Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
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Pirλte Heλvy 27 дек в 21:55 
Indru 27 дек в 12:55 
I receive Steam Error 15 - Failed To Get Details For A Subscribed Mod.
clockworkskyfall 27 дек в 10:44 
@Haz_Mat_Wolf: Yes, it is very possible. But I believe it's only with blades, as there is a perk in the One-Handed (or Two-Handed) Skill Tree that gives you a chance to decapitate your enemies.
MEXAH1K 26 дек в 4:38 
Отлично) жаль только кровь исчезает раньше чем сам труп. ну а так просто шедевр :)
ZoMbInOs 24 дек в 17:22 
shoots a guy in the head with a bow, drops dead starts having seizures and spraying blood everywhere. MOST BRUTAL MOD EVER
Haz_Mat_Wolf 24 дек в 12:18 
I have a question, (Yes, im new with skyrim!) can you decapitate with weapons? Cuz i haven't managed to do that yet...
Shogun Melon 21 дек в 19:09 
timo143 20 дек в 3:17 
Nice :)
GeoMetric 16 дек в 22:37 
this is great
Thorzak Jellyfish 15 дек в 17:19 
Do I need SKSE/SkyUI for this to work? I'm fine with the vanilla options.
kai.jurisch 15 дек в 11:03 
Enhanced Blood Textures enhances my skyrim experience ;)
Valiast 14 дек в 22:56 
It makes my blood look bloodier.
cj71978 13 дек в 11:23 
this is a great mod and a must have
BakaKemono  [автор] 10 дек в 15:30 
The Nexus version will have more options when you install the mod. Some of the textures on the Steam version are lower resolution because of the file size limit.


Baphogir 10 дек в 12:01 
looks like the same mod.
generaliman 9 дек в 23:35 
i just want o know what the defference with http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/60
that link and the one is here on steam??? is it just the size?? or it effects the graphics too??
Dr.Evil80 8 дек в 22:32 
you should ad body mutalation like you can cut arm off or bash in heads like in fallout
behzatpinar 1 дек в 0:40 
if you like bloody fights this will be your favorite mode!
Sicosuicide 29 ноя в 16:02 
makes me feel great decapitating someone and watching the blood spur out like a fountain, beautiful sight
Xalkar [GER] 28 ноя в 6:56 
more Blood = more fun :D
Baphogir 26 ноя в 9:42 
@NaughtiusMaximus kind of vague in all.. if its a mod rellated unsubscribe that mod if its not comming from a mod. its ingame related try to fix it using tech support (4th option just after launching game and synchronizing) or try re-installing the game completely..mind i've never done this, but it stands to reason that u wil lose you're saved games, try to save them some how by locating them on your cpu or try make a backup of some sorts.> althou this might persist the audio error. Other then that im out of idea's.Gl sounds you need it (no pun intended)
NaughtiusMaximus 26 ноя в 0:06 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
polisci76 23 ноя в 19:13 
how do i get this mod
Aiems 23 ноя в 3:19 
jodibug62 22 ноя в 11:52 
blood and silver are what flow through SKYRIM
2 dangerous4U 20 ноя в 9:00 
what is the mod that allows you to get blood on the terrain?
Amduscias7 17 ноя в 3:14 
Baphogir 12 ноя в 7:12 
@wingeddreams Does it load at all while sincronization? Is your mod list to long? Try to unsubscribe and subscribe again. If that doesn't work try to set up your decal quantity to high or ultra (worked for me on high) It can be found this way *Startup skyrim load up yer modds then go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option schould be decal. Let me know if that did it. gl & hf.
Wingeddreams 11 ноя в 14:21 
Hey um this mod isn't working for me none of the blood features are working. Can you tell me what to do?
Tolga Bey 8 ноя в 12:39 
Limpingfox 7 ноя в 10:23 
This makes the game so much more fun
Baphogir 7 ноя в 5:16 
could not help to check it out the dlc's for myself. go to you're library and rightclick on the game to vieuw you're dlc. third option. the rest is self explainetorie. gl & hf
Baphogir 7 ноя в 4:53 
aroundthefur79 if im correcet you puchased Hearthfire. Produced by the game devellopers, now it belongs to you, since you paid for it. Just like other dlc(downloadable content) on your dlc list it should be still there, or available to you via conformation code. Wich you should have recieved by mail. mod's like this one are free and depending on the hard rendoring (integration of the game) easy to remove from outside and inside of the game. but all of that said i understand you're paranoia. all that gametime lost due to a mishap/mod debacle is anything but fun.
RobsAlGhul574 6 ноя в 20:45 
Ok my file updated, but I noticed you mentioned getting rid of the .ini that came with the mod. So is it ok to just delete the old .ini from my data folder?
aroundthefur79 6 ноя в 18:37 
Gotcha... Thanks Baphogir. Already made one huuuge mistake a while back by subbing to an expansion mod for one of the Hearthfire Homes (Windstad Manor), got rid of the mod an accidentally deleted the cleansave Attributed to that mod and now I can no longer build Winstad Manor in any of my other games! =(. I know my fault but since then i've become a little paranoid reguarding certain mods
Lans 6 ноя в 6:54 
very good))
michael-wittig 6 ноя в 6:35 
BakaKemono  [автор] 5 ноя в 15:27 
Updated to 3.6
Baphogir 1 ноя в 8:34 
@aroundthefur79 ah the old dubble back. if you untick a datafile and load a game with that verry datafile, it may cause problems, crahs fail to load etc. some mods (when unticked) wont appear in the game and won't cause a crash- how it should be. My tip hold a quicksave and a hard save close together, while unticking a mod.hope this helps gl.
{}FuZion{}Silas 31 окт в 7:12 
does this cause lagf
aroundthefur79 29 окт в 5:15 
I have been using this mod since Ive had the game. My question is (I don't want to unsubscribe from this mod) if i untick this mod in my data files and load a saved game will I have issues or crashes in my game???
Hatman 28 окт в 9:39 
they dosn't drop blood on the floor
JeRo117(GER) 26 окт в 10:00 
JDKeyes67 25 окт в 10:28 
thanks man, appreciate it
Baphogir 24 окт в 12:27 
@JDKeyes67 yes mods are just like dlc's, addons for the game. basicly it wil work on almost all creatures. unless the graphics craps out. if u have difficulties with fx try the help of the above discriptions. or ask here with you're specific problem GL. HF.
JDKeyes67 24 окт в 10:18 
If I have both DLCs and dont want to get the compatibility patch on the nexus, would this mod still work, just only on the vanilla areas/creatures? or would it not work at all without the patch? I wouldnt mind missing out on the DLC areas if i still got the chance to use this in the basic game areas. Thanks
$am Bee 23 окт в 11:10 
my game crashes when ever i save my game
Baphogir 18 окт в 9:19 
@Grant The Griffin did u subscibe'd the mod? is it in your mod list and is it active?
Giotto88 18 окт в 6:02 
ottimo! 10\10 per azionarla basta aumentare l'opzione grafica "quantità"
Grant The Griffin 16 окт в 18:46 
i dont get any blood pools or map splatter how do i fix this