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Macro Tactics
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b0bhat Apr 14 @ 5:40pm 
advance wars 3? you mean, advance wars 5.
L-r | BC Apr 8 @ 12:01pm 
Any update on this?
Leeroy Apr 2 @ 11:37pm 
What is the go with this?
Mirania Mar 7 @ 7:43pm 
Looks alright.
gober68 Mar 2 @ 5:27am 
This is the return of a long forgotten game called Advance Wars
This is what i called Advance Wars 3
JVemon  [author] Feb 23 @ 9:34pm 
Updated with teaser video, new visuals and alpha demo.
Koopanique Feb 19 @ 3:06am 
I'm really looking forward to this. It looks rather good, even if the units look modern-ish and not enough WW2-ish for my taste, it still has the potential to be really charming and in the spirit of AW. I hope the canons of the artillery units in the battle animations will have recoil too :o)
Either way, I'm really looking forward to this game! Good luck
artemi714 Feb 15 @ 8:27am 
I just hope the story mode is good, that was always the best part of AW, the memorable characters with silly humor with nail biting tactics. I mean, multiplayer is nice, and something you really need in today's gaming climate, but unless I get to know the characters first then picking which CO I use boils down to a dry, dull matter of picking the best stats.
AnemoneMeer Feb 14 @ 3:10pm 
JVemon  [author] Feb 10 @ 7:21pm 
@Lucifer Morningstar: well, not immediately after this one. I want to make a game about running your own meth lab.
Gunce Linux Feb 10 @ 7:08pm 
@JVemon So you confirm that you will make a Mechas game in the future ?.
JVemon  [author] Feb 10 @ 6:43pm 
@Lucifer Morningstar: It's funny you ask, because I always wanted a strategy grid game with mechas.
Gunce Linux Feb 10 @ 5:20pm 
After this game. Will you create a robot game in turn? Like the super robot wars.
JVemon  [author] Feb 8 @ 1:25am 
@900donuts: I don't really see a reason why we can't have multiple A.I difficulty levels. You can pick whichever you want, but I imagine some people will want to pick the harder one.

We're also not making a mediocre single player, but a game of this nature is perfect for an online scene. I feel that AW didn't exploit the multiplayer functionality as much as they could have, and fans had to end up with alternatives such as AWBW.
900donuts Feb 7 @ 7:52pm 
*red flag* On no please please pleeease don't lean on multiplayer in lieu of making a solid single player story and experience you're not a big AAA company you can't rely on your customers to entertain each other, and also Please don't make the A.I. unfair I want Advance Wars fun not X-Com masochism.
JVemon  [author] Feb 7 @ 2:15pm 
@SMB Super Fan: I'm thinking the game will have a fixed price on mobile with no iAPs of any sorts. Updates/patches would (and should) be free. Anyway, the Steam launch is our priority, and mobile may come in a few weeks later.

The game will greatly emphasize online multiplayer, against other people in a competitive scene. But I do understand people wanting to fight an A.I instead - I'm all for the idea of making a very difficult A.I!
SMB Super Fan Feb 6 @ 6:43pm 
I played all AW games and would love to see this game on mobile platforms. You can charge people for COs and skins. I'm not very into multiplayer becasue AW has a design flaw, which is the game is grid-based. It very easy to defeat the AI by using the "cannon folder" strategy, i.e. using cheap infantry units/APC/light tanks to block the road and grid-lock the enemy in order to save up for better units and charge up CO power. I would suggest to add a population cap based on the size of the map, or an upkeep to conter-balance the economy. Please make the AI unfairly OP, so that they are fun to play against in multiplayer. lol
viperbmws Feb 5 @ 8:37pm 
I loved Advance Wars back when i has a gameboy sp this would be a great way to play again
JVemon  [author] Feb 4 @ 4:34pm 

1. Yes, GOG seems like a perfectly good platform to release the game. Will definitely look into that.

2. To be honest, only online multiplayer is planned on launch. However, it would not be overly difficult to implement local multiplayer afterwards. It's just that I find that feature relatively rare nowadays.

3. I am afraid not - all commanders from all factions can create the same units whereas the differences will rely on stats and CO powers only.

And yes indeed, the video was rushed. We are now working on new footage that shows our updated visuals and more gameplay.

kal3jdoskop Feb 4 @ 10:50am 
I've got to admit, I was waiting for some decent AW clone on PC (or Android). I've played in Mecho Wars for a while, but it wasn't "that" title. Have hope that Macro Tactics will do it in right way. However, I've noticed that animations on trailer had a bit small amount of details and seem to be "rushed" - for example attack with rocket launcher didn't include animation of rockets and it was too fast. Other than that - looks promising.

1.Could you please release your game on GOG as well? I prefer GOG over Steam and I would definitelly buy your game if it would be released there.
2.Will there be also local (hot-seat) multiplayer included? I always like that feature in turn-based strategies (I always thought that it's great in TBS that they can have multiplayer in any possible form - local, online etc.)
3.Are you planning to implement some differences between factions? For example some unique unit(s) for every of them?
korpsxes Feb 1 @ 10:43am 
Looks very promising. At this point in yime, we're starved for a new Advanced Wars game of any kind and ths one looks like it'll fill that hole. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Orgulon Jan 31 @ 3:56am 
Looks really promising. At first glance you might say it's just an Advance Wars clone but with better graphics. I have been looking for something like the original (or Dual Strike) Advance Wars for years. Sticked to Weewar back in the days but EA eventually took the servers down. Really hope you try to get some input ideas from testing people, maybe from Advance Wars Veterans. I don't know how this could be live implemented or how long it might take to change something to the gameplay and balancing - but having a community or at least the chance as a community to talk and give feedback to a developer is one of the most important fact for a game to flourish.

I wish you best luck with your game, looking forward to play it.
flpgamer3d Jan 29 @ 11:14am 
nice game
commanderclones Jan 28 @ 1:44am 
Judging only from the video, the gameplay is exact with the AW series but that is expected considering it is inspired from said series. Art style is nice (above aerage). To stand out, your story would have to be interesting enough to stand on its own.

Good Luck! For the 12th Battalion!
Perfect♪ SKRRRT♔亗 Jan 27 @ 10:07pm 
Pruad Jan 27 @ 9:35pm 
i'm agree with the other comments. Advance wars was released on 2001/2002 and there is no evolution in your game. Units are the same, the animations are the same. The only difference i see is the characters design.
It's a nice game and a good idea, i vote for "ask me later".
I hope more gameplay, screen from the world map and other units...
Good job and good luck (Y)
OriginalVin Jan 27 @ 8:54pm 
To be specific, the units and the field tilesets are the things I'm talking about. The generals and their keyart is fine :)
OriginalVin Jan 27 @ 8:53pm 
This is so close to Advance Wars I don't see why you wouldn't just emulate Advance Wars. The quality of the pixel art and animation is great, but all of these units should look more distinct. This is bordering on ripoff, these designs are so close (imho)
Blustorm12 Jan 27 @ 7:32pm 
oh love this game
rogueWithLoveForRogues Jan 27 @ 6:32pm 
Too early for Greenlight. Add polish, add content, improve graphics (I get it, the style is minimalism but still) and then I'll upvote. As it is, I'm not voting either way.
๖CAMMY Jan 27 @ 6:29pm 
With a bit of polish this could be a genuinely great addition to Steam. I'd especially be interested in a hotseat mode which lets you play locally by using the same computer.
Dishwalla Jan 27 @ 10:26am 
Daetras | Jan 27 @ 7:30am 
I would rather download the emulator and play the original game again. In my oppinion, it needs a little bit more animations, the soldiers are too static and the sound, as I heard in the video, are the same for every kind of weapons, wich wasnt in AW. The miniatures need a little bit more of details too. However, I would give it a try if its gonna be F2P
Mashiro Shiina Jan 27 @ 3:14am 
it's like age of empire on mobile phone in 2008
Lawliet Jan 27 @ 12:01am 
Need more gameplay but i can see my waifus and husbandus in this
Gorlom[Swe] Jan 26 @ 10:09pm 
JVemon: Instead of a teaser try to use continious gameplay. This is supposed to be a pitch not advertisement.

Asset flippers makes use of cut up and over edited teasers to hide lack of gameplay. Show us that you have solid continious gameplay. :D
IsyaYeen Jan 26 @ 7:17pm 
Wushi Jan 26 @ 6:34pm 
@JVemon: Thank you for the replying (that's quit fast! lol)! I quite like the tactical gameplay showing in the video, and there is a storyline in the single-player campaign already, if there are more elememts related to the game character development, this will be a great game for me.
JVemon  [author] Jan 26 @ 6:06pm 
@Wushi: There's a storyline in the single-player campaign, yeah. I know that the video is a little vague - I'm working on a more solid teaser now, with updated visuals and more features etc.
Wushi Jan 26 @ 6:02pm 
Just wondering that is there any RPG or story line in the game? Cant't tell from the video..
The Cynical Cat Jan 26 @ 4:58pm 
I loved advance wars. Can't wait for this.
JVemon  [author] Jan 25 @ 11:37pm 
It's not a mobile port. It's literally the other way around.
amanueld69 Jan 25 @ 11:07pm 
mobile port? no thanks.
Caskett Jan 25 @ 2:40pm 
I personally welcome a 1to1 clone. There hasn't been anything like AW on the market in ages.
Galm-Frost Jan 25 @ 12:06pm 
Yes, an advance wars clone isn't a bad thing, considering we haven't had one in a while and the market lacks competition.
But its important here to find something to make your own. What makes this better? or unique? what does this game do that advance wars already doesn't? (And a new weight class of tank or something similar isn't exactly good enough)
Deight Jan 25 @ 2:31am 
I love Advance Wars, so when I saw a game that was inspired by it I of course took a look. And.... its certainly inspired by Advance Wars, but I'd rather see something more than just a 1:1 recreation of the game just with different characters. If you're gonna take the gameplay style atleast change around some things: setting, art style etc etc. because if your game stays like this I might as well just play Advance Wars, I won't vote no though I'll wait untill you changed it too something less like a 1:1 Advance Wars clone.
AnemoneMeer Jan 24 @ 8:28pm 
Personally, I feel being extremely similar to AW is fine. There hasn't been an AW game in like... literally 8 years. And one in the older games style in... 11 years.
KarlTheCool Jan 24 @ 4:41pm 
The battle explosions have wayyyyy too much bass. But other than that nice!
900donuts Jan 24 @ 1:49pm 
Yes! An AW-"clone" that is actually faithful to its inspiration I will follow with interest :)
Orias Jan 24 @ 8:54am 
Looks great. People complain about it being a clone, but that's exactly what we need - if Intelligent Systems doesn't want to make a new AW game there's no reason why we can't get a new one anyway.