Throwing Weapons - Death From Afar: Special Weapons
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cosmosis máj. 11. @ de. 8:39 
do you have to collect the weapons once you have thrown them?
ShockBlade máj. 4. @ de. 10:13 
I did the block bash with Mjolnir didn;t do anything, may be a bug.
Toaster ápr. 1. @ de. 9:17 
I can't find the chest.
Lord VonBreburg febr. 2. @ du. 12:08 
oh and could you add jarate from Team Fortress 2?
Wertologist jan. 28. @ de. 7:28 
Installed it, but the chest did not have Captain Skyrims shield or Mjolnir
Sauronseye12347 2014. dec. 25. @ du. 5:43 
download the mod. Why? Because Lemons.
Axisfyre 2014. okt. 24. @ du. 4:51 
I think you need to make a redux of this mod as well
๒પɼกรץ 2014. aug. 1. @ du. 8:23 
Grandspasguitars 2014. jún. 26. @ de. 8:11 
@CloneEskimo I found in the console there are two versions. If one doesn't work, console command the different one, and that should work.
Loaf Bloke 2014. ápr. 29. @ de. 11:47 
This Guy Should Make A Flipping Table Weapon..
wraith 2014. ápr. 14. @ du. 5:20 
could you make batarangs
Adrien 2014. febr. 16. @ du. 9:41 
um i havnt even installed the mod and somehow i have cap skyrims shield anyway...
disads 2013. okt. 14. @ du. 4:54 
i cant even start skyrim
Tony 2013. szept. 21. @ de. 6:20 
Where the hell is the chest?
Spykers 2013. szept. 7. @ de. 8:18 
1. I can't find the chest
2. Mjolnir doesn't work, neither does the shield
The Immortal One 2013. aug. 20. @ de. 6:04 
when I find the chest, the special weapons aren't inside, is there a problem with this?
Gutshot ۞ ۞ ۞۞ ۞۞۞ 2013. júl. 28. @ du. 10:28 
JOHNSMITH11 2013. jún. 23. @ du. 5:22 
When you throw it, do you have to go get it, or does it come back to you?
Nakata 2013. jún. 21. @ de. 6:33 
This is a great series of mods, but sadly this one causes game crashes.
Caboose 2013. jún. 1. @ du. 8:06 
When life gives you lemons, make them combustible.
AK von Bismarck 2013. máj. 25. @ du. 1:50 
If life gives you lemons...
blow stuff up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Solomon Reaver 2013. febr. 17. @ de. 10:07 
was really looking forward to the mod, love the deat from afar mods, but sadly crashed my game each time, cant find the mods that might be incompatible but there isnt any, something im missing?
Vengeance 2013. febr. 16. @ de. 10:25 
@ 3 down
well now you can weaken someone before choppin off their head :D
matthew cook 2013. jan. 25. @ de. 1:51 
only reason of getting this part....combustible lemons and i never had played portal.
don.paten 2013. jan. 6. @ du. 8:27 
have you tried unsubscribing from the mod (or mods), loading your game(making sure it is was unchecked in the data files), saving, exit, resubscribe then load again?
✠Ӈeadαcɛ!✠ 2012. dec. 30. @ du. 5:11 
I have a small problem. Is there a way to disable the Combustible Lemon? I threw it and now every swing of a sword I make launches another. This makes close combat a bit difficult and fighting near allies quite risky, unless I'm up for some jail time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Skullface 2012. dec. 25. @ de. 4:28 
Now all you need are some batarangs and you have all the throwables you will ever need.
Grayback 2012. dec. 20. @ de. 2:20 
mmm... Cave Johnson
lildudelux 2012. dec. 17. @ de. 1:12 
mom22seans if you have multiple mods going its may be a conflict or your computer isn as great as you thought
LordX 2012. dec. 11. @ du. 6:23 
it wont let me play freackin game please fix it
|Z| Morgan 2012. dec. 9. @ du. 12:09 
didnt work
Ramark 2012. nov. 27. @ du. 11:49 
Yellow acid be apon 'ye!
Wafflenaut 2012. nov. 26. @ du. 4:47 
FINALLY, something with a portal 2 reference in it xD! throwable combustable lemons FTW! :D
exodragonmage 2012. nov. 24. @ de. 4:14 
could you make it so that Mjölnir never misses the target and comes flying back to you like the real one? :D
Judge QC 2012. nov. 5. @ du. 11:08 
I see you have mentioned making Batarangs soon, something I am really excited about as I currently play using The Dark Knight mod. Any idea on when this might be done?
CortezTheKiller 2012. okt. 23. @ du. 5:05 
This mod is strangely enough, causing my skyrim to crash just after showing the bethesda logo. I would really love to use this mod i hope you have a fix :(
Eustach the Wanderer 2012. okt. 19. @ du. 10:23 
I'd love to see throwing-chickens that explode on contact. And when they're thrown they flap their wings in typical going-nowhere chicken fashion. This flapping, however, does cause the chicken to slow down as it's thrown, so an enemy could easily get out of the way. So the best use of chicken grenades would be in targeting crowds. By the time I learn how to create my own mods, if no one else has created this one, it'll be one of the first I'll try to do. ^_^
Conga Knight Gruffalo 2012. okt. 7. @ du. 7:17 
ozzyt 2012. okt. 5. @ du. 5:41 
batarangs and throwing stars would be awesome...maybe flaming skulls or something weird like that lol
deathhawk11 [ßЯς] 2012. okt. 5. @ de. 10:38 for people who don't like to copy and paste links
thehearne97 2012. okt. 3. @ de. 10:10 
Holy Handgrenade of Antioch (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
ozzyt 2012. szept. 29. @ du. 12:48 
lightsabers...nuff said
bnrboy1121 2012. szept. 25. @ du. 12:06 
It all looks awesome... except the lemons and killing me though(not literally. They just aren't lore friendly... get rid of the lemons and I will be an loyal supporter!
Madrilous  [készítő] 2012. szept. 22. @ du. 2:41 
have had time to consider your suggestions for a new special weapon. A few of your suggestions could be tied into the main mod and will eventually ( and hopefully) be added to that. As for the rest it came down to how easy it would be to implement and model and I have come to a decission

So its going to be.... Batarangs! Predictable? Maybe. Awesome? Hell yeah!
It seems a few people suggested these so it would be pretty popular. What ultimately swayed my decision was after having a play in 3DS max and making a pretty Skyrimesque Batarang. Hope you are happy with decision :)

On a side note, Special Weapons have been overlooked a little but once I have finished some pretty major improvements to the main mod I hope to do some work here again.
JackTheStripper 2012. szept. 22. @ du. 2:20 
awesome work, my friend
loonboy1996 2012. szept. 20. @ de. 10:52 
how do you craft lemons?
silentman919 2012. szept. 17. @ du. 9:21 
Dude, you totally gotta make a Batarang from the BATMAN franchise!!! You could do the classic Batarang like in the comics and the shuriken kind from the Nolan films--they could even have Paralyze so it'll be like when B-man throws a batarang and disables the badguy!
Madrilous  [készítő] 2012. szept. 17. @ de. 12:52 
@TheUnCola I like that idea and it may not be too difficult to implement... But if it works it would be that awesome it would need a whole mod of its own
kristar1234 2012. szept. 16. @ du. 9:57 
LOLOLOL dat captain skyrim shield xD
TheUnCola 2012. szept. 16. @ du. 6:13 
I say the coolest thrown weapon of all time to add into your mod would have to be from the movie KRULL. The spinning 5 pointed mind controlled throwing star called the glaive. Images can be found here and the best way to implement it would be as a spell that tags mutliple targets highlighting them in a seperate color effect. Then use the weapon and watch it fly to each target in the order that each creature was tagged using the spell.
Death From Afar is an AWESOME MOD keep up the good work Madrilous!