Invincible Hawk Fix v.1b
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Samutz  [作者] 02 月 13 @ 1:13下午 
I will look in to it this afternoon.
Iceira 02 月 13 @ 12:46下午 
i see the hawk over heartfire dlc, and they dont die there ? ( my 3 home ) all 3 places has this error, Invincible Hawk
Akar 2013 08 月 9 @ 2:08下午 
Oh, ok.
Samutz  [作者] 2013 08 月 9 @ 7:21上午 
Well I said downloads, not DLC. What I meant is that you don't need to download an extra mod to make it work with Dawnguard. I'm going to rewrite it to consider Dragonborn anyway.
Akar 2013 08 月 8 @ 9:42下午 
You said dawnguard Compatible, then said, no other DLC needed. You never said there was a DLC needed. Just pointing that out. And cool mod.
Julius Caesar 2013 03 月 27 @ 11:54上午 
I do tcl on to go into the air and try kill a hawk with flame but it doesn't work? What I do wrong?
Samutz  [作者] 2013 03 月 26 @ 1:45下午 
@Stania This should fix the salmon too, but I'm not sure. I tried to test it once but had some difficulties finding or spawning them.
Stania 2013 03 月 26 @ 1:06下午 
Is it possible that you do the same fix with the salmon jumping on waterfalls (specially near riverwood)? They're the only kind of salmon (I have seen so far) from which you can get salmon roe, and they present the same problem. Thanks for the fix, great job. :)
Julius Caesar 2013 03 月 22 @ 9:02上午 
Sophia ~ღ 2013 02 月 8 @ 7:39上午 
Thank you!
Sergun169 2013 02 月 8 @ 6:36上午 
Yeah surely you have to,i guess that was the problem. I tried it now again,and it's fine. Killed all bone hawk with a crossbow from 30 metters,and containers spawned normaly! =D
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 8 @ 6:31上午 
@Sergun169 From my Arrowsmith FAQ. I guess I should add it to the IFH FAQ too.

Q: Why do hawks disappear when I shoot them?
A: Your Object Fade/View Distance is too low. Turn it up in the launcher settings or the game settings.
Reason: Hawks are moving world objects rather than normal NPCs/actors. The game replaces the hawk with a lootable object (container) when you shoot it. If your object view distance is low, you won't be able to see the newly spawned object unless you are close to where it falls.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 8 @ 6:28上午 
Last time i almost killed all bone hawks i saw,and now new hawks spawned. And no hawks containers left from last time. It look likes containers deleting only when you killing hawks from long range.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 8 @ 6:22上午 
Yeah,same thing happened. I was shoting bone hawks from the tower and containers just wanished,some of them didn't. Don't know if they still there.
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 8 @ 6:15上午 
Actually I don't think the hawk clean up fix from USKP worked correctly anyway. The hawk containers created when you shoot a hawk were being deleted immediately rather than later, preventing the player from looting them. Plus older hawks that I had already killed were still lying around for days after I shot them down. I have an idea of what I can do to fix it. If I get it working I'll submit it to USKP and update IHF.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 7 @ 10:30下午 
Yes,it working. Now i don't even need to wait utill the hawks respawns. I loaded save near hawks and it's working! =)
Sophia ~ღ 2013 02 月 7 @ 9:43下午 
Is will there be any risk of savegame bloating if this get uninstalled because of the missing script. Like it was with sounds of skyrim?
Dhomochevski 2013 02 月 7 @ 8:32下午 
Thank you. It work well now.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 7 @ 7:14下午 
Cool,thanks,i''l try it right away. Btw can i make off topic question? I am googling it since yesterday and can't find the answer. Did you played vampires radiant quests from dawnguard?
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 7 @ 6:52下午 
I finally figured it out. Turns out it wasn't the script I thought it was causing the problem. It was a different one in USKP. In fact disabling the problem script make USKP's version of invincible hawk fix work without needing mine. For now I've disabled the problem script. IFH has to be loaded after USKP for it to work.

If USKP's author gets the problem script fixed, then USKP users won't need IHF anymore. I've left him a comment about it, so hopefully he can get it fixed.
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 7 @ 3:24下午 
So here's what I've found using no mods loaded, all 3 DLCs, and a clean save:

With only IFH loaded: Works as intended. Hawks can be killed.
With only USKP loaded: Hawks are invincible again.
With both loaded, no matter what order (tried both): Hawks are still invincible.
I tried with only IFH loaded again to be sure and it worked fine again.

It *should* work with IHF being loaded after USKP, because it would mean IHF's version of the script is overriding USKP's version of the script, but it doesn't and I can't figure out why.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 7 @ 10:04上午 
I'll try...
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 7 @ 10:01上午 
This site claims the latest version of the unofficial patch makes my mod redundant:
Again I'll look in to this more later today as I'm limited on what I can do while at work.
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 7 @ 9:49上午 
I went ahead and downloaded the unofficial patch to poke around it and it does indeed modify the same file I modify for the hawks. Except that I have no idea what the changes they made are suppose to do. It looks a little like they tried to do what I did, just in a different way, but apparently it doesn't work.

For now, moving Invincible Hawk Fix lower on the load order than the unofficial patch should make it override their version of the script.

I'll look in to it more when I can get home.

Also, it doesn't look like any of the official patches or DLCs have made any changes to the script since Skyrim's release.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 7 @ 9:32上午 
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 7 @ 9:08上午 
It might be conflicting with the unofficial patch. I see in it's changelog that they made script changes to the hawks. I'll download it this afternoon and check.
Sergun169 2013 02 月 7 @ 9:01上午 
All the mods i used are only fixing ones,such as Unofficial patch and etc. I was fast traveling from markarth to riften and back more than 10 days,am sure they respawned but your script still not working.
Samutz  [作者] 2013 02 月 7 @ 8:49上午 
@Dhomochevski @Sergun169
You probably have another mod that conflicts with it.
Also if you loaded a save near the hawks right after installing the mod, you may need to fast travel to another location and then back to make the hawks reload with the corrected script.
I will test it again when I get home today to make sure it works with the latest patch and DLCs.
Dhomochevski 2013 02 月 7 @ 8:17上午 
this mod does not work
Sergun169 2013 02 月 6 @ 10:58上午 
Waited till they respawn again,but it doesn't work,hawks and bone hawks are still invincible.
May be this mod not support latest patch?
PhoebusVT 2013 02 月 4 @ 2:04下午 
For all the hawks shooting fans out there... did you know you can shoot the wings off of butterflies!? XD

"Skyrim was once the land of many butterflies. Now, not so much." - M'aiq the Liar
Dr. Dog ᴹᴰ 2013 01 月 22 @ 2:55下午 
Fast traveled to Riften, slept in an inn for 72 hours, then waited 72 hours. Went back to the vampire castle to kill bone hawks, but they're still invincible.. :/
Samutz  [作者] 2013 01 月 21 @ 2:45下午 
@Dr. Dog ᴹᴰ Try fast traveling away from the area where the bone hawks are at, wait 3 days in game, and then travel back. This should make them reset.
Dr. Dog ᴹᴰ 2013 01 月 21 @ 11:02上午 
Hawks are killable again, but still cannot kill bonehawks.. :(
MR.hyde 2013 01 月 6 @ 2:02下午 
loled never thought about attacking them birds till i saw that mod xD
Keizerdoc 2012 11 月 21 @ 12:53下午 
Plus you can get alchemical ingrediants.
Clail 2012 10 月 29 @ 10:32上午 
An essential fix for anyone who hates hawks as much as I do.
theamazingspliff 2012 10 月 6 @ 4:23下午 
it dosent work for me...
Xeno 2012 08 月 17 @ 9:49下午 
Thanks. I was out of targets to shoot!
Samutz  [作者] 2012 08 月 8 @ 8:41上午 
Yep, you can hit them with spells too and probably melee weapons too if you can get close enough.
Littlejon 2012 08 月 7 @ 11:49下午 
...i just found out that you could shoot hawks! Thanks!
Fast Eddie 2012 08 月 7 @ 9:11下午 
Sweet! I hate using Curse and hated that this wasn't up on Nexus, so thank you for putting it on the Workshop!
Alice 2012 08 月 7 @ 5:38上午 
Where does rest a great hawk, where we can ride on...? :) Like in lord of the rings...! ;)