Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6
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Ragnar The Red Il y a 1 heure 
Holy shit this mod is great. +
arrowheadimposter Il y a 3 heures 
i know this sounds stupid but wat bit of the vid was this mod on
M&M'S 15 avr à 7h00 
M&M'S 14 avr à 9h24 
Jalast 14 avr à 7h42 
almost dead*
Jalast 14 avr à 7h42 
thank you for this. the best way to see your foe in person is dead,suffering,in a big puddle of his own blood. :3
Wayne Campbell 13 avr à 16h42 
BakaKemono  [créateur] 12 avr à 19h55 
You have more options when you install the Nexus version. Things like compatibility patches, texture resolution, blood color, screen blood, and blood size.
Wayne Campbell 10 avr à 16h49 
Is the Nexus Version better in any way?
BakaKemono  [créateur] 10 avr à 1h02 
The game is hardcoded to remove decals when you leave the area, load to another location, or when the decal lifetime timer runs out.

It should probably be this week as I do need to update the mod here to be 3.6a. I only down res textures that are less common, like oil or green blood.
Xx_Inquisitor_Dovakiin_xX 9 avr à 18h34 
You should make it so the blood stays with the body, for example, if you walk in to a tavern after a AWESOME fight with some Thalmor, blood is everywhere, and you feel so cool that you need to get an ale. Then, you walk outside, the blood is gone. Everytime it happens to me, I feel less cool. So maybe you can make it so the blood despawns WITH the body. Just a suggestion.
1MPuL5e 8 avr à 4h41 
Wildcard 5 avr à 15h36 
With the upload limit removed, will we be seeing higher resolutions uploaded? :)
Shadowfreak 4 avr à 10h53 
thanks alot mate it makes it more realistic :)
sirpunchwood1 2 avr à 20h01 
tehehhehee, i love this mod
диня 29 mar à 16h43 
Thank you so much, sir. This is exactly what I was looking for. Now war can feel a bit more like war.
BakaKemono  [créateur] 29 mar à 6h46 
@ PSIH, WEEZIE, St@tress
Mods on the Workshop are not updated in the Skyrim launcher anymore. They are now updated in the Steam Client automatically.

@ sonel
St@tress 29 mar à 2h36 
This mod is very awesome but i have a problem... Skyrim has brought out a new update and this update does this mod no longer would be cool if you would updateten the mod :)
Alanzinho Show 28 mar à 4h03 
very good
WEEZIEface 27 mar à 11h18 
@PSIH I have that problem too i dont know why it isnt working...
PSIH 24 mar à 17h43 
Guys, does anyone know why the launcher does not synchronize downloaded mods from workshop?
SkaarSmashKikou 23 mar à 19h47 
One of my favorite mod, thanks for a mod so great, it was just perfect for an immersion in the harsh world of Skyrim.
sonel 20 mar à 14h56 
do i have to have NMM for this?
Ezio Auditore 20 mar à 12h08 
great mod buddy
Baphogir 18 mar à 5h13 
@KevinTheBlueCactus tip: so you might have figured it out for yourself set your decal higher might ask more of your processor, but should not be a problem for most cpu's(also looks even more awsome:))) ..go to>options/under play>detail(s)>advanced 4th option schould be decal. GL HF
yrmama 16 mar à 8h29 
Bloody but not too bloody. As it should be.
BakaKemono  [créateur] 14 mar à 21h43 
It will work with this mod. Deadly Mutilation hasn't been updated in 2 years and it lacks compatibility with custom skeleton meshes.
pkkonerko14 14 mar à 15h32 
Baka, it seems deadly mutilations does not mix with this one. I cant get DM to work. THis mod is great btw, just wish i could take off arms n legs n chop dudes in half.
Gallant Fox 3 mar à 16h55 
bloody fantastic
★RiCo★ -.^™ 3 mar à 4h35 
rly gj
BakaKemono  [créateur] 2 mar à 1h23 
It's based on your graphic settings. (decal amount)

The closest thing is this:

KevinTheBlueCactus 1 mar à 9h39 
Is there a way to make the blood stay on the bodies and not just disapear after a few seconds?
Lego90210 1 mar à 9h12 
Makes my decapitations realistic. Made me cringe. Well made.
slugworth70 1 mar à 8h11 
KingAnDiCo 28 fév à 13h18 
Very Cool
TheKat15 28 fév à 12h33 
Does It Gib When You Use Explosions To Kill Someone?
Corpse 28 fév à 10h53 
nice blood effects
Bakill 26 fév à 7h49 
Amazing mod.
Waffle 18 fév à 3h04 
Много оперативки жрёт?
Leictus Starblazer 16 fév à 7h34 
Makes murder much more satisfying.

I'm not a psychopath.
Brezlon 9 fév à 15h22 
This mod looks great but looks like it has some bugs. Will give it a try. Hopefully it works with LOOT.
Hi i'm Varr. 4 fév à 3h23 
Awesome ! I install the same mod without workshop
WolfMan7079 31 jan à 11h24 
evp[T]ipO_K 27 jan à 19h47 
very good)) nice? thx
SmolBos 27 jan à 8h18 
It does look amazing
Vextraxius 26 jan à 13h34 
@Below. Thats a vanilla Skyrim problem, This mod doesn't affect that.
Cheese&Bacon 25 jan à 9h21 
Had to unsubscribe to get Vilkas to stop following me.
OH! I knew about the point confused me..
BakaKemono  [créateur] 25 jan à 7h24 
@Player 1
You set the Minimal Damage to a lower number not higher.