A Touch of Elegance
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xXx_P3T3R_xXx 26 авг, 2014 в 12:26 
couse its in workshop. if you dont want people looking at this put it away from workshop

a free sentry for you
Shadow Dio-sama #RIP XY  [автор] 25 авг, 2014 в 15:18 
Why is any one even looking at this, its over 2 years old.
xXx_P3T3R_xXx 25 авг, 2014 в 11:32 
downvote- bad description and pictures
Shawny 24 авг, 2014 в 13:33 
me gutsa *facepalm*
Heavy Weapons Pie 30 окт, 2012 в 10:06 
Greatest description ever.
TripleJoshy 19 авг, 2012 в 12:33 
i love me gusta
Mr.Rockets 17 авг, 2012 в 23:07 
i know that me gusta mask
its the mask reskin of rage comics for your masks
.?Pureblue 16 авг, 2012 в 21:31 
it lookes all goods
Captain Plammit 16 авг, 2012 в 18:22 
Fabio 16 авг, 2012 в 4:36 
.?Pureblue 15 авг, 2012 в 23:05 
i like it but if you good paint it so you could have a pink knife that would be the best server so think about this please
B0ne H3ad 14 авг, 2012 в 15:17 
looks like a dagger and looks so awesome

Sid Debian 14 авг, 2012 в 14:10 
I'm think fine....
Mikasa Ackerman 13 авг, 2012 в 22:18 
bad,so litttle...(((
Spanospy (Span-o-spy) 13 авг, 2012 в 16:09 
the spy doesnt hold it properly.
zlurp 13 авг, 2012 в 6:38 
Horo The Derpgical Doge 13 авг, 2012 в 5:34 
i hate it men im sorry but its very very small and silly
Shadow Dio-sama #RIP XY  [автор] 10 авг, 2012 в 15:06 
wtf is reddit. also don;t dislike a weapon for small stuff like that. really man grow up
Mayor of Scienceville 10 авг, 2012 в 14:46 
Looks really cool I like this Idea
Shadow Dio-sama #RIP XY  [автор] 10 авг, 2012 в 12:22 
its just a shitty knife XD probably never gonna touch this up was never ment to be awesome.
Constructor 10 авг, 2012 в 11:24 
Also, that "Me Gusta" is just terrible.
Constructor 10 авг, 2012 в 11:24 
Paxton, you're an idiot. Have you even SEEN the big earner ingame? They are not even similar.

The model and textures need work, though.
Warlord SteelShroom 10 авг, 2012 в 7:56 
You mis-spelled "gusta".
paxton125swag 10 авг, 2012 в 3:35 
that looks too thin in his hand, and looks like a retexture of the switchblade in the game.
Yuniiku TokageNeko 9 авг, 2012 в 9:11 
clapping 5hours later its not working
Shadow Dio-sama #RIP XY  [автор] 9 авг, 2012 в 9:01 
Lium and swankidelic and anyone else who wants to say x clas op nerf/remove now, please don't talk about game balance or whatnot here. Save that for spuf.
Lium 9 авг, 2012 в 0:18 
V Valve should remove soldiers and heavies long before spies and pyros.
Keep Honking I'm Reloading 8 авг, 2012 в 18:16 
If Valve would remove Spies from the game, they could also remove Pyros, and the game would vastly improve.
Yuniiku TokageNeko 8 авг, 2012 в 15:55 
me? XD its gonna be named after me!!!
lol jk
Shadow Dio-sama #RIP XY  [автор] 8 авг, 2012 в 15:53 
Lol then name it after that idiot in the play that tried to stab gus father missed and stabbed himslef.
The Boogeyman 8 авг, 2012 в 14:42 
Shorter handle is in order.

+longer backstab range
-On miss: Stab yourself for 15 damage
Lium 8 авг, 2012 в 3:33 
That handle could do with shortening.
Yuniiku TokageNeko 7 авг, 2012 в 23:09 
personally its to long