Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
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BakaKemono  [作者] 5月20日下午6:52 
Baphogir 5月19日下午3:12 
@Frog That's pretty cool idea if I were modder I would definitely implement that, with some of my own like bleeding,drag marks and more limbs flapping around. But sadly i'm not.
Frog 5月19日上午9:02 
hey, I have had your mod for a small time and loved it, even made a new game with it but im a mage and with shock spells like spark when i kill someone they just drop dead, i had an idea where maybe their body could twitch? or little sparks coming off? just an idea but anyway good job.
BaiShu 5月18日下午7:06 
要是有中文版 就好 了
BakaKemono  [作者] 5月18日上午11:14 
@ Mr. Mun
Contact Valve support for issues with the workshop subscriptions.

Going to depend on your system. The Nexus version has different texture quality that you can install.
Mr. Mun 5月17日上午10:49 
It says subscribed. but isn't appearing in my data files in the launcher. please help? had this mod before and i love it.
aleksanderjarlemann 5月16日下午1:50 
does this affect performance?

RachelleGwen39 5月15日下午12:14 
This is my absolute favorite blood texture mod so far. In my opinion it's better than Crimson Tide! I definitely recommend this mod to anyone who is unsatisfied with the vanilla blood textures.
AJ_NL 5月12日上午7:12 
BakaKemono  [作者] 5月12日上午2:38 
@ NaveedLife
Did you get a notification in the game that the mod started?

@ Yeinzy
You might need to contact Valve support for issues with the workshop subscriptions.

You just move one of the plugins into your data folder and activate it. Move a file named "dD-Dragonborn-Dawnguard-EBT Patch.esp"
miterudake 5月11日上午2:57 
certyuipo 5月8日下午2:09 
good mod
Yeinzy 5月6日上午5:44 
doesnt comes any blood for me, where is the script folder?
NaveedLife 5月4日下午2:23 
I just bought Dragonborn and Dawnguard, but then all my mods said they were not subscribed so I unsubscribed and resubscribed to all of them. This one still says "No" to being subscribed, and I assume it is because I had not downloaded the DL in the link that you mention on the mod page. I downloaded it, but am not sure where I am supposed to put the files or whatever to get it to work.

Could you help me please?

Casper 5月3日下午4:54 
Nice and bloody, i can see a vampire massacre just waiting to happen mwahahaha
BakaKemono  [作者] 5月3日上午8:41 
This does not change damage

Did you get a message when you loaded a save that the mod installed?


@Nerin Nightingale
You can disable the screen blood in the MCM menu.
BioRutto 5月3日上午6:49 
Do this mode deal more damage? It feels like it... or it's just my imagination.
Masked bobobobby 5月2日下午11:14 
Good. The vanilla blood was the Zero boss battle from Kirby Dreamland 3 levels of violence.
LEGO 5月2日上午9:30 
JustJay 5月2日上午1:03 
Made me a murderer... Someone take me to a doctor
DeAd_gOLdFisH 5月1日下午11:07 
I like this. The twitching... so good lol Good stuff, thank you.
_Cheshire_Rose_ 5月1日下午1:21 
So I downloaded this mod and it says that it is synchronsed and everything yet the blood effects still look the same. I am launching the game from Skyrim Script Extender. Does anyone have a fix?
Zolrak 4月30日下午8:26 
@corebantic welcome to the dark brotherhood :3 hail sithis
Haugeranville 4月28日上午9:52 
Nice mod :) Thanks for that !
Corebantic 4月27日下午6:28 
I've become a monster thanks to you. I find no pleasure in killing draugr and other undead. I wish to see the blood pool below me. I kill every innocent animal wandering the wilderness ,and every imperial patrol I see walking the roads. I have set everything to the bloodiest settings and made sure the blood lasts. What have I become?
skillrex 4月27日上午11:13 
do you need a dlc ?

{ABR} Boats 4月27日上午7:57 
Bloody Blood Everywhere!!!
Nerin Nightingale 4月26日下午8:54 
I like the idea of the new blood look, but could you make one that doesn't include the on-screen blood splatters that you get from being hurt?
Baphogir 4月26日下午2:09 
@CL4P-TP (GER,ENG) (cool name btw) is the box ticked on in data files ..i dont know why i just noticed myself after some absense the only thing i can think of is an update that's resetting gaming paramaters??..d-.-b So make sure /from time to time, that the mods u want active in the game are ticked ON in your datafiles GL HF
Scrook 4月26日上午9:46 
This mod is bloody amazing!
CL4P-TP (GER,ENG) 4月25日下午1:37 
still good mod
CL4P-TP (GER,ENG) 4月25日下午1:37 
CL4P-TP (GER,ENG) 4月25日下午1:37 
for some reason i dont get blood splatters in my screen :(
Crews Control 4月25日上午3:34 
It's modders like you that the guys at Bethesda can learn a thing or 2 from. Good work! =D
parkerv22 4月24日下午4:29 
2nd place fo me
parkerv22 4月24日下午4:29 
dude dis my fav mod
Ragnar The Red 4月19日下午3:44 
Holy shit this mod is great. +
arrowheadimposter 4月19日下午1:04 
i know this sounds stupid but wat bit of the vid was this mod on
Shadow.exe 4月17日下午3:33 
M&M'S 4月15日上午7:00 
M&M'S 4月14日上午9:24 
Jalast 4月14日上午7:42 
almost dead*
Jalast 4月14日上午7:42 
thank you for this. the best way to see your foe in person is dead,suffering,in a big puddle of his own blood. :3
JennyBaetrix|Trading 4月13日下午4:42 
BakaKemono  [作者] 4月12日下午7:55 
You have more options when you install the Nexus version. Things like compatibility patches, texture resolution, blood color, screen blood, and blood size.
JennyBaetrix|Trading 4月10日下午4:49 
Is the Nexus Version better in any way?
BakaKemono  [作者] 4月10日上午1:02 
The game is hardcoded to remove decals when you leave the area, load to another location, or when the decal lifetime timer runs out.

It should probably be this week as I do need to update the mod here to be 3.6a. I only down res textures that are less common, like oil or green blood.
Xx_Inquisitor_Dovakiin_xX 4月9日下午6:34 
You should make it so the blood stays with the body, for example, if you walk in to a tavern after a AWESOME fight with some Thalmor, blood is everywhere, and you feel so cool that you need to get an ale. Then, you walk outside, the blood is gone. Everytime it happens to me, I feel less cool. So maybe you can make it so the blood despawns WITH the body. Just a suggestion.
a scrub 4月8日上午4:41 
Wildcard 4月5日下午3:36 
With the upload limit removed, will we be seeing higher resolutions uploaded? :)