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Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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Chicken Nuggets 6 小时以前 
some good shit..but uh i dont want the police to see it
Cobalt 10月23日上午11:01 
Now I can murder in HD!
Tian 10月22日上午8:25 
oh this is really good
RugLev 10月9日下午2:30 
Someone give this man a cookie!
=^.^= Pumpshotgun Cat with Gun! 10月7日下午7:41 
Reminds me of Left 4 Dead 1 Blood Thxs!
BakaKemono  [作者] 10月3日下午11:33 
@ Bill
Set your decal graphics higher

@ HitokiriFrank
Using a DLC/Mod patch without having the actual plugin.

I have not tried it myself, but I would expect new creatures added by that mod will not bleed correctly.

Did you get a error message when you typed that in the console? If so, then it means the mod isn't even installed.

The changes to your screen blood seems to be caused by another mod or some sort of conflict. Make sure the plugin is gone from your mod load order.
The Blitzkrieg 9月30日下午5:25 
i typed this and it didint work btw. stopquest zGoreEffectsPlayerQuest
The Blitzkrieg 9月30日下午5:21 
my game is bugged due to me getting rid of the mod, but the blood on the screen effect is still active as a HUGE white screen flash which makes it impossible to see what im doing, i uninstalled the mod and unsubbed to it and it still happens. pls help!
hek189 9月17日下午12:59 
@MayoLuck Use the nexus version with no dlc
Walrus143 9月3日上午3:19 
why is this mod so hard to find?
MayoLuck 8月30日下午6:08 
will this work with Enderal, and if so anyone have a link to mods that will? Thanks Fellas
Dirtytear [GER] 8月30日下午1:13 
Freaking awesome! I love it so much. Best mod ever. Thank you very much. :)
HitokiriFrank 8月26日下午7:24 
dude i really love this mod, but makes my game crash, you know if we could fix that? tank you
quiconan2000 8月26日上午3:10 
god , very god
elswick1211 8月24日上午5:39 
same for me i kille bandits guards animals anything i see dies (exept gurds most of the time)
Bill Cosby 8月20日上午11:21 
Theres no blood on the floors or walls but its on my swords and characters. Is there a fix for this?
Huntario Raptis 8月16日下午5:02 
Disease spreading death
Entire population dies
Dead before you're born
Massive suicide
Vicious game of fear
It's all extermination now
Poison in your veins
Global genocide
Slaughter governs law
The apocalypse begins
Pain becomes the norm
Seeking homicide
Beware the coming storm
That starts illuminating fires
God is laughing hard
Man has gone insane
World painted blood
No sanctuary
World painted blood
No sanctuary

Slayer - World Painted Blood
Help Im Slow 8月15日下午9:42 
Hey I need help This is the only blod mod i have installed but I cant get the pools or anything exept for the slash
Oniin 8月10日上午5:34 
omg Best mod on workshop right now. how did I ever play without this????
Filmfan aka Jarl BALLIN 8月9日下午7:51 
i notice that blood randomly appered on my hands and forearm, but it was like a 3% of the time. Not sure if that was a feature, but if it wasn't can you add that? Other than that, bloody great mod
UFO'S King of skulls | 7月26日上午8:53 
Doctorj05 7月21日上午9:44 
Mr . D 7月19日上午4:43 
Fb||Hobohunter104 7月18日上午10:41 
I dont have any lighting mods, but the blood is really dark for me. Can it get any brighter?
Tygrono 7月17日上午5:18 
Epic :)
Smilez 7月13日下午8:21 
TY For The Help! Idk I had so many issues with the mod i had to get rid of it D; But you are amazing at what you do, and i consider you as one of the best workshop modders, as all of your other mods work perfectly i cannot wait to see what game you make amazing for me!
Timesplitter 7月13日下午4:39 
This mod has been included in "THE ULTIMNATE LORE FRIENDLY SKYRIM MODS COLLECTION", updated 07/13/2016. Thank you for your wonderful addition to this collection. Please check it out at
BakaKemono  [作者] 7月13日下午1:22 
You don't need more than 1 graphics card to run the mod, I never needed to. If you are experiencing slowdown you can download the lower resolution version found the Nexus. Make sure that you edited your SKSE to allow the game to handle memory properly to avoid crashes related to it.
Smilez 7月12日下午5:32 
Ty I know what mcm is lol, definitely going to consider getting this mod! Buuuttt my pc has one graphic card so idk if I am going to crash... Do u know if the mod would cause any issues with my problem if not TY for the help!
BakaKemono  [作者] 7月12日上午10:38 
It will only be greyed out if you updated the mod incorrectly. If you want the MCM menu you need to have SKSE and SKYUI installed.

@Comrade Necron
-Check that you have decals amount graphics set to high.
-Make sure that my mod's plugin isn't active.
-Vanilla has a lower chance of bloodstains appearing.
Comrade Necron 7月12日上午10:21 
so after I uninstalled the mod correctly no vanilla bloodstains appear?
Smilez 7月11日下午11:54 
So do I need to clean save in order to properly download and ungrey my mcm menu? I really want this mod cause your a amazing creater and I just want to install it right so I don't have issues.
BakaKemono  [作者] 7月9日下午2:02 
Do you have the correct patches and that they are loaded after EBT main plugin in the load order? The main reason that Skyrim crashes as soon as you start the game is that a required plugin is missing or it is not in the correct load order.
KoFal 7月9日下午1:59 
Sorry for my bad english :)
KoFal 7月9日下午1:57 
I have all DLC and High Textures. It may by mods graphics.but it's weird because I played for them, and nothing ever has any crashes 3 moths ago :(
KoFal 7月9日下午1:55 
Man i normal this mod on subscribstion and if i load saved Game Crashed. I have mod probably compatyblity because i play in this Mods 3months. I have All DLC. :( I test this and unexplained reasons, can not be combined with any other mods ;(
BakaKemono  [作者] 7月9日下午1:47 
@Not a novize
It's not my mod that's causing your issue. Remember to use the memory patch in SKSE.

You just install the mod and that's it. If you want DLC patches you need to download the Nexus version as Valve will remove my external links to the patches. If you are crashing on start, you need to check that you don't have a mod that requires another file. You can check with a external mod manager application like Mod Manager.

You'll find all your answers in the mod's FAQ on Nexus.
KoFal 7月9日下午12:51 
What i must doing to play in this mod?
BakaKemono  [作者] 7月9日下午12:25 
Follow this to patch the game memory usage:

Skyrim Remaster will be in 64-Bit. So these types of script and memory issues shouldn't be a problem anymore.

It doesn't matter how much memoery your computer has, Skyrim can only run up to 4gb.
KoFal 7月9日上午11:47 
what can I do ? previously worked :( i have 8gb memory
BakaKemono  [作者] 7月9日上午11:07 
Expect game crashes If you don't use a mod that extends the game's memory.
Pulcoco A Velo Dans Le Ghetto 7月9日上午11:05 
Hi community! For a week or two i had some troubles with my skyrim, i had crashes or freeze (for about a minute!) every time i engaged a combat. After trying to delete all my mods, i found out that it was Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b that was causing the bugs, or maybe the interaction with one of my others 70 mods ( :p ). So for all of those who have this type of pb, consider turning off this mod and check if it is better =) (sorry for bad english, me frencherino)
KoFal 7月8日上午6:14 
Hello I have a problem . I had a break from Skyrim and returned to niego.Mam a parcel mods on which I played and now wants zagrać.Jednak when you try to start the game crashes to the desktop immediately after reading this normally I go with 4 seconds crashes :( fashion rather are compatible because the package once worked with the modem . What can I do ? HELP I played on it in April HELP !!!
Not a novize 7月7日下午3:28 
I am unable to click on any of the links to nexus as I am using my phone's mobile internet because my router crashed... anyway, I didn't see that there was a patch to this, so I played without it for some time. Can't open the Magic 'Inventory' (whatever it's called) anymore because it crashes. Unisntalled the mod - can't even load a game anymore. I will install the patch as soon as I have internet but will that fix the uninstall crash?
keeper 7月7日上午12:25 
this blood textures glichd my game and now i heve to heve it and the blood on hands look really bad and i deletad it and the game glichd >:(!!!!!!
siebex90 7月4日下午2:11 
Great mod blood and splatter :)
DiegoSteele 7月3日上午2:57 
авто вертолет 6月26日下午12:59 
Looks really nice :D
SloppyLlama 6月24日下午10:20 
any reason i'm having a failed: 2 notice when try to add it?
Starscream 6月21日上午3:02 
Update please. I donnt want to download from nexus