The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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Butt Pirate 17 ore fa 
I just have the DG DLC and I don't see a patch for just DG in your patch " 2 patches folder". Can I not run this mod if I don't have DB?
Paulo 27 lug, ore 6:49 
NICE GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!
Dragonclaud 7 lug, ore 7:37 
Must have. Makes Skyrim 100 times better gj
FarStriker556 6 lug, ore 13:47 
Dude Nice
Fus Ro Dah! 1 lug, ore 7:43 
Y4G1Z 25 giu, ore 0:56 
Sea Lard 23 giu, ore 11:11 
There is a mod menu right? I don't know how to access it...
Mr . X 20 giu, ore 5:27 
Want more more blood
good job
PePe 11 giu, ore 0:01 
Very Good
BlueBasterBallz 30 mag, ore 15:52 
Now if only we could have a mod to go with this, where you can, when you attack the limb in a killing-hit, it gets chopped off the body, and blood goes everywhere. THAT would be great.

Dommage le hackeur :/ 21 mag, ore 15:39 
how to install it? i sub but the mod doesnt appear in my list ...
星雨飞花丶 13 mag, ore 21:42 
Jozseffirst [EZIC AGENT] 5 mag, ore 3:31 
Bilbo most people playing these kind of games are completely fine with are the exception not the rest of us
Bilbo Baggins 4 mag, ore 20:31 
....Talking about a horror scene, who on earth would sub for this no offense but too much for me even though it's how it would be, too brutal for my liking. :-)
Delta280 10 apr, ore 9:39 
I have to re-equip my weapon to get the blood to go away, it won't fade away at all.
WhiteShroud 10 apr, ore 5:05 
really good but the blood in the floor disappear really quick
Delta280 9 apr, ore 18:36 
For some reason the blood on my sword doesn't fade away after awhile.
no 26 mar, ore 10:45 
wtf 133 mb
ShortDeFuZe 27 feb, ore 15:10 
More realistic than vanilla blood, good job!
B3tty 27 feb, ore 0:36 
reeeealy nice one. makes me enjoy skyrim fights even more
✌yy_Ghost✌ 18 feb, ore 12:18 
i have a qusten respawn the blood ?
BEZDA 13 feb, ore 0:56 
Конфигтует с HD текстурами
Но мод отлицный
KakaKrabbyPatty 29 gen, ore 3:05 
@BakaKemono i have all of the DLCS (lengendary edition). after i deleted my skyrim and reinstalled all of my mods the workshop version is working
Jozseffirst [EZIC AGENT] 29 gen, ore 1:26 
fire  [autore] 28 gen, ore 22:57 
You'll have access to optional files and patches to choose from with the Nexus version.

Those type of crash are caused by a missing required plugin. Such as using a Dawnguard Patch without Dawnguard installed.
Jozseffirst [EZIC AGENT] 27 gen, ore 12:09 
I've heard some things about this mod before i tried it out myself and those things simply dont occour for me,iam wondering if it makes any difference if i use the nexus version of the mod
KakaKrabbyPatty 25 gen, ore 10:32 
well not here neither with nmm is with mod working. it keeps crashing my skyrim after the bethesda logo. what am i doing wrong?
brandini30 14 gen, ore 13:35 
looks realy good
Epic Player M.K FIN 14 gen, ore 10:03 
๖KawaiI๖ 14 gen, ore 6:40 
I found mu mistake... everyting is OK
๖KawaiI๖ 14 gen, ore 6:38 
It doesnt works( Help
Flopacch 14 gen, ore 3:21 
Super pour rendre un coté plus gore a votre aventure
zangatti 5 gen, ore 10:12 
Lol, it's a bit over-the-top, but it's pretty nice
Lornak 2 gen, ore 9:48 
This is the best blood mod i'd ever seen. Hardly recomended!
BOB the hazmat 21 dic 2016, ore 10:41 
i didnt bother to read the description so does the blood go away after awhile
Horakhty 18 dic 2016, ore 15:25 
loved it
Kochen 6 dic 2016, ore 16:06 
Skyrim is such a cruel and hard place to live. Many dangers can end one's journey fast. This mod makes the world of Skyrim even more realistic and brutal.
Schokomania 6 dic 2016, ore 14:48 
Well I must say I was a little bit frustrated with the blood textures from the game and this mod improves it greatly. Many thanks. ;-) *thumb*
lupus_hegemonia 3 dic 2016, ore 12:59 
Hi there... After I started the LOOT, I've got a message (for your mod) saying "Requires: Dragonborn-Dawnguard_Compatibility Patch \ Dawnguard + Dragonborn."... I pressed the link, and it drove me to this mod's Nexus page.

So... what am I suppose to do, next?
Cheesychicken 2 dic 2016, ore 18:44 
cool but sick, literally
rfzm ↑ 2 dic 2016, ore 10:04 
Ait, will try that.
fire  [autore] 2 dic 2016, ore 7:37 
sdack 2 dic 2016, ore 5:29 
What a bloody mess. Thumbs up!
rfzm ↑ 1 dic 2016, ore 13:18 
Are you referring to this?
...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

-Open Skyrim.ini
-Find [Display] and add this line below it:

-Open SkyrimPrefs.ini
-Find iMaxDecalsPerFrame=
-Change the number to 350

-Next add this line below [decals]

lupus_hegemonia 1 dic 2016, ore 0:54 
I couldn't "catch" a screenshot yesterday, with a JET OF BLOOD from a deep head wound!
Hahaha... Thxs, mate. Great mod.
fire  [autore] 30 nov 2016, ore 21:00 
Make changes to your ini files according to the install instructions on Nexus. Increase your decal amount in the game's graphic settings. My wounds work in SE.

rfzm ↑ 30 nov 2016, ore 14:15 
I'm aware that the hit detection might be off, but now its not registering impacts on ragdolls at all.
lupus_hegemonia 29 nov 2016, ore 17:32 
lupus_hegemonia 29 nov 2016, ore 17:32 
Mate, I'm using your mod... and they F**KIN' blooding like hell, hehehehehe!!! LOVE IT!
fire  [autore] 29 nov 2016, ore 15:32 
Fine with any body mod.

If you only talking about dead bodies then that's a game bug. The hitbox and the ragdolls will not always sync when you hit them. They will only sync if they are wearing nothing.

lupus_hegemonia @lupus_hegemonia
IIRC, they are not suppose to bleed. I think even the default hit uses stone effects.