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Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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Fant0mNFD febr. 4. @ de. 6:05 
Mouthuos jan. 31. @ de. 4:24 
is there any FPS loss?
Spirit_4_Life jan. 30. @ du. 1:37 
great ;D
Endercreeper122 jan. 30. @ de. 10:08 
amazing :3
Catgaming (CaTs) jan. 30. @ de. 9:04 
Perfect for Youtube! (''
oHo jan. 28. @ de. 7:10 
time 4 gore
Mikraft7 jan. 25. @ du. 1:25 
Nice mod !
BakaKemono  [készítő] jan. 24. @ du. 3:56 
You just need to download the patches in the description if you are sticking on using the Steam Version.

Set your decal graphics to high.

Magic does not cause bleeding. They will only leave blood pools if they are hit by melee or arrows at least once.

@Oats n' Honey
Other mods are found here:

Use the MCM to disable screen blood. This menu will only appear if you use SKYUI and SKSE. You can also use the no screnblood plugin from the Nexus version.

@Agent 47 \
Are you sure you are launching the game with SKSE and not with the game's launcher?
tyrockey65 jan. 22. @ du. 4:36 
Is there any way to remove the blood effect on the screen whenever i get hit?
Oats n' Honey jan. 21. @ du. 2:59 
has the pepole who made this mod made others?
stonetomcat jan. 15. @ de. 10:36 
Love this mod, don't know how I ever enjoyed Skyrim without it
Just one question, though: Do ice spikes make targets bleed now? Or is that just a result of low health?
mcain90 jan. 13. @ du. 6:16 
doesn't work
OpenWorldEater jan. 11. @ de. 10:40 
How do I update the mod? I've downloaded the patch, now what?
DreamBrain jan. 11. @ de. 5:37 
This mod causes my game to crash every time i save..
Supa Bāku - Chronos jan. 10. @ du. 8:37 
A must have for any Skyrim player!
redeyeolly jan. 7. @ du. 12:32 
blood looks so realistic my mum freaked out and thught i sneezed blood
mace999 jan. 1. @ du. 7:53 
its not working
Rust jan. 1. @ du. 3:17 
You can have it without blood on screen, at least when you get it from the nexus. The options are there, I used that mod years ago.
That´s one of the many reasons why nexus is better than workshop.
UtopianShadowCrawler 2015. dec. 31. @ du. 5:48 
I really like this mod but I'm not a big fan of the blood on the screen part thats why I'm taking it off but other wise great mod keep it up.
Eidhur 2015. dec. 31. @ du. 3:47 
Great :D
Belowzero 2015. dec. 29. @ du. 8:44 
As Bloodseeker would say "So much blood"
gaboguason1 2015. dec. 26. @ du. 2:29 
Mmmmmmmmmmm delicious
Agent 47 2015. dec. 24. @ du. 4:34 
i have skyui and SKSE and i dont seem to have an options menu for the mod, as you mentioned, is the nexus version required or not? also ive tried all the options to make the mod work but my attemps have failed do you have any recammendations to fix it?
Super soldier 2015. dec. 22. @ du. 6:32 
Dark Girl 2015. dec. 17. @ de. 6:29 
Derpboy 2015. dec. 13. @ de. 7:08 
i have a Problem every time i launch my save game then my game bombs out its the first time it ever happend but i only have 2 other mods i unsubcribed them then removed them and then it still bombs out Does anyone else has this Problem
Sprayface 2015. dec. 11. @ du. 10:47 
just wanna say that i just caused a huge bloodbath. had the mod for a while but damn, this one was brutal. love the mod!!!
Marlfox 2015. dec. 11. @ de. 12:41 
mmm Thank you.
Amadeus Ex Machina 2015. dec. 9. @ du. 11:01 
This mod makes me want to go around slaughtering innocents, just to see those beautiful blood decals all across Skyrim. Thanks for enabling my inner psychopath! For real though, top quality mod.
Lon 2015. dec. 5. @ du. 1:14 
Wow Niiiiice!
PaintbrushHair 2015. dec. 4. @ du. 5:37 
So cool!
- Victor Braun - 2015. dec. 2. @ de. 9:05 
Congratulations for the mod! Very good!
Angelo 2015. nov. 30. @ du. 2:23 
Amazing job ! Keep it going
x6Mass6Murder6x 2015. nov. 29. @ du. 11:42 
does this come with decapitation?
allaltitude 2015. nov. 29. @ du. 12:07 
do you fell the pain nazen? i want to watch you bleed slowly....
MrSonic15 2015. nov. 28. @ de. 10:15 
Поставьте мне пожалуйста +rep в профилe ,отвечу тем же . Спасибо.Put me please + rep in profile, answer the same. Thank you . :*
Plyrex 2015. nov. 28. @ de. 9:51 
So theres alot of blood no doubt and i see blood on my character model... but when i zoom out, im clean with no blood. I dont know if this is supposed to be but its relly anti-climactic when you kill an army and walk off with no blood on you. Please tell me if im missing something obvious
Roran_Wolfsbane 2015. nov. 27. @ du. 11:34 
Khorne aproves
Slypear (DS2 Geralt) 2015. nov. 27. @ du. 6:52 
Will do, thanks.
BakaKemono  [készítő] 2015. nov. 27. @ du. 6:45 
It should just work without any other requirement. You can try the Nexus version of this mod and see if that works for you.
Slypear (DS2 Geralt) 2015. nov. 27. @ du. 6:41 
My decal quantity limit is currently set to ultra, but no dice regardless of what I try.
BakaKemono  [készítő] 2015. nov. 27. @ du. 6:24 
Works with any save. You need to increase your decal amount graphic settings to see blood.

A fallout 4 version is out:

Slypear (DS2 Geralt) 2015. nov. 26. @ du. 7:52 
Doesn't seem to work for me. A shame. Do I need to create a new save?
Penyltimo 2015. nov. 25. @ du. 11:42 
Need for FALLOUT 4 !
wolfboss132 2015. nov. 25. @ du. 6:24 
as much as i kill i kill everyone in white run marketh and riften almost the others i killed the high king with mods and LOTS O BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD THANKX BRO!!!!!!!
BLOODYRX797 2015. nov. 23. @ du. 6:18 
LOL now with violens killmove mod i can decapitate ery body and enjoy the BLOOD hahahahahahahahahahahahah thx awesome mod!
Rastypasta 2015. nov. 23. @ du. 12:46 
needs a better pc?
Exodus 2015. nov. 22. @ du. 1:57 
Incredible. Killing people has never been more fun in Skyrim, totally brings a new feel to the game.
capchack 2015. nov. 16. @ du. 5:49 
"edgy"- me 2015
Кирилл 2015. nov. 15. @ de. 4:04