Enhanced Blood Textures 3.5E
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OndskabensAksel 13 saat önce 
I only used magic the first time. Then I tried to restart the game - No effect, Completing other quests - no effect, other weapons - no effect, hands only - no effect, uninstalling mod - worked.
Anyway, I have no problems now, så I'm happy.
sabretooth.jellyfish 19 Eyl @ 5:19pm 
Finally. blood that doesn't have that weird lighting texture.
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 19 Eyl @ 3:09pm 
Sounds more like the quest broke randomly on its own. Did you also cast fire magic when you when you fought him a second time?
OndskabensAksel 19 Eyl @ 4:40am 
This was the first and only mod i installed.
The first ting i did to Vilkas was to use flames on him, and he said something about not using magic here. Then I started pounding him woth my mace, but nothing happened.
I finally unsubscibed the mod, wen't to Vilkas, and after three hits the quest was complete.
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 15 Eyl @ 3:55pm 
I did a test on this quest and didn’t experience any issues. Are you using other blood mods or mod that doesn’t apply the cloaking spell correctly? This mod includes the bug patch so this wouldn’t happen when you do unarmed brawls with certain characters, as long as the mod also followed a the suggested method.

The update didn’t change anything major in the scripts. Did you install other mods or change anything when the update went up? Are you using a memory allocator mod? This will help to improve the stability of the game.
Luctus 15 Eyl @ 12:52pm 
After the latest update(today 15.sep). My Skyrim keeps on crashing after a few sec everytime I enter my save. The same thing happens when I try to turn off the mod. Please help.
OndskabensAksel 15 Eyl @ 12:14pm 
This mod broke the "Training with Vilkas" quest.
Apple_crunch 15 Eyl @ 12:40am 
Ok, Thanks :)
imperialguy3 14 Eyl @ 11:15pm 
Gore +
-> Game enjoyment +
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 14 Eyl @ 7:32am 
@Apple_crunch, Ontario
Get the patches from the link in this mod's description. If you don't use it, then bleeding will be incorrect for new creatures added to those DLCs and the crossbow will not cause wounds.
Ontario 14 Eyl @ 5:00am 
I always wanted to kill my enemies and see them bleed dry, but I have all the DLCs. . .
Apple_crunch 13 Eyl @ 3:37pm 
This looks great, but since I am using Dawnguard and other DLCs will the mod break if I don't use the Nexus version?
SquireMcGroggins 13 Eyl @ 1:39pm 
Great mod! I've put some time into Skyrim and I feel more immersed with this mod on than others. I like when you shoot them with the arrow and see the blood pumping out. gives it the vibe of realism.
bbc 11 Eyl @ 12:13pm 
this is fantastic
Baphogir 11 Eyl @ 5:29am 
@Rotherwhite try uninstall - reinstalling if that doesn't work try to up your decal quantity to high or ultra (worked for me on high) it can be found this way *startup skyrim load up yer modds then go to>options/under play>detail>advanced 4th option is decal. let me know if that did it.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 Eyl @ 4:13am 
Any help would me appreciated , thx
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 8 Eyl @ 4:10am 
Um, the blood doesnt go on the floor...
Baphogir 5 Eyl @ 10:39am 
@Little_Tyrant the answer is yes. But in the rare case that u have trouble, or the results are not what you hoped for .. allot of help right here. goodluck
Little_Tyrant 4 Eyl @ 12:27am 
So, all I want to know is , if I subscribe, can I just launch the game and play, or is it more complicated then that? I'm not very good with going through game files and all that, so I'm hoping it's simple. :D
cyclopsgd 3 Eyl @ 9:18am 
i like it
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 1 Eyl @ 6:16pm 
@Mr. Omega
You shouldn't have fps problem with this mod. There is a lower resolution version located on the Nexus site if needed.

Use this mod:

That mod might be unstable and it will conflict with mods that change the skeleton.nif. Like ragdolls and body mods.

I am working on another version, but the changes won't be as drastic like 3.0 and 3.5. Mostly minor script related changes.

You going to have to type those in the console if you want to have options like with the MCM, athough its very limited.

(how much % damage to cause more blood)
zblood_severeMin .20

(Blood pools)
zblood_poolenabled 1

(Script apply delay)
zblood_scriptdelay 2

(Blood on weapons timer)
fWeaponbloodlifetime 360

Things like screen blood are better off controlled by the optional files that I've provided.

Mr. Omega 31 Ağu @ 3:19pm 
Will this hurt my FPS?
Davnat 28 Ağu @ 4:34am 
Would love to be able to see death cam and chop arms as well as heads
BigJ 27 Ağu @ 4:35pm 
Looks beautiful. I got in a fight with some mages on some snowy ground, and it looked like a Quentin Tarantino movie. Thumbs up.
SteveTheGuy 27 Ağu @ 8:09am 
Is there a way to acsses the options to change things for the mod, without having to use SkyUi or MCM?
Baphogir 27 Ağu @ 6:42am 
@BakaKemono Would you pls be so kind to inform us->Are you working on a newer version? And what are you adding/changing?
Venom77t 24 Ağu @ 7:25pm 
Awesome mod, I like how you can choose how bloody you want the game to be in options.
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 24 Ağu @ 12:12pm 
I don’t remember, it was probably a popular one that was released at the time.
chek-leun 23 Ağu @ 1:35pm 
In the first image, it says with ENB, which ENB is being used in that photo? Sorry for being unclear.
BakaKemono  [yaratıcı] 23 Ağu @ 1:18am 
You have to run the game's launcher to download Steam mods and make sure that it is finished. This is the same for all Steam mods.

Certain creatures will not bleed correctly when you don't use a patch.

@Captain Qwark
I'm using none.

@Nicolas Cage, General_Cheesie
Did you even read the mod notes? This is also mentioned in the FAQ.

They conflict

Not a mod related issue.

@Athimos, Baphogir, General_Cheesie
You need to be attacked while in 3rd person because of game engine limitation. It's also mentioned in the FAQ.

@Mr. Noobert
Possible conflicting mod.

Solitude Is bugged, decals (magic / blood) will not appear on most surfaces in the city.

@Potato God
CT doesn't do that, and you didn't uninstall that mod correctly.

There is a mod that does that, but it's unstable.
chek-leun 23 Ağu @ 12:27am 
What ENB is this?
Bundles 22 Ağu @ 7:04pm 
fantastic mod!!
aroundthefur79 22 Ağu @ 6:39pm 
Anyone know if this is compatible with the More Blood and Gore mod ?. I'm not sure if it's this one or that one that doesn't seem to work correctly... Any input would greatly be appreciated also I have all the DLC's maybe that could be the issue.
Baphogir 21 Ağu @ 12:20pm 
@evilcloudyness most mods run just fine on the run of the mill computers, unless you have more then 20 some mods wont load depending on what place the stand on the load...eh ..list? just press subscribe already! and dont forget to give a nice rate.
evilcloudyness 19 Ağu @ 8:44pm 
Will this damage my game or make it crash (I have Dawnguard and Hearthfire) ?
Slowpoke( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 19 Ağu @ 4:58pm 
could you make it so the oil when hit by fire lights on fire?
SlavkaSkor_III 19 Ağu @ 9:55am 
почему не работает???
Black Osprey 18 Ağu @ 5:51pm 
i love all of your mods
Killerpils 18 Ağu @ 1:42pm 
Very Good mod
Baphogir 17 Ağu @ 9:59am 
@Athimos would be also cool to include that feature, in this mod. im only aware of the blood on the weapon and floor.
Musical extermination 16 Ağu @ 5:05pm 
im having an issue when swimming in game above water everything is fine but if i dive everything goes grey or black, no visuals at all, was wodering if its just me
moltas2010 16 Ağu @ 6:24am 
TyroneDahThief 15 Ağu @ 7:47pm 
I love this mod
Athimos 14 Ağu @ 4:11pm 
How come blood doesn't appear on my armor?
Necromancer :3 13 Ağu @ 6:36pm 
$$MIXMASTER$$ 10 Ağu @ 6:44pm 
lol nvm i got it
$$MIXMASTER$$ 10 Ağu @ 6:38pm 
idk why but the blood textures arent working for me
chunkylumpy 9 Ağu @ 8:25pm 
can you make one with body parts getting cut off. like legs arms hands that kind of stuff?
General_Cheesie 9 Ağu @ 10:00am 
This mod is cool but the dead people don't have pools of blood and the blood doesn't splatter onto my armor. anyway to fix this?
jpmcnugent 8 Ağu @ 8:07pm 
how do i relaunch the game so the mod will download? or do i need to do something eles because its been 2 weeks and its not in my files