Silencer's Vestments (Replacer Edition)
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thomasmr25 26 чер о 16:53 
It would be much appreciated.
thomasmr25 26 чер о 16:53 
Could you add an unenchanted version?
Pick their clothes and replace it with the armor in that mod.
LEGOs104 13 бер о 21:16 
hasn't anyone thought of replaceing their armor with the armor from assassins creed brotherhood
zzackmann 27 січ о 6:38 
Does this repalce the ancient shrouded armor, or just the basic shrouded armor/robes?
JeffyTheSatanist 6 жов 2013 о 7:36 
its ok now i just types Braced shrouded instead of braced shrouded armor
JeffyTheSatanist 6 жов 2013 о 7:34 
or you could just tell me the IDs
JeffyTheSatanist 6 жов 2013 о 7:34 
When I type help "Braced Shrouded Armor" it doesnt come up with an ID it just says:
----CONSOLE COMMANDS------------------
----SCRIPT FUNCTIONS------------------
----VIEWER STRINGS NOT AVAILABLE------------------
and so on any advice?????
ApocalypseMeow 13 чер 2013 о 15:31 
The mask is really cool, but everything else is almost too black. It'd be cool if there was some red coloring thrown onto the other pieces of armor instead of just plain black.
-Joey- 19 тра 2013 о 3:09 
Oh and if me or an NPC is not wearing boots or gloves, the ankles and wrists disapear? And with the masked hood, my head is invisible. Great mod though :)
phlox1979 18 тра 2013 о 20:01 
Bug-Report: Miscellaneous-Quests that I got before I installed the mod won't show up on the compass anymore. The arrow only appears when I select a Miscellaneous-Quest that I began after the installation.
-Joey- 18 тра 2013 о 12:37 
Love the armor and robes, but when wearing the cowls, I can no longer see my head :(
OA143 12 кві 2013 о 8:02 
could you make a white version of silencers vestments? I would really appreciate it...
AGM 14 лют 2013 о 16:32 
Shah Abbas The Great 8 гру 2012 о 18:02 
can you make a version that replaces only shrouded robes please?
johnny 7 гру 2012 о 16:45 
is there a way to keep the hood original? not into looking like a psycho freak from a horror movie, just wanna look like a contract killer.
Soulstice 6 гру 2012 о 16:44 
so first... this mod is the f***ing shit! but the only thing i would love to see is that same badass hood with the original face mask that only shows your eyes. the dragon priest mask is cool but i really like that ninja style mask that is in the original dark brotherhood armor.
Mr. Nippleburg 31 жов 2012 о 3:57 
does this work with ancient shrouded armor?
dD.DerFlegel 10 вер 2012 о 5:08 
nice mod. many thanks for it. I have only two things to metion: 1. the actual armor part looks a little massive on female chars. any way to thin it a little for the silouette? 2. can you possibly release a clothes version (because I use to play an illusion, alteration mage assassin :))
OrganicRobot 19 сер 2012 о 6:23 
Could you make an assassin armor from the Thalmor Robes?
Xav-Tay-Tor-Tot 12 сер 2012 о 6:24 
I'm guessing the Shrouded Cowl (not maskless) is the one that has that Dragon Priest mask thingy...?
I Fart Pooptarts 10 сер 2012 о 16:21 
This is the best DB armor I have seen. This gets 5/5 imo.
Razaele Padfoot 9 сер 2012 о 10:14 
one of the few mods i like. i only have 13 at all times.
Orclach 8 сер 2012 о 12:08 
Could you please make a version that only replaces the robes?
Blabbermouth 8 сер 2012 о 4:59 
Those who dont like the armor replacing the DB armor on the ,,family'' go in search and type Silencer's Vestments New Version.
Xav-Tay-Tor-Tot 8 сер 2012 о 3:23 
Does this have an effect on enchantments and the Ancient Shrouded Armor?
GypsyBoy 7 сер 2012 о 17:42 
I agree. I wish it didn't replace anything. The mask is killer.
Jam 6 сер 2012 о 23:02 
Looks great! Too bad it's not a stand-alone version
FastSniperfox 6 сер 2012 о 20:10 
Are the boots bugged for anyone else? They haven't changed from the original when I wear them and the NPC's feet don't even show at all.
-=HUE=- CrazyCanadian24 6 сер 2012 о 13:19 
Does this mod include a functioning male facemask texture for the masked cowels?
Raptor 6 сер 2012 о 12:35 
these are really great and go with the ebony mail, thx
anders tbh 4 сер 2012 о 12:32 
Just wanted to say I love your Silencers Vestments, I have the craftable ones and probably would consider using this eventually when I decide to join DB
Invisigoth 4 сер 2012 о 6:21 
Drake 3 сер 2012 о 23:49 
Hey Draich you should make the league of shodows armor from batman begins that would be freaking awesome!! or even his suit!!!!
Drake 3 сер 2012 о 14:52 
@Raptor Jesus yeah it is
Yeezus 3 сер 2012 о 14:41 
Is that Dragon Priest mask part of the mod?
Não Ganho à 2 dias 3 сер 2012 о 8:47 
this is 5 stars indeed
-xXx-Vorken-xXx-[clan] 2 сер 2012 о 20:14 
Did you just make this because it deserves 5 stars and nobody rated?