamina is 230 now. After a sprint that had entirely emptied it, the stamina regenerated in 22.5 seconds if I had 1 flask equipped, and in 21.9 seconds if I had 2 of them on.
So, there is some difference but I don't think it's that critical - just about half a second.
Cyrax  [auteur] 2 aug 2013 om 3:04vm 
Thank you. Honest answer? I do not know. Only 1 way to find out.
Teagon 1 aug 2013 om 8:37nm 
I like the mod! And I have a question: will the stamina regen effect be doubled if I craft and equip 2 flasks?
Cyrax  [auteur] 14 jul 2013 om 1:26nm 
The body is not red.
Cognyze 14 jul 2013 om 1:22nm 
@Cyrax That doesn't help me...I realize it isn't a mod, but there is not full body tony that changes it to that red in character creation...
Cyrax  [auteur] 14 jul 2013 om 1:19nm 
As already mentioned, its all vanilla colors. No mods.
You can do it too with some effort, dedication and.... loooove
Cognyze 14 jul 2013 om 1:17nm 
@Cyrax There isn't even a skin color or tint that I can combine to create that intense red that you have...
Cyrax  [auteur] 14 jul 2013 om 1:14nm 
Really, no mods were involved in the coloring. Its all just a combination of good choices of skin color, tints, war paint and... again, loooove.
Cognyze 14 jul 2013 om 1:07nm 
@Cyrax C'mon man. I want to know so bad! I just want a brightly colored scaly friend! :c
Cyrax  [auteur] 14 jul 2013 om 12:37nm 
There is no secret, just love.
Cognyze 14 jul 2013 om 12:21nm 
But seriously though, how did you get your Argonian to be that color and what-not?
Jinx Von Miku (Bday the 19th) 22 jun 2013 om 6:34vm 
Great addon to the first mod
The fancy walrus 17 jun 2013 om 6:25nm 
Good mod
Haggis Bumfart 5 jun 2013 om 10:05nm 
And I would also put this on the main Bandoliers page, as well as the Nexus version (that's what I am using, I hate the workshop) if you haven't already.
Haggis Bumfart 5 jun 2013 om 10:03nm 
@Cryax, good, but I suggest rewording it so it doesn't sound like they are incompatible. They aren't techinically incompatbile in the sense that I have both of them running at the same time and nothing happens (other then my crappy computer crapping out on me and screwing up my scripts). You made it sound like "Don't use these together' when it's actually "Using them together is fine, you just can't wear certain pieces of the armor at the same time as the bandoliers.

Here is the mod if you want to look at it:

Scroll down to see the extra stuff. Most of the stuff like gaunlet addons, banners, hoods, boot addons and such can't be worn with bandoliers. But it's like, don't wear a banner and you can wear maybe a back left pouch or something, just depends on what piece of the Aesir armor it is.
Cyrax  [auteur] 5 jun 2013 om 4:59nm 
Sadly, its not possible to create new categories.
@Revan Shadow-Slayer
Thank you for letting me know! I will not that down.
Haggis Bumfart 5 jun 2013 om 4:03nm 
Hey Cryax, I know of one incompatibility with this mod. The Aesir armor mod, the additional stuff you can add to the armor use the same slots as the bandoliers. It's nothing major, you just can't wear them at the same time.
Akinaba 5 jun 2013 om 3:05nm 
One question: wth, all bandolier stuff lays in the "leather" section, when creating on a tanning rack? I understand -- it's easy but it's either drastically discomfort, cuse there can be a lot more other stuff aside of bandoliers stuff. So I would be nightmare glad if you could put all this stuff into a separate section, if it can be avaliable, ofcourse.
[I.S.I.S.] ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 19 mei 2013 om 4:52nm 
can you make it so that the flasks can go on the sides?
OrgansForGames 12 mei 2013 om 2:54vm 
Great little addition to the original mod. Well done :)
Easy Redbeard 5 mei 2013 om 1:33nm 
*Legend* Original Mod was sexy, this one is a lovely addition. Nice one, chap.
greywolfgaming 18 apr 2013 om 6:52nm 
did any one read what it sayd it sayd "Any questions, answer to which can be found in the description will be ignored"
FireShadow 12 apr 2013 om 5:02nm 
I got the main mod, I'm not sure what purpouse this one surves though, so thanks for the other one. :P
Kinghall 14 31 mrt 2013 om 1:51nm 
What Armor is the Argonian Wearing?