Heavy Armory - New Weapons
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zXNightW0lfXz Sep 13 @ 4:44pm 
I saw one mod that had a weapon with a stabbing animation, like ThePowerofE said, it would be so much more awesome if you did that with the spears, but I still loove your stuff.
ThePowerofE Sep 7 @ 1:28pm 
These weapons are asolutely amazing. Perfectly made. But, maybe you could do more of a stabbing animation for the spears? That would give this a 15/10 instead of the 10/10 it has now.
Chi Sep 4 @ 9:06am 
have you ever thought of making eskrima weapons in a mod?
DasManiac Sep 1 @ 7:12am 
One question : Are there some kind of... Random enchanted versions of the new weapons? Like Iron Shortsword of Souls or Elven Hatchet of Shock ore something like that?
Radio I dA+sk I Aug 30 @ 10:28am 
Thanks Dr. Anthrax, for making another history-heritic pay!

In all seriousness though, good clarification. As for Tridents and Sycthes,

PrivateEye  [author] Aug 30 @ 1:08am 
I must say I'm amazed people are still enjoying this mod so long after I released it and so long since any official stuff has been released for Skyrim! It's seeing these comments that make me want to continue work on this mod :) I hope I'll find time for an update sometime soon. One thing I do want to include next tim are tridents. I already wanted to add them in the last update but I cut them out back then.
The Mysterious Stranger Aug 26 @ 4:42pm 
Scythe? That would be cool.
Radio I dA+sk I Aug 25 @ 1:23pm 
Great work, this really surpasses most mods of its type, escpecialy in realism.
Azor Ahai Aug 18 @ 7:34pm 
The mountain likes this.
Dr. Anthrax14 Aug 15 @ 8:16pm 
@dsain45 that would be called a flail... sadly nobody knows the subtle difference between it and its non chained brother the morning star.... everyone confuses it for there eldest brother the mace. and some stoop so low as to call them by there fathers name... the club
dsain45 Aug 10 @ 12:23pm 
I think that you should try and create a mace and chain weapon for skyrim. Like the big spiked ball hanging on a chain connected to a wooden handle.
headshothunter Aug 4 @ 10:59am 
hiya privateeye first of all well done awsome job on this mod and alsomaybe you could do an armor mod like a big pack of armor
sock Jul 29 @ 1:29am 
i think it might be cool if you added greatmauls, like just two handed giant weapons that were slower than warhammers but did more damage and maybe had built in enchantments? I donno. I have an idea for the iron model, message me if you're interested.
GoVikings1 Jul 28 @ 8:21am 
Mine just won't download. That's it. This mod seems awesome and that's why I'm frustrated about it. Help please?
Dinodave Jul 24 @ 7:13pm 
can you take the staff animation and use it for the spear? it looks kinda stabby
DarkSabre Jul 20 @ 3:55pm 
what do you mean deactivate in a normal way?
PrivateEye  [author] Jul 20 @ 9:45am 
I'm not sure. I haven't had any reports about save games becoming unstable from deactivating this mod. It should work as long as you deactivate the mod in a normal way. Try deactivating in an area that's not full of NPC's and waiting there for a couple of days.
DarkSabre Jul 16 @ 5:41am 
Dude I really need help. I have all dlc's and I accidentally donwloaded both versions. It works until I found out that I had both and tried to delete the vanilla version my save became unloadable. How do I use just the dragonborn version without losing my saves??
battlezak Jul 15 @ 3:59pm 
battlezak Jul 15 @ 3:58pm 
sweet mod
{THC} ~UNiOnJaCk~ Jul 15 @ 12:45pm 
Do these additional weapons entirely replace the existing vanilla weapons on NPCs? If not, how frequently do these new weapons appear on NPCs?
The Slender Man Jul 6 @ 6:38pm 
This is a Cool Mod.. Its nice to see bandits and others attacking with more versitle Weaponry..
MR.TOENAILS Jul 1 @ 4:53am 
it crashes my game to desktop any please help

elhiebert Jun 30 @ 7:28am 
does this mod work with the mod "smelting plus"
rgmac1994 Jun 29 @ 5:46pm 
Cool, I like the halberds; just wish there was a stab animation for pole type weapons...
Zavien99_Anrk Jun 29 @ 7:25am 
this is a really good mod, adds alot of variety to just general gameplay easthetics, could u recomoned a similar armour mod that doesnt simply replace vanilla textures but adds them into general gameplay like this mod?
PrivateEye  [author] Jun 27 @ 12:29pm 
Often. I tried to balance things out with normal vanilla weapons. I would say give the mod a shot and you will find out;)
xX911TheThunderXx Jun 26 @ 8:03pm 
how often do enemys use these new weapons?
gm11711 Jun 25 @ 1:24pm 
I love this mod!
rammstein0991 Jun 24 @ 2:19pm 
If I may recommend, perhaps the shortspears could instead use the staff animation (thrusting) so it would be more friendly (historically speaking) with shield usage?
Mr. Derp Jun 19 @ 11:53am 
Hold on to your heads, bandits!
El Squid Jun 18 @ 11:28am 
I love this mod, and was wondering if you would make one that adds the other weapon classes that you added as bound weapons.
[RB] Cat_Man_75 Jun 9 @ 2:54pm 
mind the spelling errors...
[RB] Cat_Man_75 Jun 9 @ 2:53pm 
This mod is awesome, now with the more variety within the weapons, and are lore friendly. there was quite a bit of creativity in the weapons and design which i like. But theres one thing about the one-handed spears in my opinion. It has the animation of a one-handed sword. Now it would be cool if it had its own animation, that could also go for the tow-handed spears, but I also know that might be difficult to crate a whole new animation.
other wise, this is an awesome mod.
Pierpat Jun 1 @ 12:39am 
This mod is great. I am usually a lurker, i never comment on mods, but i just had to here. It's 2 moths i've been using this in skyrim, and it has really changed the game for me. It makes weapon variety alot more reasonable, and i can finally test new weapon classes. The actual visual layout is incredibly good, with some weapons, in particular steel and orkish maul, being IMO better than vanilla weapons in looks.
Great work.
If i had to point out a flaw, i'd say: spears. Being able only to swing, while a true spearman thrusts alot, does not feel right.
Thanks for the mod!
JJSlay May 29 @ 4:04pm 
Image link is broken.
=LCAF= Gothel May 28 @ 7:16pm 
Ah, well alright than. Thanks.
PrivateEye  [author] May 28 @ 1:21pm 
Literally everywhere:)
=LCAF= Gothel May 25 @ 4:41pm 
Where can I find these weapons?
tact god May 17 @ 5:25pm 
i dont know how soo...
tact god May 17 @ 5:24pm 
Privet eye

wanna help me with my wheel of time mod? you dont have to know mutch about the books to help i just need you to make the custum weapons
Ferris Manus May 17 @ 12:36pm 
if only they came out with these weapons in the first place
Homescout runner May 11 @ 11:21am 
is anyone else having problems with crashing when ever i try crafting the weapons?
Bass Viking May 10 @ 9:37am 
would be 1000000 times better if there were some different combat animations like thrusting spears......but i still love it
Cowbell Apr 25 @ 3:48am 
Loving the mod. If possible though, custom animations would make it much more of an expansion on the weapon system than a skin mod. That said, it's still brilliant stuff :)
Coolmannico Apr 24 @ 7:30am 
Great Mod!
Cher_7 Mar 17 @ 8:03am 
Норм такой мод , очень понравился
LOLWHA Mar 16 @ 6:18pm 
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White Cobra12 Mar 13 @ 2:37pm 
Hi I've needed help on this for a while so im gonna skip asking and just tell you i started a disscusion on steam calles HELP (new with making mods). Please help
meads Mar 9 @ 10:31pm 
how do you find out the consol commands for modded items