Malukah's Main Theme
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Agent Beio Aug 18 @ 8:58am 
i cant start the game, i must listen to the whole song everytime, too beautiful
Nipa - 尼帕蜥蜴 Aug 15 @ 8:38am 
MrRabbit Aug 3 @ 10:22am 
The best one! Every time before I start the game i'm listening this song till the end)
brienmcw2 Jul 27 @ 6:16pm 
i love this girl so much. i remember her when she first started like 3 years ago.
dwcouch Jul 25 @ 10:04am 
I noticed more than a few users that can't seem to run this. Same for me, oh well. Thanks for the mod, I chased Malu down on U-tube and listened. Well worth the time.
the average joeseph Jul 21 @ 6:25pm 
i love her voice great mod
fstony Jul 20 @ 11:31am 
I hope they hire Malukah to voice a bard in the next game.
Turbosnowy  [author] Jun 29 @ 3:20pm 
this is a music replacer - it is so unlikely to be able to crash your game, you may as well blame pixies, or perhaps other mods you may have downloaded also but prefer to blame this one ;)
Wooly Jun 29 @ 8:47am 
Great theme, but this mod crashes my game just as it's about to reach the title screen D:
J.S.Bach Jun 24 @ 12:57pm 
Ramrikai Jun 16 @ 6:05pm 
Darn. Oh well, thanks for the quick reply anyway.
Turbosnowy  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:41pm 
Sadly no - Skyrim has a volume limiter on it so nothing I can do there.
Ramrikai Jun 16 @ 2:39pm 
Is there some way to make her song come through louder? I have to set my volume to max in order to properly hear it, and even then it still sounds rather quiet.
Cobalt Lightning May 22 @ 11:50pm 
lol at the people that don't read descriptions.

On an unrelated note, Malukah was banend from the Bard's College: They deemed she didn't need to attend in the first place.
Hechmann-DK May 11 @ 11:08pm 
Disable.. I dont understand :)
Medieval Dragon May 7 @ 11:00pm 
I Hope there is a Mod which makes female bards sing like this.
[Mz] NINJA HUNTER GHOST May 1 @ 4:25pm 
love this song and nice job!
sulfur17 Apr 30 @ 1:27pm 
It's bad that bards in taverns didn't sing this :(
drankud Apr 24 @ 8:58am 
love this song!
FaintestVirus Apr 17 @ 11:12pm 
Yo! It's Pat O'Neal. Apr 15 @ 10:55pm 
[DHD] PakaChaka Apr 1 @ 10:59am 
im going to complain about this video. so if you want to know what im gonna whine about read on. but i get the feeling you'll agree and want to whine with me. so here is my whine... ITS TOOOO SHOORTTT!! :D but its so relaxing and sweet.
jancarlos490 Mar 26 @ 5:29pm 
GoofproofFiend Mar 25 @ 2:22pm 
Her Thu'um is precise
GreaterPotater Mar 21 @ 7:09pm 
She has mastered the way of the voice.
kelloways Mar 17 @ 9:50pm 
Truly AWESOME! love it!!
FallenAngelxD Mar 12 @ 5:48am 
Wow, this is amazing. Very nice!
zxulater Mar 11 @ 11:05pm 
I'm beyond floored. Speechless honestly.. WOW
paizuriprincess Mar 6 @ 7:55am 
Gods that girl has an awesome voice. Luv her! The duet she did with Miracle of Sound was just beautiful.
Crader Mar 5 @ 6:23pm 
[BL]RAGE Feb 28 @ 9:12pm 
My.... Gowwd.... Well done!
HankTheTank97 Feb 24 @ 6:20pm 
So can someone translate the last part that starts with Dovahkiin? I have the game informer that has Skyrim as the main topic and I read where bethesda made the entire dragon laguage to stand for real words. So I want to know what the last part translates into. Also this gives me an idea, once I learn the reading part of guitar, im gunna do a rock/metal version of "Dragonborn Comes", I think it would sound epic.
HankTheTank97 Feb 23 @ 6:30pm 
Ok.... so.... I just loaded the game, and theres one slight problem with this mod..... I cant stop listening to it long enough to play the game..... That voice!!!! =}
vαη Feb 15 @ 11:35am 
it's so beautiful <3
Alcox the Great Feb 14 @ 8:05am 
Thank you so much :)
mikeshaw911 Feb 12 @ 5:51pm 
Ok, so someone has to make a mod depicting Malukah as a Bard Chick doing her Skyrim songs!
I would be the first to download and use it!
mikeshaw911 Feb 12 @ 5:48pm 
I absolutley LOVE this version!
What an exelent job well done Malukah, "Bravo Chickie"!!
ObsceneBean Feb 11 @ 2:55pm 
Syn-Valorum Jan 31 @ 7:17pm 
"The Voice"
NOBLE 7 Jan 29 @ 3:09pm 
you are awesome i love you!
-:(Blista):- Jan 21 @ 1:59pm 
good job! its just awesome ;)
juggernaut Jan 18 @ 3:17pm 
Mr Cuddles Jan 18 @ 2:11am 
thx love you
Astaldo711 Jan 11 @ 10:41pm 
Wish I could vote more than once. This song is beautiful. I find myself waiting a bit before jumping right into the game so I can listen to it.
seanlalfaro Jan 11 @ 8:38pm 
Turbosnowy  [author] Jan 9 @ 1:05pm 
johnsond148 Jan 9 @ 1:04pm 
This is......Just amazing Thank you
Miniguner13 Jan 4 @ 10:26am 
Simply great ^^
Thewizardguy Jan 1 @ 3:04pm 
This is simply beautiful
Savage Jan 1 @ 8:43am 
голос приятный!!!!