Enhanced Blood Textures 3.5d
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Fragnash 4 時間前 
one of the best mods I got.
Mikeisboss9 8 時間前 
does this mod lag a lot?
<!HOPPY!> 7月8日 1時08分 
My Follower keeps on Bleeding! Fucking funny as hell though...xD.Great mod!
AlexTheGrape 7月7日 6時38分 
Uh... This- Uhhhh.... I dont think i want to play with this mod... It might keep me from killing people but this is scaring the hell out of me.. haha great mod though
correo.jjg 7月6日 9時24分 
gracias, buen trabao
BakaKemono  [作成者] 7月5日 12時39分 
@Aviator Mage

You need to subscribe to the mod

@divine bane
There is a link to the esp files for the patches if you don't want to download from Nexus. If you don't use them the new creatures and certain weapons will not cause correct bleeding.

Download the file found in the description of this mod and just put the .esp file into your games data folder and active them in the launcher depending on the DLC you have. There should be instructions for each file.

Game engine limitations.
Eriya-L4M3 7月4日 14時37分 
They need to make a pouring blood mod if you kill someone on top of stairs or hill, any object that is higher than the floor or ground really. and blood that makes a red fog in water if enem killed or dies in water. So realism XD
Mourthag 7月4日 4時59分 
Love it!
Like a damn fiddle!! 7月4日 3時52分 
Awesome mod
[SS]Hendehog 7月4日 3時50分 
The Blood. Great Mod!
prizonmike 7月3日 18時54分 
I really don't know how to incorporate the compability patches... I'm really not that PC savvy. Do I have to do that for it to work at all if I have the DLC, or is it only necessary for creatures that are part of the DLC?
divine bane 7月2日 19時13分 
if i have dawnguard and dragonborn but dislike the way nexus works can i still download this steam version? if so will there be any negative effects or anything il miss out on?
armadaxster 7月2日 14時04分 
Loving it! The Blood. Great Mod!
chrisscout101 7月2日 7時29分 
This mod looks good, if you want skyrim to be more gorey. It makes your world feel more real.
Player Review 7月2日 5時41分 
Thanks for the mod. It works fine through Steam Workshop, you just have to put the 'dD - Enhanced Blood Mod.ini' that it throws in the base Skyrim folder into the Skyrim/Data folder. Just like the instructions for the mod listed in the description.
GaZ 7月1日 23時51分 
I'm with Druzbez on this one, I dont get blood spray, jsut where the characters get hit is there blood, I was expecting pools of it and splatter etc etc.
[MLP] Aviator Mage 7月1日 20時37分 
With fully updated skyrim can i just hit subscribe and then have it?
Jamez 7月1日 7時37分 
This mod is must!
Druzbez 6月30日 20時28分 
How do you get it to work? There is no difference.
nennog 6月30日 19時05分 
Love this mod! I love seeing all the blood fly around!
SuperSlayer57 6月30日 10時32分 
it keeps closing out of skyrim when i first load it up it says bethesda then closes

Chris 6月29日 10時58分 
Great! The original blood looked like red candle-wax, with this mod it's way better!
Printer3333 6月27日 15時36分 
but it really good

Printer3333 6月27日 15時35分 
its working now and it is like swiming pool of blood well sort of
helltado 6月27日 8時53分 
Thank you so much Bakameno

Heverdanger 6月27日 7時08分 
[NooB-i-HunTer] 6月27日 4時02分 
Good one
BakaKemono  [作成者] 6月26日 23時00分 
"If you are not getting any blood you may need to make the decal amount option higher. It is found in the Skyrim Launcher options. "
Printer3333 6月26日 17時29分 
same with me, the blood won't splat or nothing
helltado 6月26日 16時57分 
Question, it won't splatter on the ground, but only show on the dead bodies.

{lol}Mя.Aщє$омє 6月25日 11時32分 
This is Great
Cap'n Proctology 6月25日 8時59分 
This looks scarily realistic.
emilss1995 6月24日 17時36分 
BakaKemono  [作成者] 6月24日 15時36分 
@Da Noob
You can use the patch found on the Nexus version of this mod along with the Steam version.

Read the uninstall instructions.
joethedefiler 6月24日 14時00分 
teknomoose 6月23日 19時27分 
It looks like it corrupted them.
teknomoose 6月23日 19時27分 
I uninstalled it and now I can't load my saves back up.
Pbjt566 6月23日 18時53分 
Spodermen, If you are not getting any blood you may need to make the decal amount graphic option higher. It is found in the Skyrim Launcher options.
IlumiKoblížek 6月23日 6時23分 
Why i dont see any blood on ground?
theGRAFFmafia 6月22日 14時44分 
Olle Ollersen 6月22日 12時50分 
nice mod
Da Noob 6月22日 6時45分 
If I get Dawnguard, should I do or change something?
Egorchik [ *_*] [^_^] [+_+] 6月22日 2時55分 
0_0 wtf
Mr. Derp 6月21日 7時01分 
@muffinbutton Just take the helmet off. that might work.
BakaKemono  [作成者] 6月21日 2時55分 
If it's a guard then it's because of the bug with their armor. The armor is applied to both head and body. So, when you decap them the helmet will still be there.
[COEG]UberCool 6月20日 18時59分 
when i decap the head stays on, do u know whats happening?
Godzillaspidey 6月17日 20時33分 
Mr. Derp 6月16日 12時05分 
Okie Dokie
BakaKemono  [作成者] 6月15日 18時25分 
It's another mod
Mr. Derp 6月15日 17時30分 
@BakaKemono with the decap/gore mod is that a seperate mod, or part of this mod?