Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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Blue Damselfly 29 Jun às 3:17 
I'm not a big fan of gore. BUT, I do like realistic and awesome graphics. This is an incredible MOD! The difference is amazing. I always play Skyrim with this MOD loaded. Thank you ever so much for sharing your hard work!
DeadlyToxin 28 Jun às 15:57 
Will this affect the high resolution texture pack
jamesllewellyn74 27 Jun às 11:07 
It now works fuck yeah yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow Strider 25 Jun às 20:47 
this mod seems to affect the brawls in skyrim for some reason, when you are in a brawl the attack to the death it wasnt just me i found 20 others at least having same problems and it seems to be this mod. love this mod though
B^K | Drăcușoru 24 Jun às 4:39 
Jesus Christ, it's only now that I noticed how horrible vanilla blood looks.
thtguythtlovesanimae 23 Jun às 11:12 
or workshop I mean
thtguythtlovesanimae 23 Jun às 11:12 
what about the gore effects where you can literally cut someone in half, I know that mod is on Nexus but what about steamcommunity
libra70oct 22 Jun às 23:35 
This mod is cool,anyway, but I want to have blood pools from magic just like from swords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
libra70oct 22 Jun às 23:32 
Thorin ,did you try making it load from the Data Files.
Thorin_1998 22 Jun às 9:01 
for some reason it hasnt been working the past 2 days? i unsubscribed then resubscribed to see if that would fix it but it didnt. Any suggestions? this is my all time favorite mod, and i want it to work again.
luchino21 21 Jun às 15:22 
Fantastic !
dred2 21 Jun às 15:20 
D3rGrim 19 Jun às 12:49 
a must have
Waylander 14 Jun às 2:34 
Juste indispensable !
BakaKemono  [autor] 13 Jun às 9:45 
@ jamesllewellyn74
Did you not get a message that the mod started when you first loaded your save? The mod might not have fully downloaded or another blood mod is causing conflict. Test under a new game by typing in the console while in the main menu:
coc whiterunorigin

You should use a patch if you want bleeding to work correctly for new creatures. But, it’s not required to run the mod.
jamesllewellyn74 12 Jun às 13:14 
do we need to download that link if we have got dawnguard and dragon born?
[MG] KefiR 10 Jun às 2:11 
very cool :))
jamesllewellyn74 8 Jun às 11:35 
there is no change to anything and it does not work for me sorry it just doesnt work i download skse and skyui and even a few other's i'll try anything to get it to work but it is not working at the moment
Marcosporidium15 5 Jun às 8:23 
I love this mod :)
*~*Kez*~* 4 Jun às 7:00 
Ok Thanks a lots!
BakaKemono  [autor] 4 Jun às 4:25 
You will need to ask the creator of that mod. It will most likely not work with version 13.
*~*Kez*~* 3 Jun às 13:41 
@ Bakakemono
Thanks now i know how to use that "Patch"!
What about if I use Skyrim Monster V13 AND Nexus Monster mod like Replacer items + v6 is look like BOSS of Ogre ECT and will work together Skyrim Monster Mod V13?
BakaKemono  [autor] 3 Jun às 10:26 
It’s probably best to create a new discussion tab here on the mod page, so that other users can contribute or read if they also have the same question.

A compatibility patch will make a mod work correctly with another mod or DLC and fixes any conflicts between them. The patches for this mod will make sure that new creatures added by DLC or a mod will bleed correctly.

Skyrim Monster Mod on Nexus is outdated at version 4. The mod on Steam Workshop is the latest because its version 13. The patch for this mod is only meant for version 13 and will cause your game to crash if you use the older version on Nexus. If you don’t want to update your monster mod you can still just use this mod without any patches.
*~*Kez*~* 3 Jun às 9:13 
@ Bakakemono
Please listen!
I would to love you more than others mods!
I am so happy about that I am did hard work with these Monsters mod with blood But did work!
Thanks for made this mod and pleased with this for free but I reallly want to pay you+
Kiss you
<3 <3
*~*Kez*~* 2 Jun às 8:30 
@ Bakakemono
Thanks for reply. I do dont know "Patch" mean. I did downloaded Monster Mod from Nexus plus used V4/V6 Verison also I used replacer items.. I don't sure "Skyrim Monster Mod" together Monster Mod to make work on my game. Very confused with these file order... What do you mean by I do need "Patch"? I dont use Skyrim Monster Mod in steam though.
Thanks for supporter!
Should we use in chat not here?
Thanks again!
BakaKemono  [autor] 2 Jun às 3:22 
@ LucyFlowerPink
You only need that patch if you are using another mod called "Skyrim Monster Mod". The Monster Mod patch requires version 13, and the version on Nexus is the old version.

Monster Mod Version 13 on Steam:
*~*Kez*~* 2 Jun às 0:20 
Also I have bit confused with "Monster Mod" with the file when I used NMM, It mean Skymomod creatures blood? Tbh i dont have Req DLC. I do have only just Skyrim.
Sorry my English are shit for everyone Thanks again!!!
*~*Kez*~* 2 Jun às 0:17 
I understand, you're heart :D One question I have a problem to use this mod in Nexus with NMM and it crash my game. Steam did'nt crash my game but why that's not same mod?
Thank you!:)
BakaKemono  [autor] 1 Jun às 20:53 
@ zoraergazu
I started a new game then joined the companions and didn't have issues brawling. If you still have problems use the alternate version found on the Brawl Bugs Patch comment tab.

For extra combat graphical features for mages:
zoraergazu 1 Jun às 10:53 
im a mage... and i find this Mod .. A LLLITTLE BIT ... not MAGE-ish ???
atleast there can be a burnt, frosty, or crushy chock effects on the body ... you know D: ??
zoraergazu 1 Jun às 6:10 
Uhhhh ... Brawl Glitch.... HEEELLLPP!!
straight Killing rampage XD !!!
ALPHAZETA 31 Mai às 6:52 
me han dicho q es buenisimo
ha comprobarlo
Ксавьер 30 Mai às 23:06 
а почему он скачался
но его нету??
им в лаунчере не показанно
Aus Solid 30 Mai às 22:00 
I just tried talking to the chick in the bannered mare to have a brawl but she didn't have any options to. So i tried a guy in the markath inn and he didn't have any either, not sure whats going on but it's not that big of a deal honestly i just hope you will be able to resolve the issue :).
AdrinaDream 30 Mai às 21:21 
Yay! I am so glad its been updated. Thanks @Myssiv for saying something. Great mod btw.
BakaKemono  [autor] 30 Mai às 19:55 
Thanks for going into a bit more detail. The scripts from Brawl Bugs was missing in the bsa. File was updated yesterday to fix this.

I really appreciate the offer, but I don’t accept donations. :)
Aus Solid 30 Mai às 19:18 
@Myssiv i had the same problem also but i had no idea which mod it was because i have so many installed. Thanks for the info.
Myssiv 30 Mai às 0:33 
A weird bug I just found with this mod is that it causes NPCs you are brawling to draw their weapons as they think you are using magic or a weapon yourself. I tested this with Uthgerd in the Bannered Mare and Vilkas when he takes you outside as part of the beginning of the Companions' quest. I tested it several different ways to make absolutely sure. Only having this mod enabled caused the bug, and having every other mod I installed besides this mod enabled didn't cause the bug until I enabled this mod.
CondomDoom 29 Mai às 11:07 
@LucyFlowerPink maybe he did this mod for people maybe he wants to make people happy maybe he can be happy this way :D:D Not everyone needs money for happiness.
Trollmo [GER] 29 Mai às 11:07 

Because he has a heart for gamers. u skrub
*~*Kez*~* 29 Mai às 9:49 
@BakaKemono You don't need a money? Why not? Why this mod is free? You make it for people who is profit than you are.
BakaKemono  [autor] 29 Mai às 9:39 
@ dyeriuss
Try restarting Steam
dyeriuss 29 Mai às 9:17 
I started up skyrim and for some reason it says im not subscribed to this mod? but i can still manually trigger it.
CondomDoom 29 Mai às 9:01 
Thanks for attention :)) I fixed...
*~*Kez*~* 29 Mai às 8:40 
Can I buy £20 for this mod I am hoping you feel happy :)
BakaKemono  [autor] 29 Mai às 4:51 
This mod already includes the Brawl Bugs Patch. Certain mod combinations can cause the patch to not work.

Try install the alternate version found on the comment section of that same patch.
CondomDoom 28 Mai às 2:33 
Can you fix this
CondomDoom 28 Mai às 1:55 
The mod causes uthgerds brawl bug!!! She draws her sword :((
BakaKemono  [autor] 26 Mai às 1:49 
No, just update the mod. If you using any of the compatibility patches then you should update them with the new download link.
dp.Liиея 26 Mai às 1:45 
did i have to unsintall and install for works?