Invisible Shield Fix
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Ramirez  [作者] 3月28日上午12:25 
Its some Vampire npc-cloth from Dawnguard.
YuzuruShadowblaze 3月26日上午1:59 
just wondering what armor/clothing are u wearing in the pic?
ShadowDemon877 2014年12月25日下午2:20 
omg thank you
☽LEGACY 2014年8月31日下午7:40 
Thanks... I freaking love this mod... :D
Ramirez  [作者] 2014年7月15日上午11:05 
Klick on the green subscribe button, the Skyrim launcher will download it automatically on the next start.
Durnehwiir 2014年7月15日上午9:07 
как скачать?
Ramirez  [作者] 2014年5月9日上午5:56 
This mod doesn't touch the mannequins in any way. Also I checked my House, there is all fine. I'm afraid I can't really help at this.
Theshadow869 2014年5月8日上午9:33 
Worked, but mannequines at my house (hearthfire add on) were mucked up. One had its leg in a weird position, and another was floating quite a distance from its pedestal. Might want to fix this.
[FR] Leproutos 2014年4月18日下午3:03 
Thank you man !
Wasabee 2014年4月15日下午10:26 
how to download it?
fosley 2014年3月20日下午10:09 
I love ebony armor if I'm going heavy, so I was rather disappointed when my shields disappeared. This mod fixed the problem perfectly, thanks much. :)
green.bratishka 2014年2月25日上午6:07 
спасибо, давно искал!
^6\^3KK^6/ ^3Ann^6ciak 2014年2月16日上午11:15 
Ok thanks :)
Ramirez  [作者] 2014年2月15日上午7:28 
@anno3397 It works with Dragonborn, and it should also work with your problem. Otherwise just uninstall the Mod. :)
^6\^3KK^6/ ^3Ann^6ciak 2014年2月15日上午3:33 
@Ramirez Did it work with Dragonborn also? And will it work if for ex. my Thieve Guild Hood looks normal but my Ebony Shield is invisible?
M1k3 L1z4rD 2014年2月6日上午5:25 
my dark brotherhood hood doesnt show when equipped, can you fix that?
crazyalpacka64 2014年1月12日下午12:24 
Thx man this was bothering me so much :D
Lich Dire Wolf 2013年12月24日上午9:24 
Very nice man ,you made a person with OCD happy again. Everything is running smooth ,but the shield (ebony) kind of enters inside of the arm a little bit. (OCD strikes again) Besides that everything is perfect ,great job!
Volfied1 2013年11月20日下午5:08 
excellent work. installed the mod and the shields were instantly fixed.
I am having a glitch with certain helmets on hearthfire maniquins, any chance of a mod to fix that too?
Tjaktar 2013年10月16日上午8:52 
My daedric sword turned invisible too, not sure if it's the same bug
ShadowStab 2013年8月25日下午7:11 
CaptJackSp 2013年7月25日上午9:57 
Thanks! It's perfect so far.
[FgcA] TonyMax 2013年6月18日下午7:48 
EpicPwner 2013年5月30日下午1:42 
Ramirez  [作者] 2013年1月31日上午8:20 
@OndAtRa RodenTia should be fixed after update. thanks for reporting!
OndAtRa RodenTia 2013年1月31日上午12:38 
khajiit male (and maybe female)
Ramirez  [作者] 2013年1月30日下午2:46 
@OndAtRa RodenTia which race? Can't find something unusual.
Ramirez  [作者] 2013年1月30日上午9:14 
@ OndAtRa RodenTia I'll change that asap.
OndAtRa RodenTia 2013年1月30日上午8:23 
Ramirez, what about Penitus Oculatus Helmet ?? It's invisible too.
toby.smith.1990.ts 2013年1月27日下午4:15 
Thank-you for this mod. Working perfectly so far. Keep up the good work :-).
RadKit 2012年12月10日下午6:48 
Thank you, this mod fixed my invisable ebony shield.
Zientos 2012年12月7日上午1:01 
Yes it was for the Nord Race. Amulet is working perfectly now. Thank you very much for this fix and quick reply.
Ramirez  [作者] 2012年12月3日上午11:33 
@Zientos Did you mean for the Nord Race?
Should be fixed now, after downloading the update.
Ramirez  [作者] 2012年12月3日上午11:18 
@Zientos I'll have a look.
Zientos 2012年12月2日下午5:15 
Could you also fix Amulet of Zenithar?
1junjosh 2012年11月17日上午3:56 
Thank you so much!!!!!!
Ramirez  [作者] 2012年11月17日上午2:30 
@1junjosh you are right!
I added the Thieve Guild Leader Hood to the Fix, it should work after downloading the update.
1junjosh 2012年11月17日上午1:55 
I would be grateful if you replied, Ramirez.
1junjosh 2012年11月17日上午1:55 
The thieve's guild master hood doesn't work on the vampire. My character goes bald. Please fix.
Inspectah13 2012年11月15日下午1:32 
I moved it all over the load order to no avail. I then turned off all my other mods but when i do that i get the same issue others have mentioned, when I select a save to load it goes into the loading screen then the game will just CTD. However I don't know if that is from this mod or if one of my other mods broke my saves when I prevented it from loading to be fair. Thank you for your quick response to my first post though, it was much appreciated.
Ramirez  [作者] 2012年11月15日上午3:48 
@Inspectah13 It should work, also with the newest version of Skyrim.
Try to move the .esp in the load order to an other position, maybe the bottom of the list.
Inspectah13 2012年11月15日上午3:06 
I really wanted this to work but I still can't see my ebony large shield. The .esp is in the data files folder and I see it in the data on the launcher, but the shield is still invisible.
f.f.86 2012年10月19日下午5:42 
Thanks very much. I just turned vampire to enter the sould cairn, and this no shield thing was bugging me out. Thanks for saving me tampering with the CK myself.
cantonbean 2012年10月12日上午12:07 
Great mod as this was driving me metal and no other fix exists. I don't want to install mods but seeing as developers didn't bother to fix this when releasing Dawnguard (unbelievable) your work sir is a blessing! No idea what others are on about as mod does exactly what supposed to!
Ramirez  [作者] 2012年8月24日上午6:08 
Fixed Thieve Guild Hoods for Vampires.
Nimrod 2012年8月20日上午9:38 
works perfect, thanks!
Hidden Gunman 2012年8月19日下午11:47 
Many thanks, very appreciated.
Sword Saint 2012年8月17日下午5:44 
i got this problem with my blades shield
Chosen Mimes 2012年8月14日上午2:06 
exactly what i was looking for! thanks
Nubkakes 2012年8月8日下午2:25 
thanks for the great mod. works amazing. no crashes or anything. something is up with the 2 others below me.