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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
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SuperDonutxd 23. Nov. um 18:18 Uhr 
LOL now with violens killmove mod i can decapitate ery body and enjoy the BLOOD hahahahahahahahahahahahah thx awesome mod!
Rastypasta 23. Nov. um 12:46 Uhr 
needs a better pc?
Exodus 22. Nov. um 13:57 Uhr 
Incredible. Killing people has never been more fun in Skyrim, totally brings a new feel to the game.
capchack 16. Nov. um 17:49 Uhr 
"edgy"- me 2015
Кирилл Романович 15. Nov. um 4:04 Uhr 
[TH] Chesnut 15. Nov. um 2:27 Uhr 
Why Are My People Purple Now?
Jackswigert 14. Nov. um 8:14 Uhr 
This honestly feels like it brings out the true nature in Skyrim. BLOODY FUCKING CIVIL WARS HELL YEAH! GREAT MOD! BLOOD!
DOSKI2000 14. Nov. um 2:27 Uhr 
Lubik2 12. Nov. um 14:34 Uhr 
Good work. It looks realistic:)
ダニエル 12. Nov. um 5:58 Uhr 
Info for the compatibility patch on the Nexus page said to install one patch based on which DLC you have, but if you have all the DLC content does that mean you'd use all appropriate patches?
Tcivnoc 4. Nov. um 6:31 Uhr 
Good work, Thx
Dark_Knight 3. Nov. um 15:45 Uhr 
very cool
Cpt.PanCake 3. Nov. um 11:27 Uhr 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) vampires be like:OMG BEST MOD 215243 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jacket the Sociopath 2. Nov. um 6:08 Uhr 
I subscribed too this mod, but upon loading my data files (after loading new mods) it says the mod is not subscribed. Any requirements for this mod, or should I restart Steam?
NaughtyZeus 30. Okt. um 4:50 Uhr 
very very cool mod! Only downside for me is the blood on the armor takes ages to go away.. :(
ComReo 29. Okt. um 12:37 Uhr 
Thanks for your detailed explanation is waiting for me no problem
have only had the experience that some mod their authors mod simply cease to upgrade to steam.

Have me already through my mind go to the Nexus version.

(ps Sorry for my bat english)
BakaKemono  [Autor] 28. Okt. um 18:44 Uhr 
I just found out at this point I can only upload the patches. I cannot update the mod since the pc that uploaded it is unavailable (I'm currently out of the country.) When I attempt to upload the mod it will create a new mod page instead of updating the current one. This is an unexpected issue with the Steam Workshop, which could have been caused by me disabling Creation Kit syncing on the main pc.

You can try updating the patches, switching to Nexus, or just wait for me to upload them at a later date. The 3.6c update only changes a few things so it shouldn't be an issue just to wait.
ComReo 28. Okt. um 10:24 Uhr 
Pls Pls update to v3.6c
Some Guy 27. Okt. um 6:24 Uhr 
Great Mod!!! The original looked like BBQ sauce
Je ne sais pas VaLd3maR 27. Okt. um 3:10 Uhr 
Hey guys, does someone know, is there a mod , where u can chop down a hand, head, leg?
Maister 26. Okt. um 9:18 Uhr 
Love the amount of blood. It is more realistic. Also I like the splash on the screen effect and the blood on the hands.
BakaKemono  [Autor] 25. Okt. um 19:43 Uhr 
Find what? Monster Mod v13?
OldSpizeSwegger 24. Okt. um 12:53 Uhr 
@BakaKemono where do I find that?
alexjan26 24. Okt. um 11:15 Uhr 
thanks, it works now.
BakaKemono  [Autor] 23. Okt. um 22:16 Uhr 
@ alexjan26
Set your graphic decal amount higher.

It's OK to use with High Resolution Pack.

@Abyssed, Kung Lao
Are you using the correct monster mod version? It requires v13 that isn't the nexus version.

Either use the plugin found on the Nexus version or use the mod menu when requires SKYUI.

Baphogir 21. Okt. um 5:11 Uhr 
@DeUnnamedGamer No wont cause conflicts.. not that i know of.
@alexjan26 maybe increase you're decal, go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option schould be decal. hope this helps if not, BakaKemono probably knows a sollution.GL & HF.
alexjan26 20. Okt. um 20:12 Uhr 
the blood dose not spred pleas fix :)
tolga sagbas 20. Okt. um 14:13 Uhr 
Destroy Everything !!
pug rekt you 19. Okt. um 8:44 Uhr 
pug rekt you 19. Okt. um 8:43 Uhr 
thats so bloody good
Some {SG} Guy 18. Okt. um 15:28 Uhr 
Finally! I can get off to killing guards in HD!!
DeUnnamedGamer 18. Okt. um 9:11 Uhr 
Will this conflict with the High Resolution Pack DLC?
Tatar Player 17. Okt. um 22:50 Uhr 
⁢1 15. Okt. um 10:56 Uhr 
Where is the nexus version?
Rainbow Zir 15. Okt. um 3:50 Uhr 
Really good!
Dagavin99 12. Okt. um 14:28 Uhr 
It's so gory. I LOVE IT
{[Tw1st3d]} mastershot64 11. Okt. um 17:03 Uhr 
i have to say not many blood mods get the blood all over the floor like this one 10/10 man beast one outh there ps: i love stabing dead bodies XD i like to make them look like a bear ate there face of
spiderlogan 9. Okt. um 20:50 Uhr 
Absolutely brilliant, beautiful mod! I really can see the gashes on the dead bodies I stab! ...Not that I... Stab dead bodies for no reason, or anything. *Cough cough*
kdodds 6. Okt. um 11:50 Uhr 
I have not noticed any FPS difference whatsoever. It's nigh on impossible for this mod to crash a game. More likely there's a problem with other conflicting mods and/or bad load order.
patman151 4. Okt. um 9:33 Uhr 
Will this affect my FPS?
Do you like hurting people? 27. Sep. um 11:10 Uhr 
Keeps crashing my game
Kung Lao 23. Sep. um 19:23 Uhr 
Love this mod but apperently this mod makes me crash
jdm311 14. Sep. um 14:06 Uhr 
One improvement could be blood stains caused by rolling severed heads
jdm311 14. Sep. um 13:50 Uhr 
This mod is perfect for my bloodlust =P
The twitchy remains are a good touch too
lancer45 11. Sep. um 4:02 Uhr 
This mod is very perfect! But unable in the game now
usafnco 10. Sep. um 12:57 Uhr 
I now know why I was getting crashes after uninstalling, I uninstalled this improperly last time I used it [I used to NEVER look at descriptions]. Also, is there a way to turn off screen blood?
BakaKemono  [Autor] 5. Sep. um 22:22 Uhr 
There should be a new option added to the menu list when you press the ESC key after you load a save.

Yes, you can also change them with the mod menu.

@Kirron 999
No DLC required.

thanks :)

@Luisfran Aloha
I think you mean they don't appear on faces. This is caused by a game limitation. Another mod callled Bloody Facials will attempt to fix this.
Valkoinen Kuolema 5. Sep. um 13:27 Uhr 
i have put the command,but,the blood only appears on the face
TheGangstarTY 5. Sep. um 13:27 Uhr 
This reminds me of Chivalry. How all of the NPCs in the video charge at eachother and blood splatters everywhere.
Nice work! Makes the game feel a lot more immersive now too :)
Kirron 999 4. Sep. um 14:44 Uhr 
Do I nedd DLC?