Enhanced Blood Textures 3.5d
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RyanTehChibi™ před 1 hodinou 
It is more realistic to be honest, so i love this mod.
Nskotlas00 před 15 hodinami 
when ppl ask how to get the mod i want to jump through the screen and strangle them
forthegz 17. dub. v 12.43 odp. 
I'm have the no floor blood issue also. I'm going to attempt to get another mod to see if it fixes it. See if its your mod or my game =/
jwadland 15. dub. v 12.40 odp. 
i've got the screen blood, but not the floor blood, please help
The Huntress 13. dub. v 7.09 odp. 
Is it good to use on a low graphics card? or do you need a fast/good computer?
racecar24 13. dub. v 10.27 dop. 
there is no blood on the ground.
martinweiss1989 13. dub. v 2.30 dop. 
skyrim is not the same without thad mod!so many thanks to ya!!
Jonxthxn 12. dub. v 3.31 odp. 
jakezilm 10. dub. v 10.10 dop. 
im getting lots off blood on the npc's but nothing on the ground
Teh BIRD is Teh W0rd 10. dub. v 8.42 dop. 
Really love this. Adds a touch that was really needed. I did not realize how much I needed this until I got it.
Victor 9. dub. v 8.53 dop. 
Just enable decals from skyrim launcher,the blood pools will start working ;)
iFace#Venator 3. dub. v 8.55 odp. 
whiteaaron2001 29. bře. v 4.13 odp. 
i think im going 2 throw up :/ but awsome man good job:)
Baleedin 29. bře. v 7.34 dop. 
echt geiler mod ...
FaintestVirus 29. bře. v 1.06 dop. 
Got rather old, purging a fort, and seeing piles of corpses lying about, in a nice sweet puddle of.. nothing.. This mod is one of my fav, and has indeed added that major missing aspect to the game. Combat is far more realistic now, and the new screen splatter is great! Makes you more careful in blocking incoming attacks. This is a must have for anyone needing that little boost to combat realisim.
zacharyb 28. bře. v 11.26 odp. 
Whoops... it was the load order. BOSS fixed it for me. Now i feel stupid.
zacharyb 28. bře. v 8.53 odp. 
I can't seem to get the blood to pool or splatter either. I have everything turned on so it isn't me. Does anybody know how to fix this. Other than that, it is a very beautifil mod.
theflippy101 22. bře. v 10.37 dop. 
Great mod, blood just looks so much better!
nickisawesome 22. bře. v 8.18 dop. 
Guys. I don't know your problem but I have blood splatters and blood pools dripping after kills. Also, this is better than Crimson Tide, as it is not buggy as heck.
!ZheyVehzak! 19. bře. v 12.08 odp. 
The blood doesnt pool for me either and another wierd thing is that for some reason the head manages to remain untouched by blood it covers everywhere up to the neck. Otherwise it is a very sick mod.
voidwalker47 17. bře. v 4.04 odp. 
oh nevermind i fixed it it was just me lol. i had my decal turned off and thats what was causing the problems
voidwalker47 17. bře. v 1.32 odp. 
the same is happening to me as cannon fodder, and i tried crimson tide too both for workshop and nexus and niether work for me. do u think they are being affected by ENBs? i love this awesome mod so much and its really realistic and if the author is reading this then please fix this as soon as u can.
Cannonfodder 16. bře. v 1.58 odp. 
The blood doesn't pool, and there's no blood splatter on the ground. Other than that it works fine. Is there any way to fix this?
Gamble 13. bře. v 5.44 odp. 
would love to try this but haalf the mobs i want will not install :(
SirDoge 12. bře. v 10.45 odp. 
aron_f 12. bře. v 8.31 dop. 
wow look´s fantastic
BakaKemono  [autor] 11. bře. v 10.16 odp. 
The steam version can use the patches either from Nexus version or the one linked here on Steam.
MightOfGuts 11. bře. v 8.19 odp. 
do i need the nexus version of this mod to use the patches or can i use the steam version and still get the patches from the nexus?
BakaKemono  [autor] 11. bře. v 3.45 dop. 
Yes as long as you have the dawnguard patch.

You can enable or disable the screenblood with the MCM menu.

You sure it’s caused by this mod? Check the FAQ of this mod in the Nexus version.

@nikolai_k1, xliszeffx, GackinsonStreet
Set your decal amount to high in the Skyrim launcher

You need to download and install the Dawnguard-Dragonboarn patch. They are found in mod description

There is no difference in amount of blood between having SKYUI or not. You will not get the mod menu so that you can adjust certain features.

That's a Steam issue. Contact them about it.

You put the plugin file inside the data folder
MightOfGuts 11. bře. v 12.45 dop. 
Does this steam version come with the Dawnguard, and Dragonborn Patch?
Galameth™ 9. bře. v 10.57 odp. 
Amazing mod. Great work, keep it up!
MightOfGuts 7. bře. v 1.49 dop. 
How will this mod work if i don't use Skyui and SKSE like how much blood will there be and such?
Chippy 6. bře. v 3.45 odp. 
good mod but my skyrim crashes whenever i try to exit a dungeon that i spawn in
nikolai_k1 6. bře. v 1.57 odp. 
i cant see blood on the ground
can someone help me pls?
Spis - The Spider Lord 1. bře. v 6.53 odp. 
Yes... This really helps for Machinimas and Videos. Sweet. Also helps my Khjiit when he goes feral. (No mod I do it for him he basicly goes unarmed and takes off his armor when he goes feral. Also he LOVES Elsweyr Fondue.)
MacHammer 1. bře. v 10.27 dop. 
do you get blood splatter on screen when in 3rd person?
gunalosa 28. úno. v 5.46 odp. 
Very cool, love the details!!! :D
Sylversin 27. úno. v 3.44 dop. 
does the blood work with crossbows?
nelvega9000 25. úno. v 11.47 dop. 
Love it! Makes my game more gory and blood lingers on my camera/character longer so it feels more realistic.
Ghost 25. úno. v 5.39 dop. 
'Steam error: Failed to get Enhanced Blood 3.5'
xliszeffx 23. úno. v 10.50 dop. 
doesnt work for me
quentin.denys32 22. úno. v 2.11 odp. 
I love it
Cyborg 22. úno. v 6.16 dop. 
Awesome i thought there was REAL blood on my screen
=_Eternal_DeaD_= 21. úno. v 4.27 dop. 
great mod ! thanks
GackinsonStreet 20. úno. v 4.40 dop. 
Vanryth Wolf 19. úno. v 1.48 odp. 
There's blood stuck on my characters arm and I can't get rid of it
utcorryredding40 18. úno. v 4.23 odp. 
Couldn't find an answer to this and the read me for the Dragonborn Dawnguard patch doesn't explain it well enough for me, do you put the patch into the data folder or just the skyrim folder?
GackinsonStreet 17. úno. v 2.52 odp. 
I cant get the blood pools to work I used SKSE and went to mod config and Enabled blood pools and still nothing is there ANOTHER mod i need to download? does anyone know?
一=デ︻ brambo ︻デ=一 16. úno. v 8.28 dop. 
WolfRaptor 15. úno. v 6.40 dop. 
please make MORE blood :DD