Enhanced Blood Textures 3.5d
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evilcloudyness 19 сер о 20:44 
Will this damage my game or make it crash (I have Dawnguard and Hearthfire) ?
Postal Walmart Manager 19 сер о 16:58 
could you make it so the oil when hit by fire lights on fire?
SlavkaSkor_III 19 сер о 9:55 
почему не работает???
Black Osprey 18 сер о 17:51 
i love all of your mods
Killerpils 18 сер о 13:42 
Very Good mod
Baphogir 17 сер о 9:59 
@Athimos would be also cool to include that feature, in this mod. im only aware of the blood on the weapon and floor.
GaryTHAGoat 16 сер о 17:05 
im having an issue when swimming in game above water everything is fine but if i dive everything goes grey or black, no visuals at all, was wodering if its just me
moltas2010 16 сер о 6:24 
TyroneDahThief 15 сер о 19:47 
I love this mod
Athimos 14 сер о 16:11 
How come blood doesn't appear on my armor?
Necromancer :3 13 сер о 18:36 
$$MIXMASTER$$ 10 сер о 18:44 
lol nvm i got it
$$MIXMASTER$$ 10 сер о 18:38 
idk why but the blood textures arent working for me
chunkylumpy 9 сер о 20:25 
can you make one with body parts getting cut off. like legs arms hands that kind of stuff?
General_Cheesie 9 сер о 10:00 
This mod is cool but the dead people don't have pools of blood and the blood doesn't splatter onto my armor. anyway to fix this?
jpmcnugent 8 сер о 20:07 
how do i relaunch the game so the mod will download? or do i need to do something eles because its been 2 weeks and its not in my files
oceliogama 8 сер о 14:17 
Simplesmente SENSACIONAL
Tycho 7 сер о 15:41 
Anyone know if this is compatible with Deadly Mutilation?
Jebbuddy 7 сер о 10:01 
The Bloodier The Better
sniddunc 6 сер о 9:42 
The only place I can't see the blood is on the Guard training area/Outside castle dour in solitude. The rest works perfectly.
Baphogir 4 сер о 11:32 
@aeldin dont know if games can explode but the compact patch is optional ..or just dont instal it? anyway you're textures are in you're hands, you'll be fine.
AELDIN 2 сер о 4:35 
if i use dawnguard and D Born but dont get the compat patch what will happen, will the content still work but use the old textures or will my game explode?
Mr. Noobert 1 сер о 20:24 
my blood comes in squares
SkyKnight 1 сер о 10:03 
If your computer can handle it download a graphic collection, they look AMAZING
-El Chapo- 1 сер о 2:23 
blood doesnt seeem to stay on floor on mie? any ideas?
-El Chapo- 1 сер о 2:22 
y does it not show ion the floor??
Baphogir 28 лип о 9:20 
@patatogod try uninstall - reinstalling and/or rearanging your modds by datafiles- modload order, hope it works if not try sugestion listed above GL.
Potato God 27 лип о 9:00 
Potato God 27 лип о 9:00 
I got the mod, now I can't get ino Skyrim :(
jack 26 лип о 3:58 
Thank you
kaiser20191981 25 лип о 16:44 
Good mod work here! so much better than the vanilla.
Potato God 25 лип о 12:41 
going with this one :D
Potato God 25 лип о 12:40 
I wish I could decide between this and "Crimson Tide - Blood *NEW 2.2*". This allows body parts coming off (aside from the head) but in "Crimson Tide - Blood *NEW 2.2*", there is slash marks on the enemy, and its bloodier.
Dan4ik1003 25 лип о 9:08 
oh! GOOOOD!!!!!
Herr_Kampf™ 24 лип о 10:11 
This is great for wars!!!!!
Spieler © 24 лип о 7:56 
Aaaa, that cool!
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad 23 лип о 15:56 
just like arena and daggerfall, thoose were the good old days
lxMattAranxl 23 лип о 10:23 
Tested, and he's right... I cut off a bandits head and it worked! It was so gruesome... so horrifying... and yet so satisfying the way his body was bloodied... while his head was rollin', and he's hatin', mad that it was sliced off his shoulders! (anyone caught that part? hint: it's a song)
Baphogir 23 лип о 9:27 
@Han_Yolo 123 had that same problem but fixed it by reading somewhere here.. that you might want to up your decal quantity to high or ultra (worked for me on high) it can be found this way *startup skyrim load up yer modds then go to>options/under play>detail>advanced 4th option is decal. gl hope it works if it does hf!
Chi 22 лип о 15:43 
Weird, it stopped working
Yoshimi Sugai 22 лип о 11:24 
Painting Skyrim red never looked this good.
Han_Yolo 123 22 лип о 10:22 
i need help. i have blood splatters on the dead bodies, but none on the ground. so i tried to unistall and follow the steps. i typed in this exact order: Stopquest zGoreEffectsNPCQuest Stopquest zGoreEffectsNPCQuestUpdate stopquest zGoreEffectsPlayerQuest. (with no period) and i was in a room with no npcs and no splatters, and it kept saying script not found. i dont know if i did it right or wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Baphogir 21 лип о 14:35 
great mod, just an idea springs into mind ..more drips off the weapon after a kil. And wound drips (for hunting purpous) immagine it, it would blend nicely into the game experiance.cheers for the effort and the splendid mod so far. *well worth hitting that thumb up*
bruins3721 19 лип о 15:29 
is deadly mutilation just for nexus?
brungabriel 18 лип о 21:01 
really good
Destructech_01 17 лип о 6:59 
Delicious blood everywhere, looks good on the floor and on my sword :)
claudio.repe 17 лип о 2:20 
Ottima mod. Rende parecchio bene ! Complimenti e GRAZIE :)
Splinter 16 лип о 19:43 
haha but in the end it doesnt even matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVOLUTION IS JUST A THEORY. SAVE YOUR CHILDREN. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO TEACH IN SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!! THE WORD OF THE LORD IS LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! i called you a nas you're a nasssssi
Oren385 16 лип о 6:02 
Best mod ever, if you are thinking about it, make sure to subscribe it it just is brilliant. Make the game more mature and doesn't fit milk drinkers!
MB25_Mario 15 лип о 18:38