Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
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PSIH 24 Μαρ @ 5:43μμ 
Guys, does anyone know why the launcher does not synchronize downloaded mods from workshop?
SkaarSmashKikou 23 Μαρ @ 7:47μμ 
One of my favorite mod, thanks for a mod so great, it was just perfect for an immersion in the harsh world of Skyrim.
sonel 20 Μαρ @ 2:56μμ 
do i have to have NMM for this?
Ezio Auditore 20 Μαρ @ 12:08μμ 
great mod buddy
Baphogir 18 Μαρ @ 5:13πμ 
@KevinTheBlueCactus tip: so you might have figured it out for yourself set your decal higher might ask more of your processor, but should not be a problem for most cpu's(also looks even more awsome:))) ..go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option schould be decal. GL HF
yrmama 16 Μαρ @ 8:29πμ 
Bloody but not too bloody. As it should be.
BakaKemono  [Δημιουργός] 14 Μαρ @ 9:43μμ 
It will work with this mod. Deadly Mutilation hasn't been updated in 2 years and it lacks compatibility with custom skeleton meshes.
pkkonerko14 14 Μαρ @ 3:32μμ 
Baka, it seems deadly mutilations does not mix with this one. I cant get DM to work. THis mod is great btw, just wish i could take off arms n legs n chop dudes in half.
Gallant Fox 3 Μαρ @ 4:55μμ 
bloody fantastic
★RiCo★ -.^™ 3 Μαρ @ 4:35πμ 
rly gj
BakaKemono  [Δημιουργός] 2 Μαρ @ 1:23πμ 
It's based on your graphic settings. (decal amount)

The closest thing is this:

KevinTheBlueCactus 1 Μαρ @ 9:39πμ 
Is there a way to make the blood stay on the bodies and not just disapear after a few seconds?
Lego90210 1 Μαρ @ 9:12πμ 
Makes my decapitations realistic. Made me cringe. Well made.
slugworth70 1 Μαρ @ 8:11πμ 
AnDiCoTV 28 Φεβ @ 1:18μμ 
Very Cool
OnlyOnTuesdays 28 Φεβ @ 12:33μμ 
Does It Gib When You Use Explosions To Kill Someone?
Corpse 28 Φεβ @ 10:53πμ 
nice blood effects
Bakill 26 Φεβ @ 7:49πμ 
Amazing mod.
Waffle 18 Φεβ @ 3:04πμ 
Много оперативки жрёт?
Leictus Starblazer 16 Φεβ @ 7:34πμ 
Makes murder much more satisfying.

I'm not a psychopath.
Brezlon 9 Φεβ @ 3:22μμ 
This mod looks great but looks like it has some bugs. Will give it a try. Hopefully it works with LOOT.
Ayywølf 4 Φεβ @ 3:23πμ 
Awesome ! I install the same mod without workshop
WolfMan7079 31 Ιαν @ 11:24πμ 
evp[T]ipO_K 27 Ιαν @ 7:47μμ 
very good)) nice? thx
SmolBos 27 Ιαν @ 8:18πμ 
It does look amazing
Reece Sweet 26 Ιαν @ 1:34μμ 
@Below. Thats a vanilla Skyrim problem, This mod doesn't affect that.
Cheese&Bacon 25 Ιαν @ 9:21πμ 
Had to unsubscribe to get Vilkas to stop following me.
и того и другого 25 Ιαν @ 8:08πμ 
OH! I knew about the point confused me..
BakaKemono  [Δημιουργός] 25 Ιαν @ 7:24πμ 
@Player 1
You set the Minimal Damage to a lower number not higher.
и того и другого 24 Ιαν @ 8:24μμ 
Hello. How to increase the percentage of damage for which there are large splashes of blood ? 1 percent is very small for the high complexity of the game.
..,. 23 Ιαν @ 5:56πμ 
Still looks nice
dataDyne 21 Ιαν @ 10:31πμ 
TyomSanych [kiШ] 20 Ιαν @ 2:21μμ 
Всё классно! Качественный мод. Благодарю!)
But! ^_^
Было бы просто супер, если бы кровь ещё и не изчезала.
Baphogir 15 Ιαν @ 9:52πμ 
@Oom Groobies wait for the mods to load, wait untill everythinh is symchronized go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option decal, set it to high or ultra high.
[MNl] Wilson 13 Ιαν @ 11:29μμ 
no blood textures on the ground just on screen and fight sprays
pls help
Baphogir 12 Ιαν @ 11:13πμ 
@CookieRadiator every mod effects performance..but the size of this mod (or file size limit on all mods) its hardly noticable.
Baphogir 12 Ιαν @ 11:09πμ 
@Rienna Cruzar i dont know this LOOT optimizer, so i guess it didn't work. and so don't use it.
un-install and re-install the mod. for better resolution go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option decal
Tendrail 11 Ιαν @ 5:09πμ 
i use this mod nearly 3 years and its great! thx to you skyrim is more fun with it
Ксавьер 10 Ιαν @ 5:41πμ 
у меня такая проблема,при смерти они дёргуются,что делать тО???
CookieRadiator 9 Ιαν @ 2:53πμ 
Does it effect performance? :o
Ddonnell 5 Ιαν @ 7:36πμ 
Recently this mod kept crashing my game after every quicksave or loading. Spent hours trying to find the problem turns out it was this mod causing it.
Rienna Cruzar 5 Ιαν @ 12:42πμ 
Suddenly not working.
And I've fixed my load order/optimized it with LOOT.
Not sure what's going on? I'm still getting that nasty pixelated world placed blood effect instead.
A Llama 31 Δεκ, 2014 @ 9:18πμ 
1337 comments :3 Oops, just ruined it... 1338
Bero(NEW PC COMING IN APRIL) 31 Δεκ, 2014 @ 8:39πμ 
This blood looks very good! good mod!
Baphogir 30 Δεκ, 2014 @ 5:44πμ 
@Indru I've never seen that error before. something wrong with your steam settings i guess. change them, update steam client and/or retry re-installing the mod (un-subscribe / re-sunscribe) gl hf.
SpaceCat 27 Δεκ, 2014 @ 9:55μμ 
Indru 27 Δεκ, 2014 @ 12:55μμ 
I receive Steam Error 15 - Failed To Get Details For A Subscribed Mod.
clockworkskyfall 27 Δεκ, 2014 @ 10:44πμ 
@Haz_Mat_Wolf: Yes, it is very possible. But I believe it's only with blades, as there is a perk in the One-Handed (or Two-Handed) Skill Tree that gives you a chance to decapitate your enemies.
Alyosha Popovich 26 Δεκ, 2014 @ 4:38πμ 
Отлично) жаль только кровь исчезает раньше чем сам труп. ну а так просто шедевр :)
ZoMbInOs 24 Δεκ, 2014 @ 5:22μμ 
shoots a guy in the head with a bow, drops dead starts having seizures and spraying blood everywhere. MOST BRUTAL MOD EVER