Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
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Chinczyk 16 時間前 
Amazing mod.
touchmytralala 2月25日 22時36分 
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Waffle 2月18日 3時04分 
Много оперативки жрёт?
Leictus 2月16日 7時34分 
Makes murder much more satisfying.

I'm not a psychopath.
Brezlon 2月9日 15時22分 
This mod looks great but looks like it has some bugs. Will give it a try. Hopefully it works with LOOT.
Ayywølf 2月4日 3時23分 
Awesome ! I install the same mod without workshop
WolfMan7079 1月31日 11時24分 
evp[T]ipO_K 1月27日 19時47分 
very good)) nice? thx
SmolBos 1月27日 8時18分 
It does look amazing
Tauren Refrec 1月26日 13時34分 
@Below. Thats a vanilla Skyrim problem, This mod doesn't affect that.
Cheese&Bacon 1月25日 9時21分 
Had to unsubscribe to get Vilkas to stop following me.
и того и другого 1月25日 8時08分 
OH! I knew about the point confused me..
BakaKemono  [作成者] 1月25日 7時24分 
@Player 1
You set the Minimal Damage to a lower number not higher.
и того и другого 1月24日 20時24分 
Hello. How to increase the percentage of damage for which there are large splashes of blood ? 1 percent is very small for the high complexity of the game.
..,. 1月23日 5時56分 
Still looks nice
dataDyne 1月21日 10時31分 
TyomSanych [kiШ] 1月20日 14時21分 
Всё классно! Качественный мод. Благодарю!)
But! ^_^
Было бы просто супер, если бы кровь ещё и не изчезала.
Baphogir 1月15日 9時52分 
@Oom Groobies wait for the mods to load, wait untill everythinh is symchronized go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option decal, set it to high or ultra high.
Bilbo Freeman 1月13日 23時29分 
no blood textures on the ground just on screen and fight sprays
pls help
Baphogir 1月12日 11時13分 
@CookieRadiator every mod effects performance..but the size of this mod (or file size limit on all mods) its hardly noticable.
Baphogir 1月12日 11時09分 
@Rienna Cruzar i dont know this LOOT optimizer, so i guess it didn't work. and so don't use it.
un-install and re-install the mod. for better resolution go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option decal
Tendrail 1月11日 5時09分 
i use this mod nearly 3 years and its great! thx to you skyrim is more fun with it
Ксавьер 1月10日 5時41分 
у меня такая проблема,при смерти они дёргуются,что делать тО???
CookieRadiator 1月9日 2時53分 
Does it effect performance? :o
Ddonnell 1月5日 7時36分 
Recently this mod kept crashing my game after every quicksave or loading. Spent hours trying to find the problem turns out it was this mod causing it.
Rienna Cruzar 1月5日 0時42分 
Suddenly not working.
And I've fixed my load order/optimized it with LOOT.
Not sure what's going on? I'm still getting that nasty pixelated world placed blood effect instead.
A Llama 2014年12月31日 9時18分 
1337 comments :3 Oops, just ruined it... 1338
Bero(dont have pc) 2014年12月31日 8時39分 
This blood looks very good! good mod!
Baphogir 2014年12月30日 5時44分 
@Indru I've never seen that error before. something wrong with your steam settings i guess. change them, update steam client and/or retry re-installing the mod (un-subscribe / re-sunscribe) gl hf.
SpaceCat 2014年12月27日 21時55分 
Indru 2014年12月27日 12時55分 
I receive Steam Error 15 - Failed To Get Details For A Subscribed Mod.
clockworkskyfall 2014年12月27日 10時44分 
@Haz_Mat_Wolf: Yes, it is very possible. But I believe it's only with blades, as there is a perk in the One-Handed (or Two-Handed) Skill Tree that gives you a chance to decapitate your enemies.
Alyosha Popovich 2014年12月26日 4時38分 
Отлично) жаль только кровь исчезает раньше чем сам труп. ну а так просто шедевр :)
ZoMbInOs 2014年12月24日 17時22分 
shoots a guy in the head with a bow, drops dead starts having seizures and spraying blood everywhere. MOST BRUTAL MOD EVER
Haz_Mat_Wolf 2014年12月24日 12時18分 
I have a question, (Yes, im new with skyrim!) can you decapitate with weapons? Cuz i haven't managed to do that yet...
Shogun Melon 2014年12月21日 19時09分 
timo143 2014年12月20日 3時17分 
Nice :)
GeoMetric 2014年12月16日 22時37分 
this is great
Thorzak Jellyfish 2014年12月15日 17時19分 
Do I need SKSE/SkyUI for this to work? I'm fine with the vanilla options.
ZuluWarrior 2014年12月15日 11時03分 
Enhanced Blood Textures enhances my skyrim experience ;)
Valiast 2014年12月14日 22時56分 
It makes my blood look bloodier.
cj71978 2014年12月13日 11時23分 
this is a great mod and a must have
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2014年12月10日 15時30分 
The Nexus version will have more options when you install the mod. Some of the textures on the Steam version are lower resolution because of the file size limit.


Baphogir 2014年12月10日 12時01分 
looks like the same mod.
generaliman 2014年12月9日 23時35分 
i just want o know what the defference with http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/60
that link and the one is here on steam??? is it just the size?? or it effects the graphics too??
Dr.Evil80 2014年12月8日 22時32分 
you should ad body mutalation like you can cut arm off or bash in heads like in fallout
behzatpinar 2014年12月1日 0時40分 
if you like bloody fights this will be your favorite mode!
Sicosuicide 2014年11月29日 16時02分 
makes me feel great decapitating someone and watching the blood spur out like a fountain, beautiful sight
Xalkar [GER] 2014年11月28日 6時56分 
more Blood = more fun :D
Baphogir 2014年11月26日 9時42分 
@NaughtiusMaximus kind of vague in all.. if its a mod rellated unsubscribe that mod if its not comming from a mod. its ingame related try to fix it using tech support (4th option just after launching game and synchronizing) or try re-installing the game completely..mind i've never done this, but it stands to reason that u wil lose you're saved games, try to save them some how by locating them on your cpu or try make a backup of some sorts.> althou this might persist the audio error. Other then that im out of idea's.Gl sounds you need it (no pun intended)