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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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kdodds 16 timmar sedan 
I have not noticed any FPS difference whatsoever. It's nigh on impossible for this mod to crash a game. More likely there's a problem with other conflicting mods and/or bad load order.
patman151 4 okt @ 9:33am 
Will this affect my FPS?
Abyssed 27 sep @ 11:10am 
Keeps crashing my game
Kung Lao 23 sep @ 7:23pm 
Love this mod but apperently this mod makes me crash
jdm311 14 sep @ 2:06pm 
One improvement could be blood stains caused by rolling severed heads
jdm311 14 sep @ 1:50pm 
This mod is perfect for my bloodlust =P
The twitchy remains are a good touch too
lancer45 11 sep @ 4:02am 
This mod is very perfect! But unable in the game now
usafnco 10 sep @ 12:57pm 
I now know why I was getting crashes after uninstalling, I uninstalled this improperly last time I used it [I used to NEVER look at descriptions]. Also, is there a way to turn off screen blood?
BakaKemono  [skapare] 5 sep @ 10:22pm 
There should be a new option added to the menu list when you press the ESC key after you load a save.

Yes, you can also change them with the mod menu.

@Kirron 999
No DLC required.

thanks :)

@Luisfran Aloha
I think you mean they don't appear on faces. This is caused by a game limitation. Another mod callled Bloody Facials will attempt to fix this.
Luisfran Aloha 5 sep @ 1:27pm 
i have put the command,but,the blood only appears on the face
TheGangstarTY 5 sep @ 1:27pm 
This reminds me of Chivalry. How all of the NPCs in the video charge at eachother and blood splatters everywhere.
Nice work! Makes the game feel a lot more immersive now too :)
Kirron 999 4 sep @ 2:44pm 
Do I nedd DLC?
Taking Drawing Requests! 4 sep @ 2:38pm 
Hey Baka! Looks like a cool mod, just one thing, does the blood dissolve after a bit? Thanks!
Rocket 4 sep @ 1:15pm 
I asked how to enable blood settings menu wich key???
Dranged 4 sep @ 8:56am 
It's already installed but its fine. It appears to work either way. :(.. I think its a steam issue
BakaKemono  [skapare] 4 sep @ 8:50am 
@ MashpotMC , Rocket
To get the mod menu you must install SKYUI and SKSE.

@ Captain Caleb
Did you get a EBT message when you loaded your save?

@ Dranged
You need to wait for the game to install the mod when you have the launcher open. It could be some other issue on Steam's side.

@ SquiddlyDiddly
It's a game bug. You can counter this by reducing the decal lifetime, but this will also affect blood splatters. Another way is to reequip your armor.
I love Vilja and Emma 4 sep @ 7:23am 
Rocket 4 sep @ 7:10am 
How to enable menu?
Dranged 2 sep @ 7:51am 
Not working. Says Im not subscribed in data files when I am subscribed. How to fix?
SquiddlyDiddly 29 aug @ 2:14pm 
This works well, however my character has blood all over her and it won't come off. D: lol If I save and reload I get the feeling it'll still be there.
MλshpotMC 28 aug @ 3:30am 
Hey baka, how do i bring up the blood options menu???
Huakines 27 aug @ 3:38pm 
Debería traerlo el juego de serie, magnifico.
MrAwesome54 27 aug @ 11:18am 
Since my Dovahkiin likes beheading as much as possible for some dumb reason, this will work to add some sizzle to the overused killcam... thanks!
Money Muncher 26 aug @ 12:02am 
This mod is so gross...... PERFECT
The Dark Watcher 25 aug @ 7:27pm 
i have decals quantity set the the maximum but no blood pools appear. Help!
Maxgunnar 21 aug @ 9:06am 
Thanks :)
The Theory 19 aug @ 12:22pm 
@15colours and stranger danger :)
RyNoCeRaPtOr 18 aug @ 8:26pm 
wonder if this works in bed? ;P
15colours 11 aug @ 2:44am 
fuck any mod but this
Baphogir 9 aug @ 3:02am 
for decaps reach skils, Savage Strikes or Devastating Blow. dunnow if unarmed or magic can do such limb dmg
Baphogir 6 aug @ 5:32am 
@Sashimi fill up skill tree of 1 armed or 2 armed weps... decappitations will come.
@GreyWolf its good with most mods, yes but may/or may not, conflict with simular mods
@woodshack12 ..Re-susbscribe, or set your decal, higher for bloodspatters (still works for me so it didnt stop)
beanz31424 4 aug @ 1:39pm 
Quite bloody 2 aug @ 5:22pm 
Beautifully gorey.
GreyWolf 2 aug @ 7:35am 
will it go good whit all mods
WvrrenBlvck 1 aug @ 5:45am 
so much blood splatters but its in hd so its really good and I really love this mod
Kyoko Swagkura 31 jul @ 1:26am 
love love LOVE!! God this is GREAT!! I LOVE seeing all this blood when killing someone, and honestly.. it actually makes me feel guilty when killing someone and seeing all their blood everywhere. But honestly I LOVE THIS!!
Ye 28 jul @ 5:40pm 
How come there is no decapitation? I want limbs to come off, make it seem more real.
direwolf14 27 jul @ 1:04pm 
this mod is great but the blood splatter has stopped WHY!
lisayates7 26 jul @ 4:21pm 
so much blood
ross 24 jul @ 10:46pm 
Sorry, i like liquid-y blood :P
ewww xD
BakaKemono  [skapare] 21 jul @ 3:35am 
There are multiple mods that do that. Search for them on Nexus or Steam Workshop.
Fenik 20 jul @ 4:28pm 
Fenik 20 jul @ 4:28pm 
i get bloodsick this is too muck for me
Fenik 20 jul @ 4:27pm 
can you make a oppisote mod, a NO BLOOD mod?
Molag Bal 19 jul @ 11:16am 
Pretty mod :3
HiVltg33 19 jul @ 2:42am 
Barhooo da kangaroo 18 jul @ 6:57pm 
BakaKemono  [skapare] 18 jul @ 1:44am 
@ 戒律牧师, Shadow Strider
This mod includes the brawl bugs patch, but it may not fix all brawl issues. Try installing an alternate version of the brawl bugs patch found in the comments section.

@ mabva
You have to set your decal graphics set to high to see any blood. If you want better performance get the the Nexus version and use the lower resolution textures.

@ DeadlyToxin
It will work with the texture pack.