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Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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ShortDeFuZe 2月27日 15時10分 
More realistic than vanilla blood, good job!
TheThorngirl 2月27日 0時36分 
reeeealy nice one. makes me enjoy skyrim fights even more
✌yy_Ghost✌ 2月18日 12時18分 
i have a qusten respawn the blood ?
Jin 2月13日 0時56分 
Конфигтует с HD текстурами
Но мод отлицный
KakkaCarrottCake 1月29日 3時05分 
@BakaKemono i have all of the DLCS (lengendary edition). after i deleted my skyrim and reinstalled all of my mods the workshop version is working
Jozseffirst [EZIC AGENT] 1月29日 1時26分 
BakaKemono  [作成者] 1月28日 22時57分 
You'll have access to optional files and patches to choose from with the Nexus version.

Those type of crash are caused by a missing required plugin. Such as using a Dawnguard Patch without Dawnguard installed.
Jozseffirst [EZIC AGENT] 1月27日 12時09分 
I've heard some things about this mod before i tried it out myself and those things simply dont occour for me,iam wondering if it makes any difference if i use the nexus version of the mod
KakkaCarrottCake 1月25日 10時32分 
well not here neither with nmm is with mod working. it keeps crashing my skyrim after the bethesda logo. what am i doing wrong?
brandini30 1月14日 13時35分 
looks realy good
Epic Player M.K FIN 1月14日 10時03分 
๖KawaiI๖ 1月14日 6時40分 
I found mu mistake... everyting is OK
๖KawaiI๖ 1月14日 6時38分 
It doesnt works( Help
Flopacch 1月14日 3時21分 
Super pour rendre un coté plus gore a votre aventure
zangatti 1月5日 10時12分 
Lol, it's a bit over-the-top, but it's pretty nice
Lornak 1月2日 9時48分 
This is the best blood mod i'd ever seen. Hardly recomended!
BOB the hazmat 2016年12月21日 10時41分 
i didnt bother to read the description so does the blood go away after awhile
Horakhty 2016年12月18日 15時25分 
loved it
Kochen 2016年12月6日 16時06分 
Skyrim is such a cruel and hard place to live. Many dangers can end one's journey fast. This mod makes the world of Skyrim even more realistic and brutal.
Schokomania 2016年12月6日 14時48分 
Well I must say I was a little bit frustrated with the blood textures from the game and this mod improves it greatly. Many thanks. ;-) *thumb*
lupus_hegemonia 2016年12月3日 12時59分 
Hi there... After I started the LOOT, I've got a message (for your mod) saying "Requires: Dragonborn-Dawnguard_Compatibility Patch \ Dawnguard + Dragonborn."... I pressed the link, and it drove me to this mod's Nexus page.

So... what am I suppose to do, next?
Cheesychicken 2016年12月2日 18時44分 
cool but sick, literally
rfzm ↑ 2016年12月2日 10時04分 
Ait, will try that.
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年12月2日 7時37分 
sdack 2016年12月2日 5時29分 
What a bloody mess. Thumbs up!
rfzm ↑ 2016年12月1日 13時18分 
Are you referring to this?
...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

-Open Skyrim.ini
-Find [Display] and add this line below it:

-Open SkyrimPrefs.ini
-Find iMaxDecalsPerFrame=
-Change the number to 350

-Next add this line below [decals]

lupus_hegemonia 2016年12月1日 0時54分 
I couldn't "catch" a screenshot yesterday, with a JET OF BLOOD from a deep head wound!
Hahaha... Thxs, mate. Great mod.
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年11月30日 21時00分 
Make changes to your ini files according to the install instructions on Nexus. Increase your decal amount in the game's graphic settings. My wounds work in SE.

rfzm ↑ 2016年11月30日 14時15分 
I'm aware that the hit detection might be off, but now its not registering impacts on ragdolls at all.
lupus_hegemonia 2016年11月29日 17時32分 
lupus_hegemonia 2016年11月29日 17時32分 
Mate, I'm using your mod... and they F**KIN' blooding like hell, hehehehehe!!! LOVE IT!
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年11月29日 15時32分 
Fine with any body mod.

If you only talking about dead bodies then that's a game bug. The hitbox and the ragdolls will not always sync when you hit them. They will only sync if they are wearing nothing.

lupus_hegemonia @lupus_hegemonia
IIRC, they are not suppose to bleed. I think even the default hit uses stone effects.
rfzm ↑ 2016年11月28日 16時04分 

So any word yet as to why it isnt working as intended in SE?
lupus_hegemonia 2016年11月28日 1時57分 
Great mod, I've post already a screenshot from a "blood-bath" blow I gave!
That mod making the battles far more realistic - watching the blood flows like hell, after a great blow, from the dead body.
Greywir 2016年11月27日 1時14分 
Is it work with CBBE?/
☾Yoonbum☾ 2016年11月25日 12時13分 
Nevermind it was another mod xD
lupus_hegemonia 2016年11月24日 1時42分 
Aye, author, I understood what you mean - in the "Vampire" Quest, the huge Gargoyles are not bleeding like hell, as they should - since I'm using a... "lovely" axe and CHOPPING HEADS like hell!
Shock'Z 2016年11月23日 14時16分 
@BakaKemono ohh sorry then, my mistake, but thanks for the suport! xD
rfzm ↑ 2016年11月23日 12時35分 
It is installed. 95% of the mod works, but the lack of the remaining 5% is what bothers me.
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年11月22日 20時45分 
Sounds like the mod isn't installed

The mod doesn't change the killmove chance. It is only used for the mod's spasm feature.
Shock'Z 2016年11月22日 6時21分 
Hello, thanks for that mod, it's amazing, but i'm havin a little problem... The mod offer you to change the kill move chances i already change it and it's not getting mor kill moves :/, i even instal the mod The Dance of Death and didnt work for me, can you tell me what to do? Thanks again!
rfzm ↑ 2016年11月22日 6時20分 
Perhaps. I haven't edited anything, it's all just plain, default. But then again, that's exactly what I was running in the original edt. and everything worked fine.
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年11月22日 0時12分 
I've never found the wounds to be accurate even in the original Skyrim. If your not seeing any wounds it could be that your decal setting is too low or you didn't edit the ini file.

Yes it will work, but any new creatures from the DLCs will not bleed correctly.
lupus_hegemonia 2016年11月21日 23時56分 
I'm playing the Vanilla Legendary version, without Nexus and such staff... Will this work on my version?
rfzm ↑ 2016年11月20日 11時17分 
It's not looking the same. For example, the original version that I love, has blood seen on the ragdolls on impact (for example, say you have killed a guard and you smack him with a hammer, blood will appear on the place where you smack him, same with arrows, but it doesnt happen in the SE)
BakaKemono  [作成者] 2016年11月20日 0時25分 
@I'm Yellow
Use a mod that changes the killmove chance

Poor in what way? It is the same mod just made for SE.

Check your load order.
rfzm ↑ 2016年11月19日 22時43分 
The SE version of this is really poor, is it even made by the same developer? It's not even compareable to the original.
I'm Black 2016年11月19日 21時57分 
How do I decapitate someone? It doesnt seem to work for me
Morty Smith C137.5 2016年11月9日 5時16分 
I'm speachless... And this is for free? Man thank you! The mod looks amazing just tryed it now and I love it!
TheUnknownWarrior 2016年11月4日 11時30分 
Well one way or another, @modmaker, thanks a lot for bringing this over to the special edition.